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April 2011 Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations on all of your beautiful bundles. My bundle of joy was born on April 20th after a 5 hour labour. She was a hefty 8 pounds 15. She is beautiful and I am completely smitten with her.

She is Lola Rose. Her picture in on the Facebook page.

OMG Meg - i knew you couldnt be far off meeting your new arrival... So glad your name popped up on the end of this thread as i was so wondering how you were going smile

(oh and before i sound like a stalker...i was the starter of the TTC and tired of jumping threads thread with Kim)...

What wonderful news to make my day smile

Congratulations all the new mummies out there!

My little guy is 6 weeks old today, and has gotten massive, he's been in 00s for the last week! After we reintroduced comp feeding he gained 1.2kg in 12 days - the LC joked he needed to go on Biggest Loser lol... I'm not pumping as often because after 2 weeks of religiously pumping after every feed he still needed 100+ml more than he got on the breast, so now we are actually enjoying breastfeeding for the first time. I keep getting blocked ducts in the right breast but no mastitis yet thankfully. We are off to the paediatrician today, and he gets his needles tomorrow, I'm going to stock up on baby panadol on the way home!

Best of luck to anyone still awaiting their bubba xxx
Been awhile since i posted in here..

Our bubba's are all 3 months wub hope everyone is settling in well with the lil ones.

DS1 is smitten with his Brother, thinks he loves him too much and wants to smother him with kisses lol we've had a few hiccups with DS1 throwing things and hitting DS2 in the head >.< :/

but other than that life is going well smile Ive seen some of our cuties on our Facebook Page and i wanna steal them all for cuddles they so cute!
Hi Ladies,
May I join this thread?
I'm pregnant with bubs #2 and due 20th April.
Hope to get to know you all. grin

CONGRATULATIONS to all mummies laugh
Wow, been a long time since i posted here too.

My little girl was born on the 12th of April, 4 days overdue. She weighed 7lb 8oz. My waters broke in the early hours of the morning and I had no contractions at all. I went to the hospital at 6pm that night and stayed in to have antibiotics. I was induced the next morning by syntocinon drip and went until 4pm without pain relief and without any progress either... At 5pm they realized my fore waters hadn't broken so they broke them for me. That's when the pain came and I had the gas until 9pm when my baby went into distress and I developed a fever. I was given the epidural and whisked away for a C-section. My little girl was born at 10:10pm that night...
On our fourth day in hospital she developed jaundice so we had to stay in hospital for 7 days total I felt like I would never take her home... her levels kept rising and falling so everyday we would be told we could go home only to be told we couldn't later... On the day they finally discharged us I packed my room so fast you wouldn't have even seen me. I nearly forgot to dress baby in her going home outfit. Since we've been home she has been perfect and I'm more in love with her everyday wub
Oh Meg....I'm so happy to see your gorgeous lil Lola's face on your profile pic! wub
I was almost holding my breath searching for u with fingers crossed everything went perfectly with your pregnancy after such a long road! Yay...She's just beautiful! Funny as I have 2 Aoril bubbas too! Take care & hope u & lil Lola are going fab! <3 Kim xo (codysmummy)

ps. Huge congrats to u too Fleur on bubby #2! I always had a soft spot for our TTC still girls so love seeing your good news! wink x

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