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DUE JANUARY 2012 :) Lock Rss

Congratulations to everyone whose had their bubbas and to those who are about to have theirs I wish you all the very best!

I have decided to call bubs Sebastian Justice. He was 6 days old before I could decide!

Cannot believe this time last week I was heading to hospital to be induced...time has flown by so fast!

Hi Ladies,

Congratulations to everyone who has had their babies it is lovely to read all the birth stories & beautiful baby names grin

To those still waiting all the best I hope you are holding your babies really soon xx

Voltabolta I'm guessing you have probably had your little one by now I hope it all went well and you are enjoying lots of nice cuddles smile

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

Hi ladies! Congratulations to all of you who have had your beautiful little bubbas! So exciting to hear all of your labour stories and birth announcements! Hope all the babies and mumma's are doing well!

I had my baby boy on the 23rd, his name is Christian James, he was a healthy 8 pound 8 ounces, and 53.5 cms long. I had started getting period like pain at midnight and rang the birthing unit, they told me that it could be labour starting that it would probably be a while and to have some panadol and try to get some rest. Well by 1.00am I was getting contractions about every 5 mins, left to go to the hospital at 1.30 am and when I got there I was 5 cms dilated. I had him at 4.15 am and was able to push him out in 3 contractions! So much for it taking a while lol lucky I didn't listen and just went in! It was so quick, 3 and a half hours!

Good luck to all the ladies still waiting on their arrivals all the best for a safe delivery!!

Amanda xx
congrats to the ladies who have had their babies!!!

STILL NO BABY sad sad sad sad

soooooo many BH and pre labour pains and it all turns into a big FAT nothing!!!! i'm now 2 days over and just want my little boy out NOW!!!!

my poor body is just not loving pregnancy anymore...i keep getting these stupid groin cramps.....they are a bugger haha

hopefully not too much longer!!! i will be trying the dancing thing tho, as sex, walking, spicy food and squats have not worked sad

hi ladies congrats to those who had their bubs!
love the name mummy2alexis!

well bout 3.30 this morning had a small gush of my waters and was having contractions 7-8 mins apart, was like that all morning kept feeling my waters trickling out but contractions spaced out again and not sore grrr just want it to hurry up!
am going into maternity unit at 4pm ta hook up to ctg for 20mins see how everythings going and make a plan of what to do next step if she doesnt hurry up! with DD i had the same thing but less water leakage and was induced - really hoped it was going to be quick this time
me and hubby went for a nice hr long walk on the beach see if that would get it going more (did for a hr then died off again!)so me n hubby tad bored at the moment waiting for something to happen!so hope i get into established labour myself by tonight fingers crossed!
Hi Ladies,

Our baby boy Kyle was born on 24 Jan @ 00:32, weighing 2.88 kg (6.3 lbs) and 50.5 cm long.
He is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so in love.

Hope everyone's doing well and congrats to all those who have had their babies and good luck to those of you that are still waiting.

congrats on the new babies smile

Sundance our bubs share a birthday smile

Matildas birth story for anyone thts interested in a long read lol

morning im booked to be induced My waters start to leak @ 6:30, at 7:30 i call the hossy just to give them the heads up and make sure i dnt need any check up, they say just to walk lots n hope it all kicks off. @ 8 the dr rings to say shes changed my induction date to the next day to give me more time to go naturally LOL too late its happening yay!.........3 hours later apart from a tiny bit of period pain still nothing...waters still leaking heaps so call maternity ward n they say to head up in an hour for a check up. They hook me up to CTG and sure enough no tightenings at all (despite the fact the 2 previous days when theyd hooked me too it whils checking my blood pressure id been having almost regular BH, typical) they decide to give me to syntocin drip..
2:15 they start the drip...nothing
2.45 they crank it up...
3.45 getting tightenings every 4 min but they rnt painful jst uncomfy so they cranks it up
4.45 starting to hurt but not enough to bother me, but they r happy tht they look strong enouggh on the monitor to jst keep going at tht level.
5.30 dr comes up n i ask for an internal as i want to know what these 'pains' r doing...2-3cm while shes there she breaks last bit of waters tht were hanging on and i get up to walk around.
6.00 we head to my room to eat dinner
6.15 contractions suddenly 2min apart and bloody painful forget food back to labour room i want a bath
6.30 bath ready mw is relluctant as its still early days but tough luck im getting in, soo much pain!
6.45 positive i didnt feel this bad with seth until right before i had him, mw insists its just because of the syntocin and i hve hours to go.,..she turns it off to see if it makes any doesnt! .omfg freak out how the hell did i hve seth drug free..i need drugs, no scrap tht i want an epidural! She does another check and says im devo was so sure i HAD to be further along, she goes to organis epid
7.15 finally dr has arrived and gets set up contractions hve me writhing around like a maniac, and feeling so painful in my tailbone having to hold myself up off the bed with my arms because i cnt stand to sit.
7.45 epid in thank god, hve only done test dose..pain has backed off but still feell each one, so uncomfy and soo much pressure in my bum.
8.00 ask for another internal as im convinced shes not far away...sure enough in an hour weve gone from 3/4cm to 9!
Because of how badly i tore and bled last time (and seeing as ive got just enough epi going on to not feel the pain just mega discomfort) i resist the urge too push for an hour trying to just let her come down in her own sweet time...not fun but not terrible either, thank god for epidurals!
9.00 cnt physically stop myself anymore tell the dr im ready to push and hey presto 14min later our gorgeous little girl is here!
Had one little tear which they decided to stitch just to be safe and apart from that im feeling fantastic!
Such a different labour to Seths! His was much more preferable even though it was longer but the actual delivery of his was horrid where as Matilda's was fantastic! And as far as recovery goes there is no comparison! Who knew u could feel this good just after hving a bub smile it rocks!!

Hi girls, I'm so very happy to say my little boy Harvey lee curtis was born on Friday 27th Jan at 11:24pm by emergency c-section. He came out 52cm long, 7'7" and hc 34.

I'm so in love he is just unbelievable.

The labour was awful! Contractions began Wednesday 9am and continued to get stronger and more rhythmic until the middle of the night and faded a but. On thurs morning I was fed up and went to hospital after my water began leaking but contractions not getting any more in sync or stronger. They told me that I was to be induced next morning if nothing happened overnight. Went to hospital 6am Friday, drip put in at 7:30am. I was 3cm dilated at this point. Contractions went straight to 4 in 10 and everything looked good. Got an epidural-wow they are good! 4 hrs after beginning was only 4cm. They turned up the drip a bit. 4 hrs after that 6cm. They started checking me more regularly and slowly got to 8cm by about 8:30 but my contractions were losing rhythm, they turned it up again. Dr came in and did exam on me and took a blood test from bub inside me we both well but she was concerned about the length of labour and that it was a tight fit for him. She came back around 10ish and checked me again I progressed to 9cm but she said she had no doubt he would get stuck and it was very slow and a decision was made to go ahead with the c-section. Went to theatre in an emotional state, I got 90% there but couldn't finished it off, but the main priority was getting him out healthy. I felt a lot of tugging and pushing and yanking than I saw my husband crying telling me how beautiful our little boy was.. I was freaking out cos I couldn't hear bin myself but they brought him over and gave us our first cuddles it was unbelievable! Ha to wait too long in recovery cos they couldn't find a porter but eventually 2 hrs later we were together again.. Brought my little boy home yesterday at my request, my milk hasn't yet come in and he was starving at one point so I'm feeding a combo of breast and formula and we are going great. It's the most beautiful thing in the world watching him sleep right now as I write this. I am overjoyed!!! gasp)

Congrats to everyone else that have had their bubs!! So very happy we are almost all with our healthy babies
Congratulations all hope all is going well. smile

Sorry I haven't posted for months life has been very busy.

On Friday 27th I had Benjamin Thomas Carter 6pd 12oz at 7.13pm.

It was a very quick arrival at home. I had a s&s at lunch time being a week over due. Had sum cramps and contractions over the course of the afternoon but was in denial. I had had many runs of false labours over the past 3 weeks. So proceeded with night routine getting tea ready etc. When hubby walked in the door told him he shouldn't go to his meeting and maybe we should start timing the contractions to tell the mw. By 6.30 thought I should send 21mth old off to friends. Still only thinking it might happen tonight. smile Finally rang mw at about 6.50pm. At that point I thought I might like to start pushing, Still thinking I might like to get to hospital soon. By 7.10 was still waiting for mw to arrive and thinking I should get to the hospital soon. Mean while hubby helped me sit as comfy as possible on the bathroom floor. Still no show or waters breaking at this point so still in denial. 3 mins later waters broke and a baby gushed out together. Mw walked in less than 2 mins later. Thankfully my mw also supports homebirths and had everything she needed in her car. It was so nice not having to go to the hospital and we got to sleep in our own bed together. smile

I hope you all have/had a good birthing experience. For those of you who don't or didn't my 1st baby took 2days so there is always hope. smile

Enjoy your babies
luv Hannah and Benjamin
hi ladies, congrats to those who have had their bubs!

our little girl finally made her appearance on 31st (yesterday on her due date)!
Mia Maree Christine arrived at 2.50 pm weighing 9lb and 49cm long with 34cm head circumference!

heres my lil labour story grin
my waters starting leaking monday morning around 3.30am having irregular contractions for the rest of the day, meet with midwife at 12 checked me n bubs then made a plan to meet at hospital at 4 to make a plan with ob and hook up to ctg for 20 mins (she was happy - contractions still nothing much!) decided to go back at 10pm for antibiotix for my waters leaking have another monitor then go home again and hopefully she would come all on her own and if she didnt would go in to hospital at 8 for induction.

well she didnt come that night! got to hospital at 8 hooked up to monitor for 1/2 hr see how she was and if contractions changed. she still happy and contractions still random! so had VE was 2cm dialated cervix still thick but soft. so at 9.30ish decided to try the gel first.

by 12 oclock contractions were 3 mins apart had to really breathe through them! was moved to labour room not long after that , had a check before i hoped into the pool was 6cm yay! hoped in the pool for bout 15 mins got to hot hoped out next contraction needed to push! went from 6cm - fully dialted within 20 mins from hoping in the pool! pushed for 40 mins and our beautifull chubby Mia arrived (midwife had to give her shoulders a lil wiggle as after 2 pushes she stayed just head out)with only a slight graze no tears!

so was a fast labour for me 5 hrs active 40 mins pushing, no drugs all natural so feel very proud of myself roll eyes
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