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cramps Lock Rss

I am in my first 3-5 weeks of pregnancy, yes my first. I have had different answers to this question. I was/am experiencing occasional cramps and before I realised I was pregnant I was getting cramps like I was getting my period, is this usual or should I be worried? what I have read on other sites women are saying that it is my uterus making room and all that jazz, this be true?
Hi Keryn,

First of all....Congratulations!!

Yes this is normal.....I'm having my first bubs in September and I've had exactly the same cramping! I was worried too until I spoke with my doc...she assured me it was normal due to everything stretching and so be honest with you I'm 21 weeks and still getting them!!

So you have nothing to worry about, just enjoy your pregnancy =)

Kyle's =)

Kyles,VIC, due 16 Sept 06

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