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SOJT Girls - Due April/May 2011 Lock Rss

Hey girls!!
Fleur & I have been talking, and we thought it would be cool to start a thread for us girls from the "Sick Of Jumping Threads" thread in the TTC section - seeing as though most of us are due within a month of each other, and we know what we have been going through - and it's a great way to keep a track on what is going on with each other's pregnancies!

Just to avoid confusion I have changed my username so I can avoid having people finding me now that we are pregnant lol. I've found out some people are now on huggies and I don't want them to see our news yet until we announce it officially grin

Ok, I'll start smile I'm 4 weeks and 4 days today, and had to have my 2nd B-HCG test done, and am desperately hoping that the levels have gone up substantially since last weeks test.
My results last week were 64 - and the nurse said that is spot on for 3-4wks pregnant (which would be right).
I'll get my results tomorrow which I'm looking forward to, and then once I have confirmation all is well, I will book for my 6wk dating scan, probably on Monday 20th Sept (so long as I can get in). I'm scared to go in too early in case they can't find the heart beat or whatever.

Anyway, better go - going to have a nanna nap with Boo, I'm finding I'm SO tired at night time, and really need to grab a quick nap during the day when I can. My only other symptoms are REALLY sore BBs and occasional heartburn. No constant nausea yet, but get it in dribs and drabs...

Can't wait to hear from you other lovely ladies very soon!! wub
Lots of love
M xx

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

Hey PB,
Long time no talk! Ha ha! Are you going to get your blood results back today or do you have to wait until tomorrow? Again, hun I am soooo excited for you guys smile

I thought that I would join you girls, although I am due in March. I am very excited, I am 12 weeks today!!!! We've told our families that we are expecting a baby, but I haven't told my work or any of our other friends yet. But I am excited to be at the 12 week mark and hoping that my belly pops out soon. I just want to see my preggo bump, instead of just looking like I have stacked on some weight IYKWIM.

Hope the others don't mind me joining in!

Anyway better get back to work smile

xx Shellley

YAH!! So excited to join you girls!

I am 9 weeks today and anxiously waiting for my next OB appointment which is next Wednesday.

Thats awesome you have made the 12 week mark Shelley! You families must of been so excited for you guys!

Yeah Pink did u get your results back today or do you have to wait? The 6 week mark is just around the corner and it is such a good feeling seeing that little bubba inside!

I havent been feeling very pregnant lately and have tried not to worry. Whatever will happen will happen so I'm just trying to stay positive and not think that history will repeat itself!

Thats all for now!

Hi Girls!! grin
So glad you decided to join too - and of course you guys are more than welcome - it's still open to anyone who wants to join - love sharing the whole journey with you guys!

Well I tried calling to get my results, but the nurse said they weren't in yet and to call back in the morning hehehe..I thought that might have been the case, but it was worth a try just in case!!

Shelley - that's SO exciting about having told your families - I bet they were soo excited for you guys!!..And what did your brother say about you guys being due around the same time? I bet he was really happy too!!

Shaz - farout, I can't believe you're 9wks already!! That has absolutely flown!! But in a good way. It's so hard, no matter how far along you are not to stress hey, but you're right, all you can do is hope that everything is ok...and I have no doubt it is wub

I'm just wanting all this confirmation part to be over, I'm hanging to be able to buy something LOL...I'm the most impulsive person in the world, and it's taken all my might to refrain from buying anything so far hehe!!

Have you girls started thinking about prams and carseats and things like that yet?

I'm not spending heaps on my pram, I really liked the Beema Evo, so we'll probably just get that. It's a simple 3-wheeler that doesn't weigh a tonne (in case I have another c/s), but the carseat I want I'm going to have to layby I think lol. I have been looking at the Safe N Sound Platinum AHR, they didn't have any of those types of seats when Bella was a baby (that I knew of anyway), and when we had our car accident last year my seat was taken away, and so now I don't have a baby seat at all...I have SO many more ideas this time around, as I've been able to see what's out there - but my poor bank balance is going to feel it to just convince DP that I "need" it LMAO tongue
The one thing I know for sure that I'll be getting this time is a Woombie - SIL has a couple and they are wonderful!!! And it saves swaddling as well...

Would love to hear your ideas too girls!!

M xx

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

To be honest I haven't started thinking about buying anything yet! I already have a couple of things that were hand me downs, and I looked at a nursery set (bassinette, change table and cot) in David Jones that I just loved, but think that I will have a bit more of a look around before deciding. DF brother is living with us at the moment, so I need to kick him out before starting on the nursery. I told him he had to leave by Christmas. That gives him a couple of months to work out somewhere else to live.

Pink, yep my bro was really excited for us. I think his wife was a bit funny to start with (not that she wasn't happy as she was that it's finally happened) but more just that it's exactly the same time. But she'll be right once she gets used to the idea. Hopefully we can do some preggo things together too.

Shaz, 9 weeks! Yay!!!!! I bet you can't wait for your appointment next week. It will all be perfect! Your little bubba will be there grinning at you, possible even give you a wave LOL!!!!

Sent off my hospital booking forms this week. Seems all so real. The run a few different classes too which I signed up for. The first one should be real soon, it's taken by a physio and is about looking after yourself during pregnancy. Should be good. They also run birthing and breastfeeding classes, at not extra cost if having the baby at the hospital, which I thought was really good.

Hey Girls!

I'm in too grin Thanks for starting this thread Pink! What a great idea we've had wub

I'm 9 weeks and 5 days today, due on 9th April 2011 with bub # 2. DS, Jack, is almost 2 and a half. Had my first OB appt and scan yesterday, was great to see the bubba, it has definitely put my mind at ease as I was starting to get worried that something would be wrong and running through all these horrible scenarios in my head. Didn't help that I have been having horrible nightmares about losing the baby sad But all is good, we could even see him/her waving it's little arms and legs around which was really cool!

Shelley - congrats on making it to 12 weeks! I think once I get to that stage I will definitely feel heaps better about everything. Are you going to start telling everyone else now? Our plan is to wait til 12 weeks too but I'm really bad at keeping a secret, so we'll see how that goes lol!

Sharon - hopefully all is ok, once you have had your first appt it will hopefully reassure you. Are you having a scan at the same time? Seeing the bub really helps put those fears to rest!

We haven't bought anything yet, we still have Jack's cot, change table, car seat and pram (all of which he is still using except for the cot). But we will be buying a new car seat for Jack, one with a built in harness that is suitable for him up to age 4 and we will use the car seat he's in atm for the bub. I'm buying my friend's high chair, it's in great condition and she's selling it to me for $30 which is a bargain! Jack's high chair was second hand and already pretty ratty when we got it, so in the bin it goes! I really want to get a Hug-a-Bub sling, my friend has a website called The Natural Newborn (a little plug hahaha!) and she stocks them (and heaps of other eco-friendly baby stuff), apparently they are brilliant, especially when you have an active toddler to chase around roll eyes Pink, what is a "Woombie"?? Sounds interesting! There is so much I could buy, things I didn't have with Jack, but nothing that I really NEED.

Anyway girls, gotta go get Jack ready for bed.

Really looking forward to sharing this journey with you!


Hey Girls, you all know Im up for some fun with my buddies smile

Thanks for starting this up 'Pink' so we can keep up with everyone we know so well.

Just been reading through some of your posts all over the place PB, and Im doing heaps of the same as you! Everytime I go to the loo I check to see if there is any blood. Every cramp or odd sensation I have down there Im completely freaking out! I guess once we get past that 12 week mark and everything is ok we'll feel better. Actually does the worrying about your child every end?

Shelley - I think Ive bumped into a few times cause one of your Angels and mine have the same date, 21/9/9. I cant belive its nearly been a year since I lost my first bub. And what will I be doing on that day? Going to Metallica haha. Congrats on 12 weeks smile

Sharon - Im seeing my OB on wed too, well its the second time Im seeing him. Hope its all going well.

AFM - morning sickness has been coming and going. It was peaking last weekend during the bad days of the earthquake stuff, so that was really hard. But then I had a few days away at my mums and had some good sleep and MS started to decrease, then all of a sudden it came back with a bang last night.
I have my first appointment with my midwive today, followed by scan number 2. I am super nervous about this one to make sure that baby survived the stress and trauma of the earthquake and all the aftershocks. I had a nightmare last night, that it was today and I went to the toilet and there was blood everywhere and things were all over, the dream followed a whole day where I had to cancel appointment with midwive and scan etc. So this morning when I acctually woke up I was crying, and thought it was real, so I was lying in bed for ages feeling numb and empty like I did the first morning I woke up after my mc. Then after a few mins I realised that it had all just been a bad dream! PHEW! I guess its just cause Im so nervous about my scan today. I'll let you know how it goes!

Well I have a massive happy smile on my face (well at leaste I did for a few hours till ms kicked back up.
Scan went soo awesome. I was so worried, and even when the sonographer started i couldnt see mach change from last time, but then she started getting all giggly and clucky, baby was wriggling round kicking and waving and carrying on, and she was getting all gooey and calling it a wee cutie hehe, then towards the end of the scan it settled down and went to sleep hehe. So yeah it was great. Got to hear the heart beat this time for while, nice and strong at 178 bpm, and got some cool pics, though the arms and legs are bit blurry from all the movement hehe. The placenta was forming, and the cord was all in place, so all good.
First meet with midwive was good too, so now I get to read through the massive pack to stuff she gave me!
Im starting to feel more positive about things now that everything is all perfect at this stage.
Hope your all well.

Genna, that's just awesome. I bet you feel so relieved. I went and had a scan at about 8w5d and it was just so wonderful to see that bubs was doing really well. I started crying in my scan I was just so happy. The morning sickness (as much as a pain in the ass it is) is actually a great sign smile It means that bub is doing well and the pregnancy is progressing well too!!! I used to just think everytime I got a wave of nausea that the bub was just saying hello. It helps in a wierd little way.

I am just so happy and excited for you hun!!!!! Bring on the next 7 months smile


Hi Girls!!
Sorry I haven't been on for a few days, my weekend was crazy lol.
Had a friend's hens night in Sydney on Saturday night and didn't get home until 4am Sunday morning...holy moley - I won't be doing that again in a hurry. I ended up sleeping most of the day on Sunday!! Was so much fun though - and very hard not to let slip why I wasn't drinking. I ended up telling a few very close friends and that's all...

Shelley - that's so good that your brother was excited for you, and as for SIL, I think you're right - she'll be fine soon, but I think they should be stoked for you after what you've been through already. Sounds like your hossy has lots of great things for you to learn - they say the breast feeding classes are really good for building confidence. I didn't get to have classes while I was pregnant, they "taught" me once Bella was born. I went to antenatal classes but they didn't do much on breast feeding it was more about the birth, etc...It's just SO exciting now because there is so much to learn. I can't believe you're 12wks already - it has FLOWN!! grin

Fleur - A Woombie is like a little zip-up sleeping bag type thing that is very snug, and it saves you having to swaddle - my SIL has one, and I'd never seen them before but they are fantastic. Bubs can't wriggle their arms out, but it's also SIDS safe as well. I'll be getting them for sure - if you google it you'll see what I'm on about hehe...
How's the MS going now honey?? Hope it's eased off a bit for you cool

Genna - Awwwwwwww!! Reading your post gave me goosies and made me tear up hehehe..I've been hanging to hear how your most recent scan has gone. That's just FANTATSIC!! it must be such a huge relief for you babe. I can't wait until you're 12 weeks so you can relax a bit more too. It would've been gorgeous seeing those tiny little arms and legs going beserk hehehe...How cute!! wub
Has everything settled down since the quake? I kept seeing these news reports about the after shocks you were having and all I couild think of was you, and my BIL's family live there as well ... it's awful and something you DON'T need....But looks like all was fine with bubs thank goodness grin

AFM - I'm still plodding along, still having the occasional pulling/cramping feelings like the beginning of AF, but not a trace of blood (touch wood!) so I don't let it worry me at all, I don't want to stress over what is hopefully nothing, and my boobs are killing me - every single day, all day - and I LOVE it hahaha, it always reminds me I'm pregnant smile
All went really well with my bloods - B-HCG @ 3wks 4days was 68, then last week at 4wks 4days it was up to 1042, and the lady said it was spot on for 5-6wks, so it's possible I might be further along than I'm expecting (i hope so!!), or, there might be more than one hahaha...I doubt it though, but there's a chance because of the Clomid I guess!!
I rang to book my 6wk dating scan today, and couldn't get in until next Friday (24th), which was a bit of a bummer, but at least it gives bub a little bit more time to grow - and make completely sure that I'm 6wks and will get to see the little heart beating away (oh god I hope so anyway!).
I'm getting bits of heartburn occasionally which doesn't worry me too much, and today had a big wave of nausea, and had to go and lay down. I haven't had it much and I was actually really excited when it came on, because it makes me feel like everything is ok and doing what it's meant to. I'm wondering if I'll get it as full on as what I had with Bella - had it ALL day every day for 5 weeks and lost about 6kgs in the first 2 weeks hehe. But was so worth it. I think from memory my MS started at about 6-7wks with Bella. I'm wondering if it'll hold off until then this time as well...I'm kind of looking forward to it (as sad as that sounds lol).
Other than that we ended up going out and buying the pram we really liked today, I know it's WAYYYY early, and I just hope I don't jinx myself by buying so early, but we have SOOO SO much happening between now and when bubs is due that there isn't really a "too early" period for us, iykwim?
DPs mum goes back into hospital in a few weeks to have another bone marrow transplant so we need to help pay for one of their relatives to come over here from Scotland to help SIL with her baby while she is at the hospital with her mum (kids aren't allowed in the ward), so yeah...and we have christmas, car rego & insurance and everything between now and then too, so whatever bits and pieces we can get along the way we have to do.
I've decided on the carseat as well, we're going to get the Safe n Sound Platinum AHR seat, so I'll have to layby that one, and I'm going to buy a sling I've decided, because the pram I bought doesn't have a toddler seat. DP & I are pretty sure that after this bub comes along (all going well) we'll start TTC again fairly quickly again afterwards, so we'll need something that will cart around all the kiddies hehe.. I can get the skateboard attachment that goes on the back of the pram for Bella too which is's all so exciting!!
I've still got my cot, change table and a few other things from Bella so I won't have to worry about that. I might just have to sand it back and repaint it though, it got covered in cockroach s#it from being in our back shed (even though it was wrapped in plastic) and the bloody thing stains the timber angry so I'm not happy about that as I bought all of my stuff brand new with Bella and it is in immaculate condition otherwise, and it wasn't cheap either....grrr so yeah I'll have to try and fix that up before bubs comes!

Anyway - sorry I'm rambling...I'm 5wks 1day today, it seriously feels like I should be 12wks by now, I feel like I've been duffy for ages!!! hehehe

Hope you're all doing wonderfully and can't wait to hear how you're feeling and what's happening!!

Love M xx

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

Thanks girls
Yes it was so awesome and yes I cried most of the time too, and laughed at it waving its arms around and kicking - which obviously made it hard to see when I was laughing. And hearing that wee heartbeat for a while was great too. The previous pregnancy the lady only put the sound on for a few seconds so I feel a bit robbed of that, so to hear this ones for way longer was awesome.
Yes PB - lots of aftershocks. They are getting fewer and farther between, but we were awoken to a largish one in the middle of the night last night. No where near as big as the first one obviously, but still unsettling - and annoying for interupting my much needed sleep.
Apart from reseraching furniture to put in the babies room (which is extreamly small cause its our current office, but nice and cosy for a little person), I havent done anything else or looked at anything else. This time last time I had started crocheting baby a blanket (which is still in the cupboard unfinished and untouched since that aweful scan), and I had been playing the baby some music, and started hardout researching things online. But this time I havent started yet. Guess I'll wait till 12 weeks, and till Im not feeling so yucky, then I'll carry on making that blanket.

Hahaha Genna - the lady slaps you and says "settle down woman, you're making this WAY too hard" bahahaha...It's so worth it, the feeling is amazing!! grin
That's wonderful that you got to hear the sounds for much longer this time as well, aww how exciting!!!
Sorry to hear about the aftershocks though hun sad how scary unsure I can't believe they are still happening! I hope they stop soon - and yeah definitely yhe last thing you need when you're trying to get a good sleep!!
I know what you mean about wanting to wait, and waiting until you feel better is a great idea - and it's not long until 12 weeks now!! WOOHOOO

We were going to do the same thing as well, but we really have to get moving with things early, so they can be spaced out. We have a lot of money to outlay between now and when bubs is due so we have already started to look at everything we are going to get (obviously haven't decided fully on many things), but DPs mum is about to go back into hospital for about 6-8wks to have another Bone Marrow Transplant and we need to help cover the costs of a family member coming from Scotland to help out with SILs bub, plus just help with bits and peices where we can to make it easier on MIL as well...I am really worried about DP because last time there was a LOT of stress going on, and all of the stress between everyone endewd up causing problems between us and we ended up having to have some time apart to fix it -- so as you can see I'm pretty anxious about going into it this time, AND being pregnant (although I think we're much stronger now)...I just think the pressure is a lot higher this time, as they've told MIL this is the last time they can do this, and if it fails again she'll have 12mths - 2yrs to live - MAX...farout.
So we're just hoping like mad it all works out fine...she needs to get through it and meet her grandbaby!!...

My friend sent me a Doppler last week and it arrived yesterday and I was playing around with it last night - obviously I knew there was NO way I would hear my baby's heartbeat yet, but I was playing with it to get used to how to use it, and listened to my own heart! It was really cool..and surprisingly SO easy to use!! ... I can't wait til I'm around 12wks so I can use it hehehe...

Have a great day girls wub xx

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

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