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Due May 2012 Lock Rss

Oh Justdoti, I have announced it already. I found out last week but waited until the scan before I said anything. I also did the same with my pregnancy last year.

Yes me to, I have pretty much told the world lol, I just couldn't keep it quite any longer. Anyway how are we all ladies? Besides the odd cramp here and there, I'm totally fine, don't feel sick or anything. Hope it stays that way smile
Hi all,

I'm a newbie to this site completely!
I have just found out I'm pregnant with my first and due on 10 May! My husband and I got married in January and have been trying since. Very exciting times!

Be great to hear if anyone knows of any good midwives in the Porirua area?? Very keen to hear any recommendation from anyone smile

It's sooo hard keeping it to ourselves and not telling anyone!!
It's going to be so hard to wait another 7 weeks!!
Hi All,
Firstly congratulations to all the mother's.
Hope you don't mind me joining in. Just found out I'm 3 weeks pregnant. I have a little boy who is almost 4. This is my first pregnancy in Aus. as my first was born in Ireland.
Seems to be a bit of a different process, medical care wise. Was told the scan is at 8 weeks & a down's syndrome test at 12 weeks along with another scan. Is that normal or is it just when your over a certain age?
I didn't think I'd feel nervous second time round but I guess the first trimester is always the hardest.
Hi girls - Just found out I am pregnant with my second baby today smile DS1 is nearly 10 months old. Very excited and looking forward to getting to know everyone a bit better.
hi everyone, well its been a bit of a crazy stressful week this week for us. i went to the docs yesterday as i wanted to get a dating scan.... going by my LMP i am 6 wks 5 days btut i told the doc i believe im only 5 weeks and i think i ovulated a week later than "the norm".

i organised the scan for yesterday as i was super excited and eagar for yesterday, went and got it done in the arvo... well the radiographer couldnt find anytthing in my uterus, not even the sac. this alone may of worried me a little but he found a cyst on my right ovary. he got someone more experienced to overlook it and they both said that it looked like a folicle (plausable as i have pcos) but he said that they cant be 100% sure and if i have any pain or bleeding go straight to the ER. so of course now im playing the horrible waiting game. went to the docs today and got bloods done as he wants to confirm my pregnancy but he doesnt plan to do repeat bloods and said hes just going to organise another scan in 2 weeks.... im going to die waiting that long.

i tried taking my mind of it and studied all this arvo and played with my 3 year old but its so hard not to think about. on top of that the hospital i was praying to go to as i went there with noah rang to book me in. i was so excited because they are a specialist public hospital who dont accept many normal pregnancies so i was really happy when she said i could attend the midwife clinic there.. she booked and appt and we even spoke about water births... was so bitter sweet to talk about cos on one hand i was super excited but thinking i was a bit of a fraud cos of what im going through atm.

has anyone else booked into there hospitals???? planning anything in paticular for there birth?????????? water, hypno or csection ect.
Hi ladies, hope you don't mind me joining.. i just got my BFP earlier this evening!! So exciting! Congratulations to you all.

A bit about me, I'm Danielle. I'm 24 and DH is 28. We have two adorable boys already, 5 & 3 and this will be our final additional to our little family. Pink would be lovely, but really just hoping for a happy and healthy bubba.

Not entirely sure when I'm due, thinking 18th May 2012 based on my LMP.. however my cycle has been all over the shop since having my IUD removed in March. I dreamt last night that I was pregnant so bought a test while I was out today. I did a First Response HPT and two dark lines popped up straight away, but I think I'll do a digital test tomorrow.

I dont feel any different yet. I have little nigglings and sensitive nipples. Fingers crossed for no MS this time.

Wishing you all healthy pregnancies and sending loads of sticky baby dust xx
Hey everyone i hope u dont mind me joing my name is jodie and i got a BFP on friday approx due date is the 5th of may. Congradulations everyone im kinda new at this all as its my first child but am so excited yet a little nervous as im unsure as what to expect i have done a couple of test and im going to see my gp tomorrow to confirm it all. look forward to sharing this exciting journey with everyone smile
Hi Ladies,

Welcome and congrats to all the newbies!

Not much to report here, I had ms and was really tired for a couple of days and now nothing except for sore boobs, my mind is going into overdrive thinking that something is wrong and I still have 6 weeks until I see my Ob! This wait is going to kill me. I'm sure everything is fine but I can't help thinking the worst.

Does everyone want to join a facebook group or are we happy to just do it on here for the time being? I'm happy to organise a private group if you are all interested. I'm happy either way.

Justdoit - fingers crossed it's just too early for them to see anything. Please keep us posted on how you go.

I'm off to eat ice cream and watch Rafters.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Bek x

Boo*Bear I created a Facebook groupo the other day when I asked the same question and no one got back to me. It is secret so nobody on you Facebook can see what we are talking about.

Let me know your Facebook names and I can add you wink

Hi Jodie, Congratulations.
I am new to this site. Can someone please explain to me the different terminology... i.e. DH, DD, BFM etc?
Thanks smile
Hi MineL, these are the ones I know but I know there are more around

DD - Darling daughter

DD - Due Date

DS - Darling son

DSD - Darling Step Daughter

DSS -Darling Step Son

DP - Darling Partner

DH - Darling Husband

DF - Darling Fiance

EPO - Evening Primrose Oil

BH - Braxton Hicks

S&S - Stretch and Sweep

MW - Midwife

MIL - Mother In Law

FIL - Father In Law

BIL - Brother In Law

SIL - Sister In Law

SPD - Symphisis Pubis Disfunction (front of pelvis)

VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Ceserean

OB - Obstretition (sp?)

CS - Caesarean Section

SDD - Step Darling Daughter

GBH - Great Big Hugs

PND - Post Natel Depression

FX - Fingers Crossed

BF - Breast Feeding

IYKWIM - If ya know what I mean

BFP - Big fat positive (pregnancy test)

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