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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Hello, Ladys smile

mind if i joyin u in here smile and hopefully the facebook group to

i am 18 weeks pregnant due 5th jan (find out gender on monday at lunch time )

and i have a awesome little son Koopah
Hi Ladies,

Hope you don't mind I join in.

I'm 16 weeks (bub #2) due 17th January!
just need to share
I walked in2 blockbuster video store 2night with hubby to see they now sell things like in a convenience store like slurpees and tim tams ect ect this includes condoms being 19weeks preg 2morrow Ive popped so I turned a corner and out of my mouth I said to hubby "look they sell condoms here now" a woman around my age looked at us when I said that I quickly continued to say "well its a bit late for that now" she couldn't stop laughing lol
Hi ladies,

well i'm now 15weeks and my bump just got BIG blink I look more pregnant then what i am!!

i have been eating SUPER healthy the whole time but for the past week i have been STARVING even after i i think my little bubba must be having a growth spurth and stealing my energy sources....cheeky thing!

i have still got some maternity clothes from last time and got some new ones from ebay and 2 pairs of jeans from jeans west, so i'm pretty happy i get to look 'nice' this pregnancy smile

i hope my bump slows down....i'm getting married in 4 weeks!!! haha

thanks for the replying cazmaz & bubone09 - sounds quite complicated! i love having the one midwife all the way through it makes quite special and comfortable when it come to d day.

kellee*n*olivia*n*bump (congrats on your up coming wedding!)i know exactly what you mean my bump has just got big all of a sudden now aswell look closer to 18wks than 15!

still fitting my jeans so im happy, i think ive even lost a little weight in my legs and bum which is nice! jerseys getting tight around belly though so might have to some shopping oneday soon. have been getting exhausted latley though but cant really sleep during the day. have my 1st visit with my MW on thursday really looking forward to it! and am feeling movements every now and then when ive been sitting for ages which is awesme cant to feel them all the time!
Welcome to the newbies smile congratulations on ur pregnancies!

Lol katherine that would hve been funny.

Things r ticking along here, me and DsS have both got a crappy cold, soo tired. DF gets hme in on thurs then 1 week until our scan! Yay! Feel bub move every now and then but kinda freaks me out because its not regular lol cnt wait until its moving all the time!
How exciting to be getting married in 4 weeks!! Are u all organised?

Well think its going to be a lazy sunday today, no energy and a killer headache! Wish DS would snuggle in bed with me lol but tht would be 'boring' haha

Hi everyone. Hope all is going well. Everything is fine here, except for my darn shrinking pants!!! They just keep getting smaller.

I'm based in Sydney and had a really good experience with MW with my first preg. I went through the ante-natal clinic at my local hospital. I was supposed to have the same MW all the way through but she quit after my first visit!! had a few diffent ones for my next few visits but they were all lovely. By about 6 months I got a new MW and kept her until the end. She was fantastic.

My MWs at delivery were also awesome. Had a 13 hour labour so had a couple of different MW but they were amazing. They were so nice and kept me so relaxed. I really felt looked after and like they cared about me and my bub. The second MW I had even came up to see us after DD was born - ended up with a C-section because of complications.

The MW were really great throughout it all though. So, if there is anyone who looks like they will keep getting diff MW all the time don't stress about it too much yet. My experience was good.

Will have the same MW throughout my whole preg this time though - as long as she doesn't quit too!!!

Good luck to all those with appointments and us coming up. I'm so jealous my next one isn't til the end of this month. I really want to see the bub, but guess I just have to wait.
The wedding is pretty much all organised, just a couple of things left. I have ordered my dressed and just hanging to get it so i can try it on (it's lace up, so i should be ok)
I've got the flower girls organised and i'm letting my bridemaids-2 sisters wear what dress they like as long as it's lilac smile

I also i have felt a few movements....usually when i'm driving i get little niggles...the bubba must not like being all squished up haha.

I remember how active my DD was when she was in my belly....I wonder whether this bub will be the same....not long now till big kicks in the ribs haha

Hi ladies and welcome those who are new - hope everyone is going well.

All is still going well our end. I actually get my 1st MW appt. today YAY!!! The early discharge program is quieter than usual so the midwife for that has some time free this afternoon and asked if there was anyone who they knew of that might want a booking appointment and they thought of little old me - one of the perks of having worked there which I am more than happy to lap up!

So I have my booking appointment today @ 2pm and then our 1st appt. with our new OB @ the end of the month. Not sure whether this one will still go ahead as he was diagnosied with a form of cancer and had surgery last wk so we may still be up in the air with our OB - but spending some more time with the midwives will be lovely. We dont really need the OB until the end and hopefully in the meantime they got all the growth and he is recovering well - what a horrible diagnosis!

Went to the physio this morning again and the massage and stretching hadnt really done the job so I had some trigger point(knot) dry needling - just accupuncture needles. It was the most amazing thing and I actually feel like I have had a huge massage - my hips feel soooooo free now. Obviously completely safe in 2nd & 3rd trimester. Fingers crossed that works otherwise Im off to a pelvic floor specialist physio as it will mean my pelvic floor is actually too tight - go figure!!!

Also set up our laybuy @ the baby shop last wk - new car seats for little man, more sheets, bath seat so they can bath together, baby carrier etc etc. etc. And took home my body pillow - WOW I have had the best sleep since then even with waking for our little man. If you see a dream geeni body pillow I garuantee that it is worth every cent - looks complicated but is divine!

Feeling like I am slowly getting organised - fingers crossed we're all done by xmas like Im hoping - just need DH to stay focussed for that to happen hmmmmm he he!
Good luck at the MW appointment 2dya Cazmaz I hope they let you heart bubs heart on the doppler!!!

thats soooooo exciting you will have to post some pics up when you had your wedding, just remember to take it all in it goes way to fast we had a hour of just us time between the reception and ceremony before the busy reception started
Hi All Mummys,

its be ages since i have logged on...SO MUCH HAPPENING i have moved house and started a new job sold my little hatch for a bigger car, had my 26th Birthday and jsut started planning the baby room.

i will be 18 weeks tomorrow and have booked into my Ultrasound on 22nd August to find out what we are having.

First baby so i was shocked to see i have a big bump (maybe big baby??) first one so i thought id take longer to show.
No kicking yet but at least the MSickness has slowed down alot.

i hope all is well.. i have been booked into Casey Hospital for 10th Jan. smile

TK Bec grin
Hi ladies,

I'm having a flat day today sad Feel very hormonal & tired.. I have a blocked up sinus and can't take anything for it due to the pregnancy.. Sorry for the sook just feeling sorry for myself I guess...

I have my ultrasound next Monday which is something nice to look forward to. Then my midwife appt on the Wed I didn't get into the program I wanted to so will just see random midwives throughout my pregnancy and for the birth.. I'm trying not to worry about it as im sure it won't matter but I really did enjoy having 1 midwife last time.

Glad to hear everyone is well I can't believe how many of us are due in Jan it sure is going to be busy. I have started my Christmas shopping finally as I don't want to be full term and trying to shop.

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

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