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April 2011 Lock Rss

Hey Everyone! Hows everything going? I hope it great!

I went for my first ultrasound the other day, the tech guy said that everything looked good and that the heart beat was nice and strong!
I'm relived for now! I'm just praying nothing goes wrong!

Anyways, I wish everyone all the best!! smile
God I feel sorry for those of you (it seems like most of you) who are going through terrible morning/all day sickness at the moment. It sounds pretty bloody awful for some of you! Think I'm in the minority of women who don't get it that much. Here I am whinging about having no symptoms when I'm just really lucky it seems. So to those of you going through the nausea - I'm hoping it ends for you as soon as possible so you can enjoy your pregnancy a bit more.

Dreary, rainy and cold here today, you wouldn't think I was living in 'sunny QLD'...Hopefully blue skies and sunshine tomorrow for my eldest son's 3rd birthday...that time has gone WAAAYY too fast!

Well, take care!

Had my first scan today, and I was very very pleased to see everything was all ok so far. I was so petrified before going in I was almost in tears and felt like vomitting and not from morning sickness, and Im pretty sure my heart was beating faster than the baby's haha. But all my fears eased when the sonographer pointed out the wee heart beating away furiously. Such a relief especially after what heppened last time I had a scan. There wasnt much else to see this early on, just that wee flutter.
Got my first OB appointment next week, and then first mid wife appointment 2 weeks latter.
Olives are working for me at the moment with morning sickness, weird I know, but I think its the salt I want. Im not too bad, just feel a bit yuck every now and then esp when I start to get hungry, so as long as I keep eating Im ok.
All the rest of you with bad ms, hang in there, it does eventually stop, and it will all be so worth it in the end.

Oh and there was only 1 little bean in there, so phew on that smile

hey ladies smile

im due 27th of april, so im 5 weeks along smile

this will be number 2 for me and hubby. we have a 1 year old son
took 8months to concieve both
not as sick as last time but i think that may be because i know earlier this time around haha

a little bit worried as i had some spotting last night but according to friends and midwife its normal! still scary though!
Hi all. Congratulations to all of you.
I have just found out this week that i am expecting my second child on the 25th april (ANZAC day and also easter monday mext year) My little man is 14 months old and a little rascal. My husband and myself only decided to try for a second bub a month ago (mind you we were trying for 3 years to have ollie) I am 5 weeks pregnant and very very excited. Our close family and friends have been told as i cant keep quiet until 12 weeks. We go for a scan to date the pregnancy properly in 2 weeks. Yay I am so over the moon about expanding my family
Congrats to everyone. i am so excited, my hubby and i have been trying for no. 3 for months now. I have never had morning sickness with my 2 boys, but this one, i have been very ill since i toke the test....maybe i will be having a girl. I have told most ppl already because i cannot keep a secret at the best of times, and my husband is taking me to a baby store tommorow. I think because i am sick, i am desperate to go shop for bub3 to make me feel better........I was worried that i was having Connor (no 2) and bub3 too close together (there will be 2 years and 9 months between them) but you all seem to have the same sort of age gaps. Thank you all so much for starting this thread. i never would have survived my 1st born's first 8 years and my 2nd pregnancy and first 2 years.....THIS WEBSITE AND THREAD IS A LIFESAVER!!!!! And i cannot wait to spent the nex few months sharing this journey with you all

let the countdown begin

Nyssa- Due 29th of March - Baby No 2

Heidi - Due 28th of March - Baby No 2

Izzy"s_mum - Due Late March/Early April - Baby No 2

J - Due 1st of April - Baby No 4

mum2-4children - Due 1st April

Fleur - Due 9th of April - Baby No 2

Jean - Due 9th April - Baby No 1

SugaRnSpice - Due 9th April - Baby No 3

Lauren - Due 12th of April - Baby No 1

Emma - Due 13th of April - Baby No 3

Sharon - Due 14th of April- Baby No 2

Nikkish - Due 14th April - Baby No 2

Nikki_knz - Due 14th April - Baby No 2

Kristen- Due 15th April - Baby No 2

Meg - Due 15th April - Baby No 1

Shaylee"smum - Due 18th April - Baby No 2

Genna - Due 20th April - Baby No 1 + 1 Angel

2blues - Due 24th April - Baby No 3

SSJA+1 - Due 24th April - Baby no 3

bec090181-Due 26th April 2011-baby #2

Octoberbubs - Due 26th April - Pregnancy No 3, Child No 4

Nicky_Cooper+Zack- Due 27th April- Baby No 3

Laura - Due 11th April - Baby No 1

Melanie - Due 7th April - Baby No 2

supa_dupa_mum- Due 26th April-Baby no 3


Welcome and congrats new mummies-to-be! smile

Still sick here, can't seem to shake it, hope this doesn't mean another girl for me, I am desperately wanting a boy, I love my two DD's but they are 3 times the work of my 3 year old boy. I will be happy in the end with happy and healthy as there have been 3 stillborns in my family already, and several M/C's. Plus my DD2 was 6 weeks early and born not breathing, she was in hospital for 4 weeks of her life which was hard for me, so hoping this time around bub holds on a bit longer (don't even mind going over lol) I'm looking into this free clinic they have nearby as I'm needing a scan soon. I'm already 9 weeks, and I need to have my 12 week scan soon, I'm so excited!

Hope M/S is treating everyone else better than it's treating me, it's a battle I'm losing lol!!

Love hugs and belly rubs!

J wink
Hey there grin

Do you mind if i join in?

My name is Kristi, 32 from WA and i am expecting #7.

EDD is 12th April 2011 grin

Had a scan last week and baby is within 1 day of my dates and we saw the heartbeat.

I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing our journey together grin

Hi all,

Hope all those with morning sickness are doing ok.

I cant wait until i have my scan in 1 1/2 days. I saw gyno last week about cysts i have and he wanted me to have scan as soon as possible to make sure not ectopic, so little worried about that, but what is meant to be, will be.

well enjoying all your posts and sharing the next months with you all.


Welcome the new ladies congratulations! And Kristi, #7 wow!!!

Kates joy - Good luck for your scan, fx everything is all good with bub and the cysts.

J - I hope you find somewhere to have your scan asap. Cant believe your 9 weeks already! Wish I was that far along, really hating feeling yuck all the time! Well first thing in the morning is good but thats about it. Oh well, hopefully in a few more weeks it will ease off.

Woo hoo I see there is a 'Due May' group now, makes me feel that little bit further along!

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Sticky dust everyone

Genna - I too hope I can get somewhere soon, I know by now this is all 'old hat' to me and what will be will be. But I just want to see that little heartbeat fluttering away like mad to ease my uneasy mind.

I have been finding it very difficult to deal with my 3 year old, his attitude has GOT TO GO. I'm at my wits end with him, but I can't spend all my time dealing with him as I have two other children who need my attention too.

Anyways mini rant over.
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