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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Hi All

All still going well our end so far. Just thought Id post something about maternity clothes - cant remember who asked sorry - I also went down on friday to grab some pants and was very very disappointed to say the least. Pumpkin patch usually has our best variety in town and they had a few different pairs of jeans, some tights (which normal ones are sufficing easily @ the moment)and denim shorts (go figure!). I also had a look @ kmart & Big W (our only other options) over the weekend who only had black work pants and jeans - where are the winter cargos?

I thought things were bad when I was preg. with my little man but they are horrible this time - there is no variety in clothes @ all!!! I saw another lady on huggies recommend this website ( it is a UK website that delivers free apparently and very very quickly (5days she said it took) - also with the aussie dollar @ the moment they're resonably priced. I think the prices are great compared to looking @ other online sites in australia that charge postage and $90 for a plain top. I've got it book marked on my favourites so that when I figure out my UK size I can do an order. Im pretty sure Ill be fine with my normal winter tops and then I can just get back into the tops I wore last preg. in summer. Pants seem to be the only problem I am having @ the moment.

I also found that some of the cheaper places seem to do much longer normal tops than the more expensive places - valley girl, cotton on, jay jays. As far as plain tops to layer they're fantastic - not sure how they'll wash and wear for a full season but after half a dozen wears they are still looking great now.

Anyway hope everyone else is well and MS is going and energy is returning.
Morning ladies smile

It has been a busy wk with the kids they have all has colds and my DS2 had to have a little visit to the hospital for bad croup sad Hopefully we are at the end of it so we can enjoy the school holidays germ free...

Nice to hear everyone's 12 wk scans have gone well I'm so jealous it will be another 7wks before I have my next scan..

I finally received an appt time for the hospital but it's not until the 20th July and I will be 16wks.. I was always seen at 12 wks with the boys so i am not sure how it is all going to work out..

I found a few good websites if anyone is interested one is who sell some nice maternity wear worth a browse. For those that are planning on breast-feeding they collect leaking breast milk whilst u feed they look really clever.

Hope all the ms is nearly all gone for those who are still struggling with it big hugs xx

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hi Lozzi85

So sorry to hear that you are so tired, but chin up coz it should pass soon. I was not far into my second trimester with my daughter when I really started to get my energy back - probably around 15 weeks. It was great especially after being so tired for what seemed like forever.

I loved my second trimester. I found that I could finally really enjoy being pregnant and start doing all those planning things for the bubs arrival without falling asleep part way through!

Hope you are feeling better soon

Hi all,

I'm new on this thread so hi everyone! I'm due around the 27th January with bub #3. This baby was a HUGE surprise after having so much trouble conceiving the first two and this one just came out of the blue. We have only told our parents so far, waiting until 12 weeks to tell the kids and everyone else. Now I have my head around it I'm quite excited. Getting really big really quickly though third time around. Have all day sickness and looking forward to the end of that gasp)
Hi all,

I'm new on this thread so hi everyone! I'm due around the 27th January with bub #3. This baby was a HUGE surprise after having so much trouble conceiving the first two and this one just came out of the blue. We have only told our parents so far, waiting until 12 weeks to tell the kids and everyone else. Now I have my head around it I'm quite excited. Getting really big really quickly though third time around. Have all day sickness and looking forward to the end of that gasp)
Hi! I am due on Jan 23 with my second bub.
I have a beautiful little boy who is 21 months..he is the best thing that has ever happened, so we were delighted to find out we are having another since trying for 6 months.
Likely first pregnancy I am feeling great with no morning sickness, just very tired.
I had gestational diabetes with my little boy, so I am hoping it doesn't happen again. The only other thing I am worried about is I had to have a c section first time around, and my dr said I will need to again...and I worry about my little boy as I won't be ablt to pick him up for a couple of weeks...
But so so excited about this new bundle! What does evereyone think about having summer babies? Any ideas about how to stay cool and comfortable when we will be so heavily pregnant during hot days?

so today was a pretty good day couple of friends of ours brought an investment property and have offered it to us to rent out! we need to discus how much it will be per week and stuff like that but at this point its ours! its quite nice and Im a lil excited even tho nothing is official yet it all depends on how much we can afford and how much they want to rent it to us here's a link
it isnt even 12 months old and the person who owned it before them never lived in it(I went to see it with them today) and the packaging in the dishwasher was still in there so yeh pretty awesome. a bit small but its just us and in Jan bubs and we just need something right away even tho we would rather own our own place o well but yeh just a lil excited and its still under wraps so I thought I would tell u guys lol
Hello everyone and congratulations to you all... I am also due 1.1.12. Coming into the 2nd tri and feeling somewhat ok roll eyes boobs still very tender and ligiment pain can be toe curling arrrrrrh but so far so good, had a u/s at 7 weeks and another at 12/3 couldn't believe how much baby bean had grown, keep well all.
hi all, havent been on for a few weeks hope everyones doing great! im around 10 wks this week have my scan booked for next tuesday so very excited to see #2 and get proper dates! had my 1st day of all day ms was horrible couldnt even keep down water, felt so bad for my little girl mum wasnt much fun that day! hopefully was 1st and last of that! still feeling tired all the time and boobs still aching anyone the same? cant wait for 1st tri to be over smile
Hi All hope everyone is going well and welcome to all the new people. Can't believe how busy january is still becoming!!!

Katherine_michell01 - had a squiz @ the pics and that house is amazing!!! Im so jealous all new and never lived in what a wonderful place! And that kitchen - I would turn into masterchef there - well maybe not but Id look the part!

Nausea seems to have kicked up a notch along with tiredness the last few days for some reason. Was queesy all day yesterday and am feeling like today is going to be the same and am definately properly tired now not just a little here and there like in 1st trimester. I do remember nausea going and then coming back for a few days worse than before with our little man so this seems like the pattern this time as well. Taking it as a sign of a healthy pregnancy though and loving it up!!!

Told family on weekend about our very active big/little bub and everyone was super excited and have started telling friends as well as we see them. Expected a weird and inappropraite response from FIL but was absolutely floored by how inappropriate it was - had a vent in huggies preg. and relationships yesterday about it. To cut a long story short he is hassling us about having to have a girl this time because he needs a girl this time. He has hassled myself and my sister (who is no relation to him and none of his business) in the past months about us having to have girls for him - all his grandkids are boys so far but he only has 3 so I dont know how it really makes a difference. I think sometime in the next 6 months I may well throttle him if he keeps it up!!! And of course Im concerned about what he will be like regardless of what we have - if its a boy he will make it clear he is disappointed and if it is a girl I am really worried what he will be like with our little man then - he is always dismissive of the older grandchildren when a new one comes and borders on being rude to them but if its a girl our little man will really know about it. I know there are medical/genetic reasons for wanting/needing one gender over the other but I really dont understand why a grandparent would be sooooo weird when there is no real reason for wanting one over the other. Oh well everyone else is excited so we're just trying to focus on that and ignore him!

We bought our little man a doll over the weekend so that we can very very slowly start practising every now and then @ being gentle and then increase it towards the end. It will also be handy for him to learn that the baby stays here and doesnt live elsewhere like his cousin who is 6 months. We also think that our female dog is having puppies soon so we dont want him to think it will be like the puppies and they will be sold to another family - imagine! We currently have the female dog inside as its way too cold outside for puppies and it has been an adjustment for him just having her inside @ night so Im glad we're starting to prepare him early. He loves siting with her and just patting her and he is forever sharing his toys with her - even his recorder (so needless to say that has spent a lot of time in boiling water) - but then every now and then I think he realises that she isnt going outside for awhile and he gets a little put out and cranky.
Weeeee got the house!! so $260 a week including water bill(one less thing to think about) brand new and this means I can start getting bubs room together in the next cupple of months! we move in aug(about 2 weeks after settlement)then I will only be like 4 and 1/2 months till bubs so I will be getting the room ready ahhhhhhhhhhh cant wait and to ake it even more exciting HARRY POTTER COMES OUT IN 2 WEEKS
New to the forum. Im due around the 20th January. this is my 2nd pregnancy. Im already starting to show. Im going for a 2nd scan in 3 weeks.
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