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Due May 2012 Lock Rss


I got my BFP today and I am super duper excited!

Im Bek 28, DH is 32 and we have 2 gorgeous daughters and this third and final miracle will complete our family.

We are hoping that we have got a blue bundle but we will be happy to have a healthy bubba.

Hopefully there will be some lovely ladies joining me soon!!


Hi thought I would join you, I got BFP about 3 days ago but not sure if I'm having a April or May baby yet. I have a 3 month old daughter.

Hello, Can I join? I got my BFP on Wednesday, I'm 4w4d pregnant with our second child, DS is 3 years 7 months old. DH and I are over the moon. I look forward to chatting with all of you in this thread. Hope to see more of us here soon smile
Hi everyone. i found out last week that i'm pregnant with baby #2. i'm 5 weeks and a bit scared. i'm not telling anyone i know (except my mum and mum in law) until i'm a bit further along. I've Calculated my due date to be the 2nd May 2012, the exact same due date as my 3yr old smile
Hi Everyone,

Well I think my MS is starting to kick in a little bit, I didnt have much with DD2 so Im hoping I am the same this time around. Its not too bad at the moment but every now and then I just get the nauseous feeling.

I have booked in to see my OB but I cant get into see him until the 19th Oct so I will be 11w2d so Im a bit bummed that I wont get to see the bub sooner.

I was so silly this morning and did another pregnancy test! I know what an idiot, but I couldnt help myself I just wanted to see the line getting darker.

How is everyone feeling?

Boo*Bear that is so funny about taking another test, I have been doing the same thing lol. It's just nice to see the line getting darker smile. I'm all well so far, a little funny in the tummy every now and then, but other then that all is great. Done my first lot of bloods up at my doctors and that was fine, just have to find a Midwife now.
Boo*Bear and JHeape, we are all the same. I also took another test to make sure I wasn't seeing things as I didn't think it would happen as soon as it did. It took us a year to conceive dd and now she is 3 months old and another one is on the way lol.

I'm feeling very different than last time. I have nausea in the evenings, funny feeling(like bubbles popping) in my stomach and I'm already showing, although that could have to do with the fact that I haven't lost all the previous pregnancy's weight.

I have a scan on Thursday to see when bubs is due coz I have no idea so maybe a April/May baby. Boo*Bear, I hope your MS doesn't give you too much trouble this time around. Do you ladies have Facebook? Should we start a group?

How are we all going ladies? Well I hope, well I have now found a Midwife, she sounds super nice, can't wait to meet her, have my first appoinment with her on the 5th of October when I will be 10 weeks. Looks like we may have a few more ladies joining us soon.
hi girls, i found out today that i am pregnant with our number two bubba!

im 22 years old, married recently to my man of almost 6 years and we have a 3 year old son noah. we started ttc a month after our wedding and due to my pcos thought we were in for a long road so i was shocked when i found out that i was actually pregnant.

i had hyperemesis with my first son, i had severe morning sickness from 6 weeks until a week after i gave birth to him. i was medicated everyday to ease the vomiting but was hospitalised 14 times due to severe dehydration. needless to say im a little nervous about what is going to happen this time around.

so far my symptoms include yawning constantly, waves of nausea and weeing a million times a day haha. i estimate that i am about 4-5 weeks.

congratulations to all you preggo ladies, just a quick question! who is or has spilled the beans about their news???? and when are you planning too????
im shocking and i already feel like im bursting at the seams to tell any person that just looks my way im so excited haha. i must wait until we have told family tommorrow and then we are announcing it to most of our friends on sat night. we are having a house warming and most of my close friends especially will want to know why im not drinking at my own party haha.
Hi Girls,

Firstly congrats to Justdoit on your BFP! What's your due date?

JHeape, that's great that you have found a good midwife. I have booked in to see the Ob that delivered my 2 girls but I cant get into see him until the 19th October meaning that I will be 11w2d. I soooo don't want to wait that long, my other bubs I got to see at 8w so it's going to kill me to wait those extra couple of weeks.

Well I have started getting MS in the arvo and have felt a bit car sick when I gave been a passenger. Fingers crossed thats about as bad as it gets.

Anyway I'm off to get ready to watch Rush! I'm so glad it's back, such a perve fest LOL

Hope everyone is well x

Hi girls,

Hope you dont mind me joining in?
I got my BFP last sat,am 5wks with fist baby after ttc for nearly 4yrs.
Am just so excited but at the same time so woried.
Welcome Justdoti and 'peachy'. Congratulations on your BFP. What are your due dates and we can start a list. I know what you feel like 'peachy', it took us just over a year to conceive our daughter and I was so nervous when I found out I was pregnant. Hang in there I'm sure everything will be fine and enjoy your pregnancy.

If I can have everyones Facebook names then I can invite you into the group and we can all catch up properly as I am on there more than here.

Hope everyone is feeling great and enjoying being pregnant

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