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Babies Due March 2012 Lock Rss

That's great news goldcoastmum grin

Congrats mandaloo on your pregnancy.

I'll update our list after this post grin

So the last few days I have been feeling yucky if I don't eat but once I eat I feel heaps better. I found if I have plain potato chips that I feel better too. I was the same with both DS's with eating plain chips and feeling better. I'm now 6 weeks and 2 days and feel like this pregnancy is going quickly. It doesn't feel like 3 weeks ago today that we found out. I had the worst back pain last night and really but pains like there was something stuck in my chest and I couldn't bring it up. Of course I just needed to burp! Other then that I'm still feeling great. It's really weird because sometimes I will get like AF cramps and have the worst thoughts but when I go to the toilet I just have a bit more discharge then I normally have and then I feel fine again. Has anyone else had that? My boobs aren't as sore now. Only when I hug the boys.

It's cute at the moment DS1 comes up to me and lifts up my shirt and says 'look Mummy that's where the baby is' grin It puts a smile on my face everytime. We told him that it was like when his little brother was in mummy's tummy.

Hope everyone else is going well grin

29th Feb//CRsMummy// DD 2 years/QLD
1st March// goldcoastmum // DS 2.5yrs // QLD
1st-7th March// loo Lou // DD 20months & DS 8months // Vic
2nd March//JonRah//DD 16months//NZ
4th March // LaySea (Marie) // DD 2 yrs & DD 6yrs // VIC
5th March// Proud_Mum_of_2_boys// DS1 almost 3yrs & DS1 18 months//
5th March //amymae(Amy) // DS 13 months //
6th March // JemGypsie (Jess) // DD 31months & DD 12months // WA
7th March // Mel&Scott
8th March//hayhay//DS 9months//QLD
8th March//najay// DD 2yrs/Vic
8th March//MarniT//DD 20mths//QLD
10th March // Mommabee (Kirsty) // DS 2.5yrs //
10th March // SabRacChaKel
13th March//Nerissa12//DS 2yrs
?? March // saerie.faerie (Sarah) // DD 13months // NZ
14th March // K822 (Kate) // NZ
19th March// mandaloo// DS 2yrs//

Hi Guys. Just checking in, been off line for awhile with work etc...

I had some spotting too the other day which gave me a bit of a freak out cos I don't think it happened with DD (3 years old) although hard to remember.
My boobs are pretty sensitive too - and I had to use nipple shields the whole time last time and they were really helpful.

Not got any morning sickness, but still don't know really when bubs is due. Had a scan last week but they couldn't see anything other than there is a pregnancy. Got to go on Monday so hopefully will see a heartbeat and find out when bubs is due.

Sticky dust to everyone and hope you are all doing well.
Hi everyone,

I was just hoping that I too could join this thread. My name is Dee, I'm 30 and from Adelaide. I found out on the weekend that I am expecting #2. The doctor puts me at 5 weeks and 5 days. My EDD is March 9, 2012

I am married and I have a little boy Declan who turns 5 next week. With such a gap I feel like this is my first baby all over again. I also have a step son who lives with me full time and he is almost 11.

So far the only real symptoms I have had is being quite tired and having sore boobs. I get some cramping like period cramps, but no spotting or anything like that. I haven't told anyone yet as we want to wait until the 12 week mark, which lines up just in time for my birthday so we can tell everyone then.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all smile

Mummy to one big little man!!

Welcome Dee_decsmommy - great news for you!! You're a day behind my my bub is due on the 8th.

Nayjay - I am so very sorry to hear your news xoxoxo to you.

Goldcoast mum - So great to hear there was a heartbeat!!! Must have been such a relief

I had a really bad bout of sickness this morning and have come to the conclusion that I can no longer shower in the morning as it makes it so much worse - I was like this with my DD but never as bad as it was this morning - I was so light headed I almost passed out - sat in the corner of the shower for ages not sure I could actually get up - eventually I manged it and layed on the bed for a bit and then I felt ok so got up and got ready for work but for a while there I was not sure I was going to make it out of the shower at all - I have felt a bit queezy all day and super hungry - can't believe I'm eating so much atm - after DD I lost 23kg and am worried I'm going to put it on again but I'm hungry all the time.

Most of my worst sickness is in the morning - does anyone have any tips that work for them first thing?

Thanks for the welcome ladies smile By the way, my name is Amanda, I'm 31 and I live in Nelson, NZ.

Nayjay - I'm really sorry for your loss hun and can only imagine what you're going through.

Jonrah - I knew it! lol. Liam is great thanks, still can't believe my baby will be 2 this month!!! Glad to hear Cassie is good and it's nice to "see a familiar face", ha ha

Things seem to be going well so far, just feeling really bloody tired already and super hungry. I also lost a lot of weight after DS was born and hoping not to pile too much back on but if I'm hungry I'll EAT smile Looking forward to getting to know you guys!

Hi all, I am expecting my first with an EDD of March 5th. I haven't yet told anyone except my partner. We are booked for a dating scan next week but it may still be a little early
Hello ladies,

I have been following this thread and was hoping that I can now join in?

Najay: I am so sorry for your loss. Take it easy and look after yourself, all the best for a sticky pregnancy very soon. smile

A bit of a rundown about me:

I am 29, and married with 2 kids: DS who turned 4 yesterday and DD, 20 months. I live in NZ.

I have a EDD of about 9 March (if my estimations are correct). I miscarried in February this year just shy of 7 weeks, had a D & C. Was told to wait for one cycle before TTC again. DH was away one month so it took us 2 months to fall again, which surprised me. tongue

Got my blood results back and everything is looking good. Have booked the midwife I had with DD and am hoping she can get me a scan in a couple of weeks' time. grin

Am feeling nauseous all day, tends to be worse in the evenings. Have also gone off coffee, which I normally LOVE and can't do without!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you on here!

Welcome to all the new mummies joining us! There is getting quite a few of us now! smile

Does anyone else feel dead tired all the time? I swear no matter how much sleep I get, I wake up just as tired as what I was before I went to sleep! Makes it hard when I have to be up before 6am and work full time every day.

I think I'm the opposite to you Proud_mum! Time seems to be going so slowly for me!!! Feel like I've known forever and yet its only been 3 weeks which means there is still 34 more weeks to go!

Hope everyone is feeling good today! I've only been a little bit queasy this morning so thats a good change. smile So jealous of those who have had scans already! Its another 5 and a half weeks before we get our first scan as we are possitive of our EDD.

Wishing lots of sticky dust to everyone!

Oh I forgot to mension MarniT, I found the best thing in the morning it a small craker or bland biscut with a sip of water. Only something small so it puts just a little bit of food in your tummy and settles it a bit.

I also used to have the same problem with the shower. I found the best way was to leave the shower door/screen open if possible, not have it as hot, only luke warm so theres not as much steam and make sure the exhust fan is on and a window is open so you get some fresh air. It is a bit hard in winter as all you want to do is have a nice hot shower and warm up but I found it was the only way I could have a shower without feeling too faint to stand.

Hope this helps!

Had a call from the doctor today and he wanted me to come straight to the surgery. Needless to say with my history with m/c I paniced..... He was just being safe and wanted to check the baby again.

Everything seems to be ok and the dates match what thought so thats great. Go back again Monday week for another scan hopefully everything will be ok and we will see a little heart beating. If that happens our changes of a sucessful pregnacy increases greatly..

Hi All!
My name is Tracy and I am joining this group grin Me and DH have 1 DS 4 in oct and had a missed M/C last september bubs measured 7w3d I should have been 17w5d. Praying this little one is sticky and healthy. My EDD is 17th March 2012 got the good news from the doctors yesterday after my bloods were taken on Wednesday my HCG level was 512 which is right for 4w and a few days.
I'm in Melb and have just changed jobs. I feel confident with this PG, my last one just didnt feel right.

NayJay- I am so sorry for your loss take your time to go through all the mixed emotions you and your partner will experience.

Sorry for the essay!
Feel free to add me on FB tracy hermansson (but please keep the pg quiet for now)

Tracy due october 11 2007 #1

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