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Babies Due March 2012 Lock Rss

Norah-Jane Elise was born on the 15th of March at 5.30pm weighing 2.65kgs (5lb 13 oz). She is absolutely perfect and I couldn't have asked for more.

Thank you to everyones responses regarding my recent scan.

I would of replied earlier, but my baby girl finally arrived on Friday and although she kept me waiting, the birth was another story...

Mad dash up the hospital and no time for any pain relief. 4 hours of labour and out she popped!

Florence Elizabeth Madeleine Adams born 8:59pm Friday 16th March, 3.5kg/7lb 11oz (so not 9lbs as the scan showed - phew!)

Congratulations to all new mums who had their babies over the past few days.
Unless my labour magically progresses by 7.30am tomorrow, I'll be having an ARM.
I'll be 12 days over and it'll be my 13th day labouring sad
Contractions have been 5min apart for a week now. 10mins apart for the week prior.
I haven't slept in so long from the pain and was kept in hosp overnight on Monday for exhaustion & monitoring, yet I've still been made to wait til tomorrow before the doctors will do anything to help.
Sleeping pills & pain killers couldn't even knock me out :|
Can't wait to be birthing while the clinic is open... Just a few doors down from the birthing suite. There's going to be a few traumatised mummas-to-be if I make the amount of noise I did last time...
After an incredibly long and drawn out 40min labour laugh with a whole 15min pushing, DS2 Findlay Monroe S. was born weighing 9lb 4 1/2oz or 4210g.
I laboured the way I wanted and without pain relief, which was a million times better than my first smile

@Naomi hi how are you i live near caboolture if ever your interested in a chat.

Hi, I just finally found your post smile Ive had my little girl Caitlin 8 days ago and well are feeling rather lonely to be quite honest. I dont have family in Australia and all my friends were work mates so since shes been born I havent really spoken to anyone. I would love to make some new friends that live in the local area. So if you would still like to chat or meet up for a cuppa that would be wonderful.
Thanks Naomi smile
can i be re added to the fb page please

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