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October Babies 2011 Lock Rss

Hi, its been 2 weeks since i first found out that I am having my first baby i an currently 5 weeks and havent had many symptoms just a little bit of dissyness. I have just guessed and calculated that I am due 1st October. This is very exciting as i have only been off the pill for 4 months but I am being cautious as i do have endo and not sure if it will effect me but so far so good. Looking forward to hearing from all good luck.
wow we have babies due in october now too
its all very exciting!!!!!
congrats to you on your 1st little bundle on the way


Congrats Bec on your pregnancy.. Hopefully you will have some more october mums joining you soon....
I'll join you! I am due 10th Oct. This will be baby #3 for us. I found out 2 days ago.
Hi girls, congrats on your first pregnancy! first babies are always so exciting, treasure every moment! well i just found out that i'm pregnant with baby number 3! I have two boys and wasn't planning on falling pregnant till the middle-end of the year but these things happen when they are meant to i guess! LOL, i am 29, and my boys are 4yrs and 2yrs. i will be due 9th of october, if i am blessed with a sticky bub.

Hi everyone
We have just found out I'm pregnant with number2 for me but will be first child for DH.
We r due on the 6th if my dates r right.
Can't wait to get to know u all n share this journey with u all.
We haven't told anyone so I decided to jump on here so I had someone to tell
Hi all!
I had suspected something was up and I saw a very faint line on a pregnancy test this morning!! Haven't even told DH yet!! So excited.
This is bub #2 for us (DS is 2 this month) and if all goes well, I'll be due around 11 October. I'm 34 and I live in Upper Hutt, Wellington. DH and I got married on our 17th anniversary on 8 January and this was our first month trying.
I used the Huggies forum druring my last pregnancy and it was great chatting to others who were at the same stage as I was. I'm still friends with some of them!!

Congratulations to all of you on this crazy but fun ride with me!! And we can be soooo happy we're not going to be heavily pregnant in the middle of Summer, which was NOT nice last time. smile

Sarah smile
Congrats to all in here!
I feel strange writing in here considering i havnt had this confirmed with bloods, but past few days ive had used 3 HPT and got 3 faint lines...this mornings was a bit darker, AF was due today and no sign so I think i can safely say im pregnant. Think im about 4 weeks.....

Been feeling really tired lately which would explain a lot but no real sickness as yet. Have a Dr appointment on sat for confirm all this.

This is #1 for me, so im excited and nervous as well smile
Hi girls,
i haven't been to the dr's yet either. I did my test the day before af was due and there was two very strong lines there. this is my 5th pregnancy though so i know all the signs. LOL, i lost my first two babies to mc. Some symtoms that tipped me off were: feeling like af was comming, but didn't, (that heavy feeling in your tummy) my tummy felt hard when laying down but not bloated, i always get in cleaning mode just before af but i felt lazy and i was dizzy when i stood up the other day, my boobs have just started feeling tender.

Also Sarah, i totally agree with the not being pregnant in summer!! my youngest was born on the 7th of Feb and being that pregnant in Jan heat!! Sux!! LOL, except i'm in queensland, Australia.

About a week ago I was sure I wasn't pregnant!! Since then I've had tender boobs, been really tired and needing to pee all the time. I took DS for a walk to the shops yesterday and got unusually puffed and tired afterwards, which isn't like me. That was what prompted me to do the test today - I've since done another with the same result. DH is pleased - He suspected something! Going to do another one tomorrow morning when the HCG levels are highest to be doubly sure.

Does anyone know if you HAVE to go to the GP to get it confirmed if you're sure? We used an awesome OB/GYN for our son so would prefer to go straight to him in a few weeks time rather than pay doctors fees for something I already know IYKWIM.
Hello I'm Bec and DH and I have just found out that we're pregnant with baby #3. My calculations bub will be due between the 6th and 16th october.
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