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July 2011 mummies Lock Rss

ive been trying to get into our thread for two days and it keeps saying 2 errors occurred in opening the page sad
i can navigate my way through the rest of the forum, just not our thread.

anyone else having trouble?
I haven't been on for an age, but the last page is coming up weird and I just tried to add a reply and it is not working. I know a couple of the ladies on the FB page mentioned it not working....

Me too!
Should we use this one instead???
I can read it fine but it won't let me add a reply. Looks like there haven't been many posts last few days so must be a problem!
well i have been trying to get onto it because i wanted to say goodbye.

i had my 12w scan on thursday and the baby had died at 9w2d. i have started bleeding last night but i also have a D&C booked for next week.

its been a horrible emotional few days, i still cant believe it.

we are going to try again once my body has regulated itself.

all the best with your pregnancies and wishing you gorgeous healthy babies smile

Amy xxxxx

ive been trying to get into our thread for two days and it keeps saying 2 errors occurred in opening the page sad
i can navigate my way through the rest of the forum, just not our thread.

anyone else having trouble?

Sorry being a sticky nose but I can get into the July thread no issues ( I am due in August but will most likely deliver my babies in July...) I have been meaning to come in and say hello... might do that now and see if the post works..

Ok, I can navigate through the pages but the reply page will not come up to try to even bump it over a new page....

Sorry I tried..

and hi I am Lauren pregnant with twins due early august but will most likely deliver in July.... *waves*
I haven't been able to reply in ages. I tried too on Friday and couldn't. I sent huggies a msg to let them know. Perhaps more should too?? Might get more attention.

MummyGia we have been thinking of you (facebook page) and wish you well for the future. BIG HUGS!!!!!! And hope you can get through this as best as you can =( Very big hugs XXXXXXXXOOOOXXXXXX

Hi Lauren =) Congrats on the twins!! =)
Amy-MummyGia I am so sorry to hear that. How horrible. Take care of yourselves x
Mummygia I'm so sorry to hear your news, that's awful.
I'm thinking of you and your family.I sent u a Pm if u want to read it. X

I've been ok but think I have a Uti. Have drunk a bit of cranberry and just went to the chemist who sold me Ural.
I have taken one but heard it's not great bc of high sodium content.
Seeing OB tomorrow so I'm sure she'll sort me out...

Welcome Lauren and congrats on both your babies!!! I'm sure you'll b following Princess mary's journey closely! smile

Ok gotta go and pack I'm off down the coast with hubby and my best friend and her hubby tomorrow arvo. I'm so excited bc she is due to test while we're away!!! I hope she gets her bfp!
Hi everyone

Have missed you guys not been able to get on huggies! Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Mummygia - you are in my thoughts and I wish you lots of goodluck and happiness for the future xxx

Welcome Lauren - congrats on the twins, awesome news smile

Anonanon - hope that your UTI clears up quickly they are annoying. Enjoy your trip and goodluck for your friends test.

We are off on holiday for a week, going to see my parents in law (they are lovely so it's fun to go there!)and visit family. Everyone is excited about the baby. We haven't seen them yet as we told them on the phone as they live about 4 hours away from us. We are also having a couple of days holidaying on the way home am looking forward to that. My poor DH has just finished nightshift on friday and fell asleep after lunch - maybe we will head away late this arvo. Better to rest up before we drive down.

Am 14 weeks today and nausea is starting to lift. Had a week with none and then it came back! Only slight not annoying me much. Don't need to go the loo at night time now so thats a bonus. Just had do a rush to the shops I put my tankini on from last year and I looked like a sausage lol! Found a cool new one so feel better now smile I have really thickened up over the last week tummy is starting to get quite round.

Haven't changed my ticker since I got my new scan date - couldn't remember how!

Hope all of you are well, take care everyone xxx
hello, hope everyone is starting to feel a little better now we are in the 2nd trimester ( where does the time go?)

Gia, I wish you a bright future and all the strength you need to get through this set back.keep strong xo

We have just finished the massive job of cleaning up after christmas and our camping holiday, it was lots of fun though. I cant wait to start planning our bubs room but need to find out boy or girl before i start. Anyone else deciding on finding out bubs sex? i feel i just need to be mentally prepared if god delivers us a 3rd boy.We will be gratefull with whatever happens, but i just want to tell all the family if bub is a boy, just to avoid any possible dissapointments amongst family members, they can say some awful things sometimes, and with me more likely to be emotionally sensitive, im likely to tell them off!! haha, we have a feeling its another boy as my dreams have always been about little baby boys, i think we will call him Blake but cant think of a middle name to go with it...

Have a great week xo


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