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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I am still here...

Had a discussion with midwife yesterday as I have been given several due dates and the one they were using was January 3rd which we know has been and gone. My partner and I were not wanting any medical intervention unless it was necessary..we spoke to the midwife and she worked out with a registrar that the original date of January 12 was more than likely the better of the two dates and said because of my menstrual cycle being shorter than the normal 28 days we will put your date as the 9th January now. So I am now allowed to go til the 19th of January...

I had a 3rd stretch and sweep while I was there and if I havent had him by Monday I am having a 4th...

Everything seems fine according to the MW & registrar...I feel fine...he is engaged, I am 3cms dialated, bubs moves lots, my blood pressure is very good and I have been slowly losing mucus..all signs of pre labour are there so we are happy to let the little man tell us when he is ready...


Good luck Kylie it sounds like things are starting to happen Fx it won't be long until you are holding your baby smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

good luck kylie fingers crossed for you your bub comes!

saw my back up midwife yesterday and look likes shell be my LMC now as my midwife is still sick (my last visit with her was before xmas) and will be suppossedly for awhile still huh woulda p****d me off but i really like my back up so not that worried and had her for last few visits anyway. just a bit anoying when you choose someone then when you only got 2 or so wks left they arent there for u.

everything still all good with lil lady still same position n what not growing perfect, MW said she has a feeling il go early so fingers crossed shes right thatl make me happy! all my bloods n iron levels are great and mid-stream urine clear so thats good! and yay got a script for my heart burn so will finally get releif from that!!! laugh

any way sending good labour vibes to all u ladies due!
Good morning ladies,

For the life of me last night I could not go to sleep...brain was ticking away constantly. I fell asleep about 5.30am...on my first toilet trip after that I noticed a smear of blood when i wiped. Yaay something is happening finally! So tired i just went back to sleep.

I just got up at 10.30 and this time its like dark period blood...i am assuming that is my 'show'...going to ring midwife shortly as im due a stretch and sweep in a few hours, i dont think ill be needing one now!

I am having period like cramps but not anything i cant deal with, got the washing going, having a hearty breakfast and just relaxing for now...I think i might be in for a long day/night.

So I think this little man of mine may make an appearance sometime soon!

Kind of scared yet excited!

Good luck kylie... How exciting.. hope to hear of news from you soon

Hi all, well im feeling so over it today, had my midwife appointment.. bub is all ready to go, 2/5 down but we are still waiting waiting... Male child.. cant wait to go in but i bet i wont be saying that when it all really happens.. good luck to everybody.. hope all our babies come quick and easy
Update - still losing a bit of blood and contracting every 20 minutes...looks like my little man might be thinking of arriving sometime soon smile


Update - still losing a bit of blood and contracting every 20 minutes...looks like my little man might be thinking of arriving sometime soon smile


How exciting Kylie smile All the best I can't wait to hear about your new little arrival smile

Zpunkette hopefully it's not too much longer for you xx And yeah boys are stubborn think they like to stay put a little longer lol.. wink

There is a When was your baby born January thread can't wait to chat to all the Jan mums over there when bubs all arrive smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

My contractions have become irregular sad Going anywhere from 30 - 16 minutes now...

I have a hospital appointment in just over an hour for my 4th stretch and sweep so hope that brings me on..

*sigh* boys....atleast one of my 3 sons came on his due date! First was overcooked and this one seems to be following his big brothers steps!

Take care ladies I shall report back when I know more!
Oh Kylie i REALLY hope this S&S will be all you need to go into full on labour!!

Zpunkette looks like were both still hanging in there, i swear every night for 3 hours before bed it seems like things r starting to pick up then it fizzles out! Thinking i might book an acupuntcure appointment for my duedate! Looking likely ill make it that far lol Dans guess for when bub would arrive is 17th so heres hoping tomorrow is the day!!

Kelbel, cnt wait to join u ove in the bubs born in January thread!!!

Ds is pushing my buttons something wicked llately, im so tired and grumpy i feel sorry for him i hve such a short fuse but he insists on pushing me about everything, thankgod DF has been home more then he usually is which is great, hes even cooked dinner tonight YAY!!

Hope the next post i read is baby news! Xxx

Hi girls,

I tried to post the other day but my computer ate it, I was only whinging about still being pregnant and having lots of contractions. Well good news, at 12:29pm yesterday I had a beautiful baby girl smile Crystal Lindy. I was so shocked to find out she was a she, lol. I had convinced myself that she was a boy. I am so in love with her and go home from hospital tomorrow morning.


YAY! Congratulations Cheryl on ur little girl Crystal! How was ur labour and what were bubs stats?? If u dnt mind sharing hehe

Oh wow congrats Cheryl!!!

I'm having heaps of pains today....maybe pre labour??? not sure but the pain has been consistant all morning so just listening to my body at this point! thank god DD is at daycare today.....i dont want to go through pre labour around her....she is 3 and a half (need i say more haha)

I have a mid wife appt today, so hopefully she will be able to tell if my labour is going to establish or whether my body is still just going through the motions <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

hoping it will establish though as i'm pretty uncomfortable with this baby boy inside!

I have been losing a mucus but no blood at this stage....and no waters but with #1 i didn't lose either of these until i was well and truely in labour....will let you know tho smile

good luck to the other ladies smile

congrats to everyone who have had their little still waiting!!

due date is on the 23rd but i really really want it to to come on or before, don't know if i can handle any longer than a week!!!

ive been getting random but quite strong braxton hicks but no show or mucus plug (i dont think?) or anything else like that...i hope it's not a sign that it's going to be a while off!!

Well hope everyone is doing well that's down in melbourne in this heat - phef i think its 35c thank god we have air con! is anyone else in melbourne having bub at royal womens???
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