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Babies Due March 2012 Lock Rss

Hey guys thanks for the warm welcome smile

I too have been feeling so so tired. I am normally a bit of a night owl, but lately I just can't seem to stay awake past 9pm. No matter how much sleep I get I want more.

I haven't had any MS yet... fingers crossed I won't. When I was pregnant with my son I had MS every day of my pregnancy and it was an all day thing. I had so many hospital admissions because of it. I also had gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia... I was basically the poster girl for a non glowing pregnant woman lol... I figure I paid my dues so bad last time that I am in for a good ride this time (touch wood!!).

I am DYING to tell everyone because until then it just doesn't seem real and I don't feel I can get too excited about it... but DH and I think it's best to wait until 12 weeks to be on the safe side.

Is anyone else here from SA? I am finding things with the hospitals here so different this time round and I'd love to chat to anyone else who thinks the same thing.

Well that's enough rambling for me now, its already 8pm so I have lots to get done before my 9pm curfew lol lol lol

Mummy to one big little man!!

I totally agree with you there dee_decsmummy, this whole pregnancy is so diffrent, no where near what the last was like. Officially from my doctor I am now 6 weeks YAY. I also want to get excited over it all but still need to keep it quiet so trying so hard not to let it slip. Although a few close friends know!

my first pregnancy I had MS everyday from 3 weeks, I could barely move without rushing to the loo. I was in and out with swelling (GP still swears with was Pre-eclampsia) I also have 3rd degree burns to 60% of my body being that most covers my chest and stomach area, so my belly was not stretching so well and fluid was going else where. I gained 30kg over the whole pregnancy. I also had extreamly high blood pressure, trouble breathing, fluttery heart I had test after test done and nothing came up.

So far at 6 weeks no real MS just naesea, and slight loss in apppetite but also hungry at the same time.
NayJay - I am so sorry to hear of your loss, can't imagine how you must be feeling.

JEM Gypsie - I have been feeling so exhausted too! I don't remember my last pregnancy leaving me so tired but at the moment I struggle to not need an afternoon lie down and even then I'm still in bed by about 9 each night and I'm usually a complete night owl.

Can't wait to get my dating scan - booking it in today but I'm so nervous of booking in too early and not being able to get a heartbeat. I know my mind would automatically go to a worst case scenario even if it was just too early at the scan. The pregnancy still isn't feeling completely real because I was so run down by MS last time and its hardly showed itself so far. Only seem to get any signs if MS when I decide to head to bed.

We are still keeping it really quiet here but boy its hard! Only MIL knows (other the DF obviously) but I can't wait to tell everyone! Don't think I will have the issue of anyone guessing earlier though as last time I didn't start really showing until the last few weeks of the pregnancy - before that I just looked like I had put on a little weight. But these stomach muscles of mine better remember how to be pregnant well too as I am just dying to be able to get some maternity photos - last pregnancy I didn't get any shots of my belly because of it being so non existent!
Sorry to all who have had miscarriages - I have had two confirmed and one that I 'suspect' ie pg not confirmed, in the last 18 months. I am 39 and due with No 2 on 12th March, my son is 3 and a little ripper! Looking forward to him being a sibling. Hope you are all feeling AOK!
congratulation Nik294 look forward to hearing your journey along with everyone else
Hi everyone... stumbled across this forum and think its fantastic! Hubby and I are expecting our first baby on 3rd March 2012 so very very exciting!! Dont see my ob until 19th august (very hard to get in) and u/s on 26th august... can not wait! Will start telling everyone after u/s...but its nice to share my secret on here wink Wishing all the other mummies all the best xx
welcome and congrats Danniez_9, I couldnt help myself and wait until i was 12 weeks and told everyone today gasp Oops
welcome and congrats Danniez_9, I couldnt help myself and wait until i was 12 weeks and told everyone today gasp Oops

Anyone else here from Brisbane area? MY GP wants to know what hospital I want thinking of going back to the one I had #1 at but love to hear pro's and con's of others thanks
Hi! I am expecting #3 and due on 8th march, by my calculations! I have 2 dds 4 1/2 and 2.11 (3 end of next month). My Dh is starting a job away at the end of this month-2 weeks on 1 week off, so who knows i could be crazy when the baby arrives, or not! I will not bother stressing about it now. I just finished my work so that he could go away-so am going to find it weird not working (or love it!)

Congratulations to everyone exciting times to come!

congratulation Nik294 look forward to hearing your journey along with everyone else

Thanks it's nice to chat to those who are at the same stage! - Am trying to figure out the ticker - how do you do it? - I keep getting just the code not the pic as my signature...
Nik294 - I got my ticker from and the code you have to copy and paste into your signature is the UBB and BB code.... and adjust it so it starts and ends with [img]. Hope that makes sense!

Welcome to all the newbies!

I am booking my scan for late next week - I will be 7 weeks. My midwife is keen to get accurate dates. I am excited and nervous!!!

testing my new signature.......

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