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Due In March 2011 Lock Rss

well looks like we have alot of 17month olds smile i have a 2&1/2yr old and 13month old smile

mummy2zak, finding out the sex was the best part for me 2 but my parents said i was a spoil sport : my friend i due in sep and she has kept it a surprise and its driving me bananas smile

off to my scan today to see bubby smile

Wow there have been alot of posts in a few days!

Welcome Laura. I find it hard to tell me family, but Kylie19 is right there is plenty of time to find the right way.

zoebrown - are you having another ultrasound soon? I had some heavy bleeding when i was 5 weeks 5 days last time, ended up being told id had a miscarriage because they couldnt see a fetal pole. A week later i went to have a d&c and there was my little DD heartbeat. Its often too early to see anything on ultrasounds before 6/7 weeks for some people. I am thinking of you!

casgazbubz - good luck at your ultrasound!! you must have hands full with two young children! I am stuggling with one almost 10 month old.

kylie19 - i hear you on the wind problem. ive taken to blaming the dog! My only other symptom is being emotional - like starting to cry when my boss is talking to me even though there is no reason to. Why do i get the embarrassing symptoms!!!

faithbaby - i hope you are feeling better!

Im sorry i didnt get to everyone, i hope you are all doing well!!! and i will do a better update on me after i finally go to the docs on friday!

New list

26th February 2011

28th February 2011
Kylie S-B

1st March 2011
Faithbaby (Baby 4)

2nd March 2011

3rd march 2011
Casgazbubz #3

5th March 2011

6th March 2011

7th March 2011

8th March 2011
Suzi Rose (baby #2)

12th March 2011
Kylie N

17th March
Mummy2Zac (Bub # 2)

Vicky26 - still awaiting confirmation
Welcome Laura, Congratulations. Don't panic about the family. They will soon get used to the idea and will love your baby as much as you i'm sure.

Kylie19- Not TMI, I too am having same problem . Maybe it has to do with the M/s and tummy upset. I am on so many injections that they may be contributing to my upset tummy though. I know side affect of progesterone is digestive issues. Yay!!!

Zoebrown- Thats so exciting! It is early but to see bub is a great start. When I had u/s at 5wks with 1st m/c they could only see a tiny cyst in wrong layer of uterine wall so sounds way more promising for you. Sure it will be all o.k.

casgazbubz- good luck with the scan. We are all waiting to hear how you go. Mine is toomorrow and I am counting down the hrs.

I am so sick again today. I never felt this sick so soon with the others. Hope there is only one in there. We had a hard time coming into agreement on having number 4 so to have twins would shock the socks off DH. I would cope as I have always wanted a big family but I don't think I (or my body)could handle another pregnancy after this one so this is last for me for sure.
Looking forward to sorting the baby gear that s packed away in the spare room once we get the precious heartbeat picture. Seeing bub o.k. will make all this M/S worthwhile.
My tummy is huge right now too. I can't hide much longer anyway and can't wait to teel all our family and friends. Our children know I having injections to make baby stay inside me and are hoping mummy has a baby in her tummy toomorrow. DD who is 10 keeps saying "there must be a baby mummy cause your tummy is so big". Hard because I am on so many hormones that they can make everything swell too. Only time will tell.......AND IT WON'T COME FAST ENOUGH.

HI Guys,

Its only very early days for me only 4 weeks or so. Still excited and tired! Just wondering is there anything i'm meant to do? I've made an appt at my ob but its not for a couple of weeks. By then i'll be over 6 weeks am I meant to have blood tests? Sorry- just honestly can't remember. Taking vitamins etc already so thats all taken care of.

Have felt a little bit off- but nothing major. STill so early- think last time I found out about 6 weeks but was very sick so hoping this pregnancy will be better.

casgazbubz- definitely do the 4d. It is amazing. The place where I went there is a big tv and was a great experience. Very thorough though as well and at the 20 week scan was amazing (don't know if I would do it for the 12/13 week one) then I didn't do it for my 32 week scan as I was worried bubs would be too clear and wouldn't be enough of a surprise at the delivery.

shelley, i am going to do the 4d one around 32weeks i think. they say that is the best time and i am only doing it once, bub will still have plenty of time to chub up before its due smile

i still am to have sypmtoms but has anyone had bloods yet and if so what was the gestation and what was the results?

Hey girls,
Wow... Heaps of post in the last couple days!!
Mummy to Zac - thanks for the advice about the extra pillow for my blocked nose, that makes sense - it's helped, still really blocked up but at least I had a better sleep last night! Think we will be due around same time, if I was having my usual longer unpredictiable cycle, but according to the maybe baby I ovulated earlier like last month, so I'll find out when I see the doc hopefully!
Cass - that's fantastic news about your results. How exciting about your scan today!!
Zoe - Good to hear your scan sounded promising and that the bleeding has stopped.
Mum to 1.5 and faith baby - I'm so not looking forward to morning sickness kicking in!!! Hope it's not too bad for you guys!
Laura - Congrats on your BFP - Yay! the group is really growing!

Sorry if I've missed anyone elses comments, I'll have to try start keeping up with all the posts!

AFM - Feeling really good today, getting some sleep really makes a difference. I'm off to the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get a better idea of due date to add to the list!!

take care everyone smile smile
Hi Guys,

doesn't look like I will be joining you, tested last week when I was pretty certian I was a week late and nothing, tested again this morining cos still nothing and got another neg. Not to sure whats going on there.
Goodluck with your pregancies everyone

Hey casgazbubz how did your scan go today? can't wait to hear

Kylie +2 how was your scan you were having one weren't you?

Welcome to all the new girls can't believe you get to have early scans wish i was so i could see my bub but i must be patient i suppose might get to have a quick look at my 9 week appointment with ob that's what he did last time still 3 weeks to wait but.

Vicky26 sorry to hear that good luck for next month then.
Bells- Let me know how you go with the Doc. Good luck! I really want to know your due date too smile smile I won't see mine til Monday gasp Time is dragging!! My nose is all stuffy too! I have also started drooling in my sleep, probably from the stuffy nose and having to breath through my mouth! Oh the joys of pregnancy....8 months to go!!

Cas- how did teh scan go? how far along did it say you were? Hope it went well, can't wait to hear the deets!! smile

Kylie19- Your job sounds pretty good! What did you do before working from home? And how did you find your current job? My DS is into the wiggles, and I must admit it is a Godsend!! Just recently he has gotten into 'In the Night Garden'. I am a high-school teacher which is good coz I leave at 8pm and get home at 3pm. We always wanted 2 kids with approx 2 years between them- since we didn't want their birthdays in the same month we waited to try until now. I love the age of 17 months though...he is such a little charcter and so much fun to be with smile I found the first year pretty hard, but as soon as he turned one it has been magic and worth every second!

AFM.....the wind, its baaaaad! I find that at times, I am offending myself!! I can't remember if it gets better through the pregnancy or not...I hope so. I am also getting night-sickness...I had it with DS too. I feel really nauseas in the evening, especially when I go to bed. I don't know why I get it at night! Weird!!

ahhh im so over this i have started to spot again my god why dose this have to happen to me it so sucks i thought every thing was sartn to get back to norm i really hope this isnt the whay iam gunna be through my hole preg.
mummy 2 zac i have really bad wind last night it gave me exteamly bad stomach cramps cause i coudnt fart lol sorry tmi and i think its what has brought my spotting back on i was stressin so much about it thinkin some thing was wrong again gunna get some thing for it from the chemist today

Zoebrown- try to relax and not think about it too much. I know how hard that is but honestly you are not going to help yourself or your bub by stressing out. Concentrate on getting through one day at a time. Big hugs and I'm sending lots of sticky baby dust to you smile

Cas- I had my bloods yesterday and will have results tomorrow morning for HCG levels. I really wanted to have them done regularly with this pregnancy for my own peace of mind after my loss last year.

Vicky26- sorry to hear you have not had any luck this month, hopefully your next cycle will be the lucky one for you smile

Mummy2Zac- I used to work as a recruitment consultant doing industrial placements. It was incredibly full on and very stressful. Lots of long hours which is why I decided not to go back. I was lucky enough to find my new job on seek when I first started looking so really didn't have to look too far!! When it comes to my ds he has been an angel since day 1 but a devil at the same time!! He has been ahead in his development since really early (crawled at 6mths, walked at 10mths), so he keeps me on my toes. I must admit though that 17mths is a fantastic age. You are lucky to be able to work during school hours, at least it means that you get more time than the average working mum to spend with him.

Mumto1.5- I feel your apin about the scan, I am booked for a dating scan on 28th but that is still 3 weeks away and seems like forever!!

AFM- I am OVER the 1st trimester already! Between the wind, nausea, exhaustion and horrid metallic taste in my mouth after I eat anything tasty I am wishing away the next 7wks! My DSS came straight out yesterday asking whether my blood test had to do anything with pregnancy.... I had to say no as we are going to keep it a secret for as long as possible but I hate lying to him sad Taking everything day by day at the moment and trying not to compare this pregnancy to the last one but it's so hard.

Ok, enough of an essay from me!! Hope you are all well. xx
just a quick one because im a bit out today. just tired i think which is stupid cause i had one of my better sleeps in a while.
got results from my scan which says im only 2 weeks which means i got pg while having af. mmm, dont think so. plus we used condoms when not ttc and have only ttc for about 1 week without condoms before bfp so i'd still say im 6weeks. also bloods said between 3-12 weeks so they dont match. not such a good day after all. was soooo looking forward to getting proper due date sad
have to wait 2 weeks for another u/s now so another tww sad

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