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Due In March 2011 Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

I go away for a few days and I can't believe how many posts there have been!!!!

I've been painstackingly reading everyone's posts, but I'm on the worlds slowest computer ATM (down at MIL in Coffs) and it's really frustrating cause I want to respond to so many posts and ask some many questions.

I am very sorry to hear about Brooke. I so hope she gets to join the "Due in April" thread.

I have my scan on Monday morning @ 9am. I'm trying not to think about it cause I get too excited.

MS has kicked in - YUCK!!!!! It's not too bad ATM, but I know it's going to get worse. It kicked in about the same time with DS2 so now I just have to wait until I hit 6 months for it to stop LOL!!!!

I've been taking peoples advice and eating small meals more often and drinking heaps of water so I've been able to function pretty well.

I get home tomorrow, so I'll jump on and respond to everyone and ask all those questions I want to ask.

If you have a little one and live in Brisbane, look up the "Brisbanite" thread and meet up with some other Mums.

Casgazbubz, go with your gut. If you know when the conception time would be, then stick with that! Either way, you're still pregnant !!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Chat soon,


Wow! Wasn't expecting t so many expectant mums on here so early smile

I too am having a baby. Found out this morning, although I have suspected for a week now. Sore BB's and cramping and I took a 'first response' on Tuesday and got a faint line - barely there and was convinced it had to be an evaporation line. I tested again on Wednesday and today - both faint lines and then a friend suggested 'clearblue digital' and there were the words 'PREGNANT'!!! I am due on March 19th by my calculations.

I have a little girl 22months and I am now suddenly very frightened about the prospect of adding to our family. Anyone else anxious??? We were trying but still the thought of sharing her or her missing out makes me wonder if we should have waited longer. She will be a fabulous Big Sister and Hubby is SO excited, me too. Early days but.

I had a textbook pregnancy first round - no morning sickness, just a little tired, felt fantastic and then all of a sudden at 35 weeks panic set in as we were told our baby was VERY little 1900grams. My plancenta had stopped working and my blood pressure was high so I after a week in hospital they decided to induce me at 36 weeks, 11 hours later and an epidural I was rushed in for C section. Hoping for a VBAC this time.

I wish us all sticky, healthy babies. The 12 week wait before telling anyone will surely kill me!
Congratulations Mummyv2b and welcome to our little early preggo club. So good to be able to share all the early joys and stresses with someone who understands and feels the same.

Kylie+2 - Hope your having a nice relaxing time away. I forgot to say I am in Regents Park on sth side. MS is so yuk isn't it? Oh well, keep reminding yourself obout the end product (thats what I do everytime I get my needles too!)

Casgazbubz - Hope your next scan comes quickly for you. Rest, relax (if possible) and don't loose hope. It can be hard to relax but it is all we can do at this stage. Go rent some funny movies and put your feet up. (But don't get Marley and Me as I rented it when I thought all was going wrong in my pregnancy last year and it had a m/c in it. Not what I wanted. Good luck.

Well....I Had my SCAN this afternoon.
Baby is all good with heart rate of 115bpm. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CRL was 6.3mm (so tiny)

The lady said we dodged a bullet as both ovaries released eggs this month. I would have been happy but DH would have freaked out. So my feeling of twins wasn't too way off.
The size was spot on for our due date 1st march and we are so excited now. The kids were so happy when I came in with the picture of their new brother or sister. (I'm guessing a girl though)

Hi, I hope it's alright for me to jump in and join this thread....Yay!!! I found out this afternoon that we are expecting number 3. I currently have DS (who is 6 on Saturday) and DD (who is 3 next month). Very excited but still stunned really. We were TTC but my hubby works away so imagined it wouldn't happen. Tested today more so I could stop obsessing and did not really expect the BFP that I got. Will test again tomorrow but it came up straight away so pretty damn confident!!! Yay, yay, yay grin


Edited to add: I think I will be due on the 14 March.
ZoeBrown- Sorry to hear that hun! Take it easy!! Put your feet up and relax as much as you can. I know it must be hard... sad

Kylie19- you are so, so lucky!! and WOW that is early!! My DS walked before he crawled, at 9 months, so I know how hard it can be keeping up with them! His latest thing is climbing- on the lounge, coffee table, even the dining table! He thinks its hilarious smile I can only imagine what your little one would be up to while you tried to get some work done, hehe. I do like the hours I work, even more, I like the 12 paid weeks holidays. It will be great to spend the 6 weeks with him over the summer. Is he talking much? What is his name?

Cas- OMG you seem to be waiting for something or other all the time, LOL!! I would just dismiss that scan- if you are 4 weeks along, then your next scan will give a better idea of timing. I hear you on the tired front too- I am waking up totally bugged before the day has even started.

Kylie + 2- I am from Brisvegas and have a DS who is 17 months. I will have to check out that forum you mentioned- is it in the communities thread? I don't think I have seen it before... Good luck with your scan on Monday, let us know how you go smile

Mummyv2b- congrats!! and welcome to the thread :)I know what you mean about being anxious adding to the family. I don't know how on earth I can love someone as much as I love my DS, but everyone says you do. I don't know how he will handle having another baby in my arms, he goes pretty crazy when I hold my 10 week old nephew, hehe. I, too, was labelled 'high risk' in my pregnancy and ended up having a C-section 2 at 38 weeks. I am also hoping for a VBAC but am really, really nervous about it. I will chat to my OB-GYN about it I spose... have you read up on it much? If you don't mind me asking, are you going private or public?

Faithbaby- are you from Brisvegas too? And how on earth can they tell that you dropped 2 eggs? Just from a scan? Wow, that is amazing! Are you going to the Royal Womans' or a private?

AFM- I just changed my ticker, yay!! Only 252 days to go, hahahaha!! Seems like to far away, but I KNOW it will fly smile

I rang my OB-GYN that I had for my DS today, and I can't get in until September 27, and I would be 16 weeks already gasp They booked me in with the midwife for a 7 week appointment, and I am on a waiting list for a cancellation to see the OB-GYN. I am not sure how I feel about it... he knows my history so I want to go through him, but if he is this busy is it really worth it? Hmmmmm..... not sure what to do gasp

When I went to post my last message, it told me I had too many emoticons, and asked me to delete some, LOL!! Must be these pregnancy hormones wink

smile Yes, nother Brissy girl. I am going to Mater public. We have insurance but the out of pocket with 3 expensive kids already would not be in the budget. I called them yesterday and they said once my Dr referal is sent on monday it usually takes 4wks for appointment but in my case (previous MC and on injections) I will be classed as high risk and be seen sooner. Such a relief!
They have a brilliant Early Preg. Assessment Unit too if there are any early concerns before appointment. I went there for the two MC I had last year and they are so nice and understanding.

Last baby I had at Logan and would prefer to not repeat experience if at all possible. Our older two were at Pindara on G/coast. Great hospital...back then (was over 8yrs ago tongue )

When I spoke to Mater yesterday they said that a lot of private OB/GYN work in public also and if I dont mind sharing a room (which is fine, only 2 per room) there really is not much difference. I was concerned about epidural preferance, private v's public but I was reasured they have same wait.

I have had both public and private now and only commplaints with public last time was room packed with people, old facility (and a little unclean), and had to put on the waterworks and see 3 Drs to be induced 5 days over on Christmas eve. Not much fun.

CORDIAL - before i forget, I am having so much sucess with glasses of fruit cup cordial, pears and oranges for the m/s. Feeling not too bad as long as I keep up fruit sugars.
But, oh my goodness, my DD dropped a bottle of chilli sauce on kitchen floor at lunch after I had just asked her to put it away as the smell made me feel sick (she likes chilli and mayo sandwiches -weird I know roll eyes )
That was just lovely cleaning up the smelly glass pile, ew.

Well I just tested again this morning with one of those fancy digital tests and it said PREGNANT within 30 sec. So I am officially pregnant .... I think roll eyes Feeling very excited and we know that this will be our last baby so want to enjoy this pregnancy to the very end. Can't wait for everything to really sink in. tongue
Mummy2K&L Congratulations and welcome i take it this is your 3?

I don't remember morning sickness being this bad last lol (but i'm sure it was),had it all day yestie just wanted to stay on the lounge all day but my 13month old DS wouldn't allow that. Feeling 100 times better today thank goodness bring on week 17 so it will stop i say.
Hi lovely mummies and mummies to be!

I would love to join your group if thats ok?? I have been posting in Feb 2011 for a while and after having a scan today, I found out im not due til March 2nd.

A little bit about myself... Im mel, 25, I have a 20 month old DS and have been married to my husband for 9 months. We live on the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

We have been TTC since January this year and I had a M/C in March, so I'm a little anxious about this pregnancy and really trying to take care of myself.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all in the next few months grin
tongue Welcome Mel, no issues with you jumping threads!!

Well I need to have a bit of a whinge I'm sorry sad I'm having a really bad day today. Not sure whether it's just preggie hormones but I'm waiting to hear from the docs about my hcg results. I thought they would have been there this morning since I had the test on Wed.....but still waiting for them to call me. I guess the waiting is taking me back to the uncertainty we had for 2 weeks with the last pregancy not knowing whether bub was viable or not. Common sense tells me that everything is fine and that I'm worrying over nothing, but hormones are tending to get in the way of that!

I still feel really sick but again don't know whether that's nerves or morning sickness!! Right, time I snapped out of it and stopped worrying! Thanks for listening, think I just needed to vent and get it all out of my system smile

Forgot to there something in the QLD water at the moment???? So many of you are from up north and I'm starting to feel a bit lonely down here in Melbourne tongue
I knew the honeymoon period for this pregnancy wouldn't last too long, LOL!!

We left Coffs Harbour at 1:30 this morning and even though I had to sleep most of the way, poor DH had to make 2 emercency very quick pull overs on the highway for me to lose last nights dinner. YUCK!!

Kylie19 - I know it's horrible having to wait, but at least no news is good news right? We're thinking of you and can't wait to see you post the positive news. GBH

Hi Mel, Welcome aboard. It's awful to hear about the MC in March, but I'm sure everything will be fine this time.

Hi Mummy to K&L, Congratulations!! I know what you mean with the sinking in part, I've known for 2 weeks and it still hasn't really sunk in, LOL.

Hey FaithBaby, I'm going to Redlands even though the Mater would be closer, but I found the Mater was very weird on some subjects whereas the Redlands were fantastic. I had a friend who went the the Mater as she and the baby had a negative blood type and she said they were really brilliant with her case, so sounds like you're in the best place. Why don't you come to a little Huggies get together at Cannon Hill on Tuesday. If you're interested, PM me and I'll send you the details.

Hey Mummy-2-Zac, the post is just in the Forum Activity section, well it was the other day, but if you would like to come along PM me and I'll give you the details. I'm really looking forward to meeting some other Mum's in the area. With your OB-GYN, maybe you should open up your options if the Dr can't make you a priority????

If I forgot anyone, I'm sure I'll catch you up soon.

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