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Due In March 2011 Lock Rss

Kylie19- You crack me up!! A chinese restaurant?!? haha, my DS is much the same- lots of one words: shoe, truck, mum, dad, yeah, no....not real sentences. He often speaks his own language too. Might try and take him to a Chinese restaurant and see what he gets too, LOL!!

Suzi2- Good to see you over here!! Are you going private or public at the mater? Maybe you could just tell your boss soonish and be honest and tell them what a surprise it all is... then tell others at 12 weeks? What do you do for work? Good luck tomorrow, hope it goes well!!

Cas- Maybe you dropped 2 eggs? Maybe one of the tests was inaccurate? I have no idea....I spose you won't either until your scan!! We recently got a pool so its going to be good to get in there and do some exercise smile

AFM- we told close family (both mums) and my BFFs that we are pregnant....and I am GRUMPY!! People are pissing me off left, right and centre. Can't wait for that part to be OVER!! The wind seems to have settled down....

anyone else moody?

hay everyone hope your all good
well i havent had any spoting for 3 days now yay so happy bout that and my tummy has settaled down tank god.

kylie+2 i have that same worrys but i have never bein pregs so really dont know what to expect but all my friends at 6 weeks were throwin up and im like well i feel a little of every now and then but def not throwen up aqnd then i start to think omg is sumething wrong so i keep checkin my bbs to make sure there still sore lol i wish sticky baby dust to all.

Zoe brown- That's so good to hear was thinking of you today thought you haven been here for few, was hoping you would post soon.

Cas - what i don't understand is how they can say your only 2 weeks when they like pre date date two to your last cycle anyway so when you first find out your 2 weeks becomes 4 weeks automaticly???? i don't know maybe i just have baby brain already and don't get it but it def sounds like they have wires crossed somewhere.

Mummy 2 zac- so happy that you've told a few people we've only told my mum going to tell my bro tomorrow and maybe 1 or 2 friends 8 or 9 weeks and the rest of the world at 13wks. Were they very excited.

Kylie +2 - Hope your feeling a little better now you've spoken about your feelings with your hubby, i'm sure you'll be okay and your scan is just around the the corner, good luck with it although i'm sure you won't need it, and you've already started to get morning sickness haven't you which is supposed to be a good sign isn't it. At least thats what i tell myself.

AFM - had a little scare this morning went to the toilet and there was a very small brown discharge on my knickers sorry if TMI, and then spent the rest of the day worring and going to the toilet a 1000 times more to see if i had anymore and nothing thankgoodness. also spent the rest of the day feeling every niggle down there there weren't many but everytime you even feel a slight pain you think oh no, then i just tell myself the uterus has to grow and thats what it is, i hope.
mum to 1.5, i know, its so confusing. i cant even put up a pick cause its all in those film things, not a actual photo.

kyliw+2 cant wait to hear how your scan goes smile

faith baby, thanks for that pic, very cute. mine was just a round egg, didnt look like a baby yet which was a bit freaky. it was done at what i think was 6weeks.

has anyone else had a scan done with just a round egg in the sac? how far along did they say you were?
i dont even know how its possible cause there was only the week we bd'd before i got bfp and the dates would make me 7weeks now, not 3. arghhh!

Hey Ladies,
Just did my 3rd test 2day & i am expecting!!! This will be our 2nd bubba. DS is 11 months old. Pretty excting as we only started trying this cycle. By my calculations i'll be due march 20th smile
Hey JLN, congratulations nice to have you along.

Mummy2Zac - I know what you mean with being cranky!!!! I thought it was just me LOL!

Hello ZoeBrown, I'm glad the spotting has settled down and everything is good.

Cas - I'm really confused with whats going on with you????? I just hope this scan comes around quickly.

AFM: I had my scan this morning and everything was perfect. Jelly baby has a heartbeat of 120bpm and I'm 5 weeks and 5 days. So that's a June conception. According to the Ancient Chinese Calendar, my little one will be a girl. MMmmm not so sure about that. We only have boys in our family and my due date in the 9th of March 2011.

So all that worry for nothing. Hope everyone is well.

Hi everyone,

Hope the day is going well for you all. I went to work today and one of my close work friends told me that she is 6 wks pregnant!!!! Totally crazy and very exciting to have someone else to share the journey with. This is her first where this is my third so I am a bit worried that I am stealing her time IYKWIM??? She is very excited and I'm sure is just as happy for me. Feeling a bit queasy all day today and DH is currently working away so no choice but to get on with it. For those of you who have older kids (my DS is 6 and DD is almost 3) when did you tell them??? I can't remember with my second when we told DS but I seem to remember it being when my tummy was showing. Don't want them to know too early in case anything happens and it would seem like forever for them (and me smile). But on the other hand I really want them to enjoy this special time....don't know really.

hay guys hope your all well so i went 3 days without spottin and then it came back ahhh goin to doc wed morn to get another ultrsound.
had i bit of mornin sicknesss today wish was good shows my hcg levels are still up.
brought a new bra today new maturnaty one with no wires feels very diff gone up a full size now lol hubbys loves it.
is any one haven scannes soon.

Hi girls just jumping on board i'm due on the 23rd of March with baby number two after a recent miscarriage. Very excited but worried at the same time. Have a good feeling this time and very strong pregnancy symptoms like i did with our two year old daughter.
Welcome MissNick and JLN, looking foward to spending the journey with you!

Kylie +2- Fantastic news with your scan. I wasn't sure that you would get such clear results this early but great to hear that bubs is doing so well.

zoebrown- sorry to hear that your spotting has started again, fingers crossed for good results on Wednesday.

Mummy 2K&L- we told our older kids early on with both of our last 2 pregancies but are holding off this time. They both took the mc extremely hard and we would like to try and shield them from anything this time. It helps that they are off to Bali next Saturday for 10days with their mum so there's a week and a half I don't have to try and hide it!

Cas- I'm with mummyto1.5 WTF???? Someone is seriously stuffing up with your dates. Trust your own instincts, no one knows their body better than you xx. Try to keep busy until the next scan to take your mind off it.

AFM- I am STILL waiting for my blood test results. They are doing renovations at the clinic and apparently that is taking up a lot of the docs time....WTF?? I want my results!! Actually I'm not too stressed about it. Trying to take each day as it comes and not compare this pregnancy to the last. What's meant to be will happen smile I'm still exhausted and feeling pretty sick at various times of the day. Killer for me atm is taking off my bra before bed. OMG, my bbs are tender during the day but they actually throb when they lose that support! Is anyone else having this problem or am I just weird tongue
Anyway, take care all. A new sprinkling of sticky dust for everyone xxx
Mumto1.5- Yeah, they were excited but at the same time kinda expecting it. Quite a few people have asked if I am pregnant, juts coz I am not having a glass of wine on Friday arvo drinks at work, or at dinner with the girls. I am finding it close friends just guess (3 of them) and I am trying just not to answer the question when others ask. Can't wait til the 12 weeks is up so I can come 'out of the closet' LOL!!

Kylie + 2- yay, how exciting!! I am so happy for you, and soooo jealous!! Do you know what the old wives tale is about heart beats? I think if its below 140bpm its a girl... it proved true for our DS. The Chinese horoscope also says my bub is is going to be a girl, but then it said my DS should have been a girl too!!

Mummy2K&L- do you remember how far along you were when you started showing with bub #2? Aren't you meant to show earlier with each pregnancy? If that's the case, you will be telling your kiddies in no time!! I agree that you should wait until 12 weeks though.

Welcome MissNick!!! Sorry to hear of your m/c, hope this bub is sticky!! Welcome JLN too. I look forward to sharing the journey with you both smile

Kylie19- I hear ya on the sore bbs front- as soon as I take my bra off I'm in a whole world of pain. I thought it was coz they lost all their vavavoom with my last pregnancy and breastfeeding for 15 months. They are bigger being pregnant, but still saggy....and depressing! LOL

Question- at how many weeks are you having your scans? Mine isn't til 12 weeks, for the trans nuchal.... I saw my GP today and he said there was no need until then. Are you requesting them? I am confused, and soooo jealous!!!

hey ladies
I thought I would join you all, congratulations everyone smile We have just found out we are pregnant with #2, not sure when i'm due exactly, early march maybe?? unsure just waiting for date scan... I look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you all

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