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  5. due late december '06 or early jan '07 (with endometriosis)

due late december '06 or early jan '07 (with endometriosis) Lock Rss

I am over the moon about being pregnant, after surgery for an endometrial cyst on my left ovary (3.4cm x 4.5cm) and an endrometriosis clean out (mainly on left side of my uter) in November '05 I am finally pregnant, no stupid tests for this and that just good old practice and yes it is right what they say you do get pregnant when you least expect it. My boy and I were in the process of planning a move to south/western qld so we had no time for the love thing, we actually only did it once the whole cycle, it was just good timing, so good luck to all those others in the same boat as us and look forward to getting good news from all.
hi there keh

congrats to you all good things happen 4 a reasons. i lost my 1st bub last dec 2005 and i found out 7weeks ago that i was preg.

so im due 19th dec on my bday im very xcited my hubby and me have parted at the moment but he sees me every day we are getting along better now.

i think it was cos of the stress of loosing this one. we have weekly visits to the gyno 4 u/sounds to make sure the baby is still growing.

its very stressful but ive got think possitive. i hope things are going well ive had really bad morning sickness the last 2weeks all day long it has taken its toll hope to here from you..................................
Hi Keryn,

CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!

I am pregnant with my second and due 4th January 2007. My daughter, Charlotte is turning 1 in two weeks time (24th May) and we can't wait for her to have a little brother or sister!
Are you going to find out what you're having?
I look forward to sharing our experiences and congratulations again - being a Mum is the best thing ever!

PS. My sister's name is Keryn!

Leah, DD 24/05/05 DS 09/01/07 #3 due 26/06/10

Hey Keh,

I'm due in October but I also Suffer from endometriosis and isn't it wonderful that we have falled naturally.. I was totally shocked - i not only suffer from endo i was also on the pill - things happen for a reason i guess

I'm just happy that I'm not suffering each month with painful nightmare periods smile Just scared what the period I get once I've had the baby will be like.

Kel xx

Kellie, NSW Lucas born on the 16th October

Hi there, i have had 3 operations in 2 years for endometriosis and was told that i may not be able to have kids as it was everywhere, i still suffer sometimes, but hopefully in the future there might be new treatment out.

Very good luck to you

sebastien 2 years and isaac 9 months.

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