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Due In March 2011 Lock Rss

hay guys welcome to all the new mummys look forward to sharing the journy with you.
well my spotting has stopped again thank god but now i have a really up set tummy and my god wind its so bad is any one else haven bad wind laitly its so funny at work i have to run into the next isle if have to let go lol
had a bit of mornig sicknes toda to wich was good not to bad yet tho.

Faithbaby- sounds like you are in luck then! 2 people to a room is not too bad, and you are right- a lot of private docs also work public. My sister has had 3 bubs in Royal Womens' and every time has been termed 'high risk'. This meant they took extra care with her- extra appointments, and often scheduled so she had the same OB-GYN meet with her each time.

I am from North Brissy and will go to North West Private, I went there last time and loved it. I liken my last stay to that of a hotel, hehe. I am high risk so I like to make sure that my OBGYN is going to be with me through the whole way.

There must be something in the water up here...maybe Anna Bligh is putting something along with the fluroide in the water, hehe.

As for cleaning up sweet chilli, anyone else having trouble changing dirty nappies? I dry reach every time!!

Welcome Mel and mummy2K&L!! I look forward to sharing the journey smile

Kylie19- Vent away babe, thats what we are here for!!

Kylie + 2- I work full time so I don't think I would be able to meet up. I met my last mothers' group on huggies though and still stay in touch with them. Everyone is starting to have their second now too. Maybe we can meet up after the bubs arrive though! Thanks also for your advice about my OBGYN, I think you are right. I am going to speak to my GP about it when I go on MOnday. I think I might ring back this week and ask what my chances are of getting an earlier appointment too.

Can I ask all you mummies and mummies-to-be, what exercise do you plan to do throughout your pregnancies? I am a little unsure how much is too much, or when I should slow down....I guess my body will tell me. I didn't do much exercise with DS but I want to with this one!!

Thank you all for being so welcoming grin

Faithbaby, the thought of sweet chilli and mayo is making me ill lol!! Also anything with garlic is putting me off food too. Maybe just cooking in general (had takeaway last night cause I couldn't stand the thought of cooking). I'm going to try cordial and fruit today, I have been living on ginger ale and vegemite toast, which cannot be very good for me.

Mummy 2 Zac, I didn't excercise much with DS, just a bit of walking. I would really like to try yoga this time around but I'm quiet unfit compared to what I used to be. Oh and I do swimming lesson with DS every saturday so I guess I can class that as exercise (I get sore legs from squatting in the shallow water).

I'm going puplic again with this bubba! My experience wasn't that bad I suppose, I had a very quick birth so I didn't make it to the birth suite, I had DS in a assessment room. By the time I got to the hospital I was fully dialated and had my waters broken for me and DS was out in 6 mins. I hope I make it to the hospital this time, that is my no.1 fear.

Anyway I hope you all have a nice weekend.
Hi all, well i went to the dr and he refered me to this place at the hospital and said due to a family history of Down Syndrome ill need to have an amniocentesis. But ive looked this up and it apears to be quite risky... Has anyone had one or any thoughts??

Must say I have been feeling quite average today sad I have been really tired and have a bit of a headache...more water needed I think. It is my DS's 6th Birthday today so pretty full on. I also went to the Doctor this morning for my blood tests etc and will get the results on Tuesday. Hope all is well. Hope everyone else is feeling a bit better than I am today smile

Evening all,

Hope you are having a nice weekend so far, kids back at school Monday YAY!!

Laura- I'm suprised that the doctor has mentioned the amnio straight away. It is an invasive procedure and I'm pretty sure they do all they can to avoid doing them unneccessarily. From my experience they would do a nucheal scan and bloods to establish whether you are high enough risk to warrant the amnio.....I would definately question this if I were you. xx

Mummy2zac- My ds is Finn and he spends most of his time talking in his own little language!! It sounds chinese to me and i'm tempted to take him to the local takeaway to see what we get!! He is starting to get a lot clearer with his speech. Still sticks to fairly easy words though- mum, dad, car, dog, hat, no!! Likes to string a few together every now and then and is very fond of "i don't know"! He is also doing pretty well with his 2 brothers, making a good attempt at Bailey and stands in the bath and yells Hey Trent! I dread him really getting going as I'm pretty sure I'll never shut him up! Oh, he did drop the s word a couple of weeks ago but we ignored it and haven't hear it again!

AFM- I am feeling much more positive today. Still no blood test results, they came in yesterday but the doctor hasn't reviewed them yet and so I won't hear till Monday gggrr! Gave myself a bit of a talking to yesterday about the fact that I have no reason to believe that this will be anything other than a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I had no issues the first time around so there is nothing to say that this one will be any different smile
DH has gone crazy and cleaned the whole house for me today! Refuses to let me vaccuum, mop of clean bathrooms and toilets when I'm pregnant! So I'm left with cooking, washing and loading the dishwasher! Should be a breeze but I feel bad not doing the other stuff tongue
Hi ladies,

I have just moved over from the TTC thread. My name is Suzi, I have 2 boys aged 16yrs and 2yrs. Have been trying for a girl this time round.

Another Queenslander (sorry), from the sunshine coast but will be having bub in bris, probably the Mater due to DS2 being born with cardiac probs, I dont want to risk having a baby up here just in case this one has similar problems.

Well i got my BFP 2 days ago which would make me about 4 weeks i guess, i think i worked it out to be March 20. I havent made an appt to see a doctor yet as mine is on hols till august so i might hold out till then.

Am feeling completely fine atm, a little bit too fine that i am starting to freak out, the only symptom i have is going to the toilet every hour or so, no sore BBs, no MS..but maybe that will all change in a few weeks and i will be whinging about how sick i am. lol

I had a m/c this time last year and i remember being worried about not having any symptoms then am hoping and praying that this one is sticky and the symptoms will kick in soon.

Does anyone get a bubbly/gurgly tummy?? mine has been insane! Everytime i lie down it starts.

Oh and i start my new job on Monday (timing huh!). What does everyone else do about telling ppl at work? Are you waiting till the 12 week mark?? I am feeling guilty already!

Hope everyone is feeling ok and am looking forward to sharing this amazing journey with you all.

faithbaby, did they happen to tell you how big the sack size is at your scan? the big black hole around baby?

mummy2zak, they say if you didnt exercise much before pregnancy then dont over do it. i will be doing the classes run by the hospital for pregnant women. did them with both my other 2. if you can find a water one they are great smile especially at the end, its so good to get in the water and lose all the weight of bub for a while smile

well, just riding out this tww. the more i think about it the more confused i get, after having af i got bfp on cd12, after only 1 cycle of ttc. bd without condom 2ndjune-7thjune, then once on 28thjune and got bfp 1st july. then had bloods done on 2nd july(cd12) and levels were 2900. then scan on the 5th and was told only 2weeks but that was during af?

i am soooo confused, i really want to know whats going on. 2more weeks, i have my scan not this saturday coming, but the next. gonna drive me crazy!

Hi ladies,
Well we have told pretty much all our friends and family now as it is too hard to hide. OOPS, I need to tell my Dad though. Didn't want to tell him straight away as he is the biggest gossip in the family Lol! I am HUGE already. I am a little nervous there may be two in there (or I am just so pre stretched after already having three kids!!!!) Normally I am a sz 10 but have been more a 12 leading up to this preg. I am already wearing my preggo gear and have packed all my ordinary jeans away. WHAT IS GOING ON!

Cas - I'm not sure what uterus size was. It looks heaps huge though compared to baby. I will try to post a picture. Not sure if I can figure it out though. My last LMP was 25/5/10 so my dates and scan lined up perfectly. I was keeping OV charts as we were seeing fertility specialist and I OV smack bang on day 14 which is crazy for me, i'm normally around day 9.

Kylie+2 - Thanks for invite but I am busy Tuesdays, and I have injections Mondays and Thursdays. Wednesdays and Fridays are great. Next time suggest another day as I would love to catch up. Be great to meet some other mums with young children. Josiah only goes to kindy on Mondays so am always looking for play dates for him. His older brother and sister arn't much fun.

Hi Suzi, congrats! Hope your scan comes around quickly to ease your mind. I know how it feels to wait to see the HB. Hang in there and relax if at all possible. Rest and prayer is all you can do at this stage (but probably the most important thing to do also).

Laura - I suppose the biggest ? with amnio is if you would not abort a baby then why have the test. My SIL has a child with CF (cystic fibrosis) and is now having another with CF. They had amnio but are still keeping him as they know how precious his little life is regardless of his medical needs. They wanted to know for Drs to be prepared for when he is born as he will most likely need surgery but life is life. Tests can be wrong too. I shudder at how many perfectly normal babies may have been aborted out of medical error alone.

Well stay well everyone. Hope MS is easing a little and you are all getting plenty of rest. roll eyes
Hard decision but try the other tests first and then see how you feel.

roll eyes

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're all feeling good, or as good as can be expected.

Hey Luvmybub, I agree with Casgazbubz, if you didn't exercise much before pregnancy, then you shouldn't over do it. I've been a regular gym visitor since DS2 was 12 weeks, so I have an appointment with a PT on Tuesday to adjust my program. If he recommends any exercises that can be done safely regardess of your fitness level, I'll pass them on. I know he's massive on Kegals, but that's a given.

Hey Suzi2, good to have you on board, Congratulations! That's really good news about the job. You'll have to tell your new boss cause if something is to happen, they need to know. As for everyone else, it's really up to you and when you feel comfortable. Just remember there is a probation period, if it's an entirely new job, so be careful. You have a big age gap between your 2 children 2. My oldest DS is 13 and DS2 is 10 months. How is your older one with the younger one?

Casgazbubz, I know how frustrationing it is waiting for a scan, but it'll come round quickly.

Kylie19 - It sounds like you have a wonderful DH!!! My DH decided yesterday that he was going to paint the ceiling of the kitchen and lounge room yesterday cause he wants the house to look nicer for me. That was fantastic, however, I had to race around everywhere and vacum with DS2 attached to the hip and when DH painted, we went out. We got home to find splatters of paint ALL over the floor, play mats and couches cause DH didn't use drop sheets. I couldn't get cranky at him though cause he he tries so hard LOL!

My Update:
I have my scan tomorrow and I'm really quite worried about it. DH has known something has been up and asked me about it last night. I confessed that I don't feel properly pregnant (if that makes any sense). I'm really not sure if this pregnancy is viable and worry constantly that the baby is dead.

I've been so cranky today thinking about it and I know the appointment is at 9, so I won't have all day to stress. I just need to put it out of my mind, thanks for the rant.
I get the feeling that we are all thinking the same thing and hoping that these babies are all sticky smile I am also constantly worried about whether the baby is ok and find myself hyper alert to every twige. When I am feeling fine it freaks me out so I think I feel sick because I don't want to feel fine IYKWIM??? What a crazy journey pregnancy is. I find myself trying to remember what it was like my other two pregnancies but can't really DH assures me I was this crazy with the other two as well laugh

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