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Due In March 2011 Lock Rss

hi girls

Zoe when we tested we left the room and watched the clock for 3 min. not the test so I don't know how long it took for the line to appear. the longest 3 min of my life. grin

Picklesma i think maybe you have the wrong cone for your second Ticker, I just pasted the next ticker below the first starting a new line but no gap.

hope this helps.

fingers crossed for a sticky baby Faith.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

yeah i was watchn the test and not waiting long anuf for it to develop proberly lol stupid me this is my first so im new to it all very excited tho

yeah i was watchn the test and not waiting long anuf for it to develop proberly lol stupid me this is my first so im new to it all very excited tho

I looked straight away and it came up straight away at home on a cheap $3 test lol, but then when i went to the doc it was fainter there he still said i was though.

Hi Han no idea what where having and yes will be finding out when the time comes.

Has anyone made an obstercian app yet? or midwife app?
know they don't see you till your 12wks and i'm only 5 do you think it's to early to make the appt?
Hi Guys,

Hope your all feeling well. Will test tonight still a little unsure of dates though. So nervous

Morning ladies, Hope all are feeling well today.
Re: OB appt, best to book sooner rather than later, depending on where you are planning to go to hospital. I know that some hospitals fill quickly when private and good public ones want you in their zone to book you in unless they are not too busy around your due date.

We went private with first two and it was EXPENSIVE! Third we went public and midwives were great but hospital was horrible.
This time we are going to Mater in Brisbane (probably public) as I need monitoring and that is where my Natural Fertility Specialist has been.

I am booking in after our first scan next week as they like to do first appt. around 10 - 12 weeks.
So anyone else have scan booked yet? Anyone had blood HCG levels done?
Such an exciting yet scary time all rolled into one. Blessings to all of you for healthy pregnancys.

Good morning guys just got back from the docs she did another urine test and it was positive get my bloods back tom has any of you guys had any cramps down there laitly i had a little one this morn the doc said not to worry could be urine infection or many other things was a little worried its gone now tho and there was no blood spotting.
Have to ring to book my first scan today

Hi Zoe, how exciting! I get ligament stretching pains which feel sort of crampy at times. I have also hurt ligaments in both my wrists from lifting our 2yr olds legs to change his nappy. Wish he would go to the toilet!!!!
I injured my wrist when I worked in childcare with first child too. Must be my thing!

Aches and pains are pretty normal as the uterus grows and moves everything around. Can feel a little congested in the abdomen like af is coming. Any short pains that dont continue and dont have any spotting are usually ok.

Feeling a little queasy on and off. Usually in morning before breakfast and again at night before dinner after running around after the crazies all day. They are all so full of energy and I just want to sleep.

So what symptoms are you all having???

This is my first ever post!

After five tests since friday, I am finally accepting I am pregnant (due 8 March). This is my second pregnancy, I have a 9 month old girl, but i didnt expect it to happen so quickly. So it looks like i am going to have two under two (what have i done!!! smile

I am still a bit nervous as last time i had some trouble in early pregnancy so at the moment only myself, my husband and now you girls know. I have even put off going to the doctors until late next week, but i have booked into my local birth centre (they have limited places and i really wanted the same midwives that delivered my daughter)

As for symptoms, i have been having cramping/pulling type pain and nausea at night (already! arghhh).

Anyway, congrats on the bfps and i look forward to hearing about the next 8 months!!!

Ok so made my appt with ob today decided it wasn't to early and he's seeing me at 9 weeks how exciting can't wait till then it will feel so much more real then, lol.

As for symptons mild nausea for most the day unless i'm eating and very mild cramps about once a day.

So fingers crossed all goes to plan I can blab at 12wks and maybe tell a few people about 9weeks, i'm just busting to tell everyone lol.
hi suzi, congratulation! So good we have some people to share our news with. It feels like such a long time before we can shout it from the roof tops.
mumto1.5 - wow, booked already. I should maybe call soon too. I was going to wait until after u/s but it was such a hassle getting an appt. just for that so it may be wise to book hospital asap.

Not 100% sure about going private or public again yet. I think the out of pocket for private may be too big for our small budget. I know it was quite a lot 8 yrs back and that is why we opted for public with the last baby.

Hey Everyone,

I haven't been on for a couple of days and we've grown in numbers!!!!

I've just updated the table so we can keep track of when everyone's due:

Kylie S-B 28th February 2011
Han 2nd March 2011
Tonya 2nd March 2011
Brooke 5th March 2011
Kylie 6th March 2011
Zoe 7th March 2011
Suzi Roase 8th March 2011
Vicky26 - still awaiting confirmation

So far I haven't had any symptoms, not morning sickness or tender boobs or anything. I have to keep looking at the pregnancy test (yes I still have it) to confirm I really am pregnant. I haven't had AF either, so I still up the duff.

To Zoe, Faithbaby, SuziRose and Vick26, congratulations and welcome aboard!!!!

On a diferent note, I'm thinking of getting a Baba Sling to help carry my 9 month old. He's 10kg and very long. I'm finding it very hard to carry him as he's giving me back pain and he's not quite ready to walk, close, but not quite. Any one got any other suggestions?


hello ladies.
i just want to know if anyone has had af in early pregnancy. i started using my opk's today for this month, im still 7days off usual ov and i got a positive. so i did a hpt and got a bfp. im so excited but a bit nervous to find out for sure. have app at doc tomoro but didnt have af during pregnancy with last 2. did have af during my first pregnancy but i terminated as i was still too young.
interested to see what everyone thinks.
bfp was very dark, no symtoms and have been taking vitex, aspirin, blackmores preg vitamins, cranberry, and calcium/magnesium. not sure if these can affect either?
i'd be due in early march if i am pregnant. around the 3rd

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