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October Babies 2011 Lock Rss

1/10/2010- Becstar (me)
sorry just saw the second page welcome i have added u in. Stardust was wondering have u figuerd out when u are due yet?
Hi Ladies
I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow so still really early days. Still a little scared about losing it, but I guess that's normal. One of my pregnancy books says if you see a heartbeat on a scan at 8 weeks, you have a 97% chance of taking home a bub at the end of it. Not sure when my first scan will be because I'm not planning to see anyone before 10 weeks.

Anyway, I'm feeling queasy but haven't thrown up yet!! I hear that some women don't get any MS. Lucky!! I'm also really tired. It's hard not to tell anyone. I have friends who had IVF for their last bub and have been trying and having miscarriages so I'm reluctant to tell them. DH and I conceived in our first month of trying (DH says he has "Super Sperm" and thinks he should hire them out lol...) so I feel a little bad telling them.

Anyway, hope you are all doing well!
Hi everyone, I found out on Tuesday February 1st (3 days before my birthday) that I am pregnant and I am going to be a first time mum. DH and I were ttc but didn't think it would only take us 4 months. So now really scared because we have no savings behind us yet either. I also quit smoking the day I found out and I am finding it soooooooooo hard but I know it's the right thing for my baby and I am trying to not stress too much about it but it is really hard to quit cold turkey. Dr is not sure how far along I am so I have an ultrasound on February 16th. But my sister tried to work it out and it looks like I am 6 weeks and due on October 1st. I really wanted a November baby so it was going to be ??/11/11 but I am happy with ??/10/11. Can't always pick but so happy it happened but also scared. I have been very tired and have felt very nausious. I also get really bad cramps in my lower stomach and then it turns into a stomach ache. This happens all the time. But so bad I can hardly breathe.

Congratulations to everyone!!

1/10/2010- Becstar (me)
sorry just saw the second page welcome i have added u in. Stardust was wondering have u figuerd out when u are due yet?

Morning all! Well GP confirmed it, so now DH believes it...hahah he was finding it hard to believe my 5 positive prego tests! hahah I have a referral to the obstertrician so will book that in this morning!!! yay!!
So far im just feeling pretty tired. No real MS, just a little queezy if i get hungry! But once i eat it goes away.
As i havnt been given a due date by a DR yet, by my calcs, im due oct 10! Ill add myself to the list!! Is anyone else still feeling bloated and like AF is coming? GP said thats normal...but its strange. If i had MS i think this would all feel a bit more real....(not that i was be chucking at work but you all know wat i mean yea?) Hope everyone is travelling along fine smile

Are the dates meant to say 2011? Ill change it to 2011, but sorry if it was at 2010 for a reason?

1/10/2011- Becstar (me)
10/10/2011- *StarDust*
Morning ladies,

Cherie, it is great that you are giving up smoking smile My DH gave up at the start of November and hasn't looked back. Everyone is different but what worked for him was using the nicorette? inhalers. He didn't use them as often as the box advised though, just when he felt he really needed one. I am not sure what the pregnancy advice is for them though so i would talk to your Dr before giving it a go smile

Anyway, last couple days i have started getting a sore lower back and tired to the point of feeling light headed. Also a tiny bit of acid reflux but no MS yet.

I have my first Dr's app today, am excited to have him confirm and get the ball rolling. I am hoping he orders a dating scan for me, i can't wait to see bubs and hear a heartbeat!

Morning all glad to see we're getting lots more BFP's in here it's wonderful. Hey Stardust my DH is the same as yours he doesn't really belive me until I've been to the DR on Wednesday.
LOL about your DH's not believing you're preggers...Mine is the same. I told him the other day "I feel queasy" and he said "Why?"!!

I rang the GPs office to see if I needed to go in to them or just go straight to my obstitrician. They said it's fine to refer myself so I've just made my first appointment for 10 weeks. It seems so far off but I know it will come around soon!

I can sympathise with the ladies trying to give up smoking - I was quite a heavy wine drinker before I found out and have had to give up cold-turkey. Sometimes I really want a wine and other times I can't stand the thought of it. Hang in there!!

Sarah smile
Ok so i have booked in for my first scan! I thought i was 6 weeks today, I must be 5 weeks only, which means my appointment I will only be 10...I thought the first scan was at 12 weeks?? Well I spose the earlier the better, so im not so anxious all this time!!

When is everyone else booked in for their scan? This is bub #1 so we are super excited. In the meantime, im soooo tired!!
Hi Ladies, My names Katherine I'm 27yrs old I have 3 children aged 3 1/2yrs, 23months and 7months, 2boys and 1girl and I just found out I'm pregnant and due on 1st October 2011. I'm new to forums so I don't know all the abriviations sorry smile

Welcome Katherine!

Stardust, I had my Dr's appointment today and am having bloods done tomorrow or Wednesday and an early ultrasound done next Thursday. I haven't heard of anyone getting a 10 week one though... usually you get an early one if you are unsure of the date and then your 12 week one.


Also i dont eat veges or salad and hope my baby isnt affected much does any one have any suggestions on gettin healthy without eating them.

Hi Bec,
you dont have to go nuts with the salad or vegies, but you will need some for the foliage and fibre as you get constipated when your preggars from all the hormones, and you really don't want heameroids! Avoid acidic fruit and vegies as later on they give you heartburn (like tomatoes). If you can't stand eating them whole on a plate, try soups, casserols or stir frys. You might need to change your eating habits, you don't want your little one doing the same thing when they get to 2 or 3. Sorry!! smile
Hi Ladies,
Just thought that I would say Hi, I was in the due in october 2010 group and thought I would wish you all luck and healthy pregnancies.
It feels weird that this was me this time last year, how time flies when your not pregnant anymore.

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