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Babies Due in June 2012 Lock Rss

Hi I got my BFP yesterday this will be number 3 for us and the last Im getting excited now and I think bub is due on the 2nd of June. Hope there will be more Girl's here soon grin
Hi im Lisa, just got my positive pregnancy test today. Was due yesterday. This is bubs number 5 for me and my hubby. And also our last smile

Im 27 years old, live in Ipswich Queensland. Married to Richard for almost 2 years together for 8. We have 4 other children together Tayissa 6, Dominic 4, Hayley 2 (3 in January) and Imogen 10 months (1 in November)

We are stoked and over the moon, we wont be telling anyone until after our 12 week scan as a ritual, we have done since our first. Very excited but a little upset knowing this is our last.

Tayissa was born at 40+2 days, 8 1/2 hour labour, 6p7. Dominic was born at 40+6 days, 5 hours 12 minutes labour, 7p9, Hayley was born at 41+2 days, 4 hours 12 minutes labour, 8p15 and Imogen was born at 40 weeks due date baby, 3 hours 10 minutes labour, 7p5. All natural no complications and perfect pregnancies.

Really hoping for the same this time around, perfect way to finish the family smile

Woke up this morning feeling sick, so hope its not the start of morning sickness, never got any of that until week 7 with the others, so a shock getting it when im only 4 weeks and 1 day.

How have you been, any symptoms yet? Looking forward to getting to know you along our journey together. Im such great friends with my huggies girls from when I was pregnant with Imogen we are all about to share our first birthdays together. Hope we can form a great friendship too and every other mummy that joins us.

Also my EDD is the 4th June
Lisa xxx

Hi Lisa I have been feeling tried and when I wake up in the morning I feel a little MS starting. We are not going to tell friends or family yet think we will wait till 12 weeks that's if I can keep it to myself for that long grin I found out the sex with the DD and didn't find out with DS and it was so much better not knowing the sex. Bub is due the week of my 30th will be a great birthday present. I have been induced both times and had natural births my DD was 8lb 10oz and DD was 11lb 5oz so im hoping for a small baby this time.
Good to see someone on here with me grin
1244C6C3 - Glad to hear your going well. Wow an 11p5 bub, ouch :0 Hope you can have a smaller bub this time too. Yep its hard keeping it to yourself till 12 weeks, but I know I like too. I would give anything right now to tell my children but I know once I tell them it wont be a secret for long. Can't wait till the 12 weeks to tell them and everyone else. Not feeling too tired yet but i know that will come shortly. Morning sickness has been constant in the back ground, not to the point of vomiting but just this sick feeling that doesn't go away. So fat the same as my other pregnancies so all good.
Hopefully some more mummies will be joining soon. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you smile

sorry double post??


I would like to join you ladies. I received a BFP this afternoon. By the online calculators I am due the 8 of June 2012.

This is bub number 4 for us (not sure if it is our last or not yet huh ) We lost a baby that was due in February at around 10 weeks and that was our 7th miscarriage so this is definately a secret and won't be getting shared with anyone bar the people on these forums.

We have three sons - Haidyn is 11, Clayton is 9 and CJ is 17months, we have such a big gap as we had DH snipped after Clayton was born (very scary birth) and then nearly 7 years later we got him reversed and it worked smile

Haidyn was born on his exact due date and was 8lb 2oz - he was perfectly healthy and the first thing he did was sneeze when he was born. Haidyns labour was 27 hours!! Drug free

Clayton was born 5 days overdue and I had to be induced to do pre-eclampsia and he was 9lb 8oz (he was born with a 0 apgar score and it took them quiet a while to resusitate him - but he is fine now - no problems - just a visit to the NICU for his first few days - he also had his cord wrapped around his neck very tight several times and came out a real dark purple colour) - Claytons labour was 2 hrs and 55 mins - drug free

CJ was born one day early and I was induced due to them believing he was going to be a big baby! He was 6lb 6oz - he has a two vessel cord and it was wrapped up very tightly around his neck as well. Had to stop pushing for over 20 mins until they were able to cut the cord without knicking him (that was the longest wait ever!) He only needed slight oxygen and his labour was 5 hours from waters breaking - around 3 hours from being induced - drug free

This time I am opting for a c section as I can't go through the risk of another baby with the cord wrapped around there neck so tight. I was informed if the labour and pushing them out wasn't quick from being induced they would most likely not be with us. One is a shock - twice a coinciedence (sp) - but I am not going to test it a third time!

Can't wait to get to know you all. I hope we all have uneventful and joyous pregnancies!!



Hi Ladies,

I am hoping to join, I don't normally join things like this but I hope that this will be a good support especially when we can't tell friends or family. I got my BFP yesterday and due 7 June 2011.

I am married and have 2 boys. I have had 6 m/c in total with the last one resulting in yet another D&C at 12 weeks. I have been too scared to join threads like this because with my history I am never sure things will last. I am going to try to wait as long as possible before telling people with this pregnancy as it is so hard to tell people that you are 'no longer pregnant'.

I'm looking forward to going on this journey with you all and pray that all our babies are born beautiful and healthy in June (or late May if we are lucky!).

I am thinking we might not find out what this one is going to be, what is everyone else thinking?
Welcome Shandi and Angel_28

Definately looking forward to getting to know you both and congrats on the pregnancies and hoping for very sticky babies for both of you.

I could definately understand not want to tell anyone about your pregnancies, I have never told anyone before 12 weeks not even my children who I know they would be thrilled, its hard but thats just the way I have always done it.

So sorry to hear that both of you have had so many miscarriages, that would of been heartbreaking. GBH to you both.

Shandi sorry to hear about all the problems you had with your boys births, I feel it would be the safer option having a c-section, for both you, hubby and you baby. Hope when the time comes everything goes smoothly for you.

Angel_28 This can be a wonderful support system, I did it with my 3 but didn't really feel like it was that good. So sort of stopped writing anything. But with my 4th Imogen I very much have the most wonderful friends from it, we did a secret santa where we brought presents for each mum and bub before our due month and now we are about to celebrate our childrens 1st birthday and we have done a 1st birthday secret surprise, which everyone loves doing, theres about 36 of us and we talk everyday still and some of us have even met each other. So this can be the start of great friends and wonderful support. Hope we all will feel that way, while we get to know each other and share our journey.

Me - Well morning sickness is there, but its fine as long as i eat. Then its just a constant small sick feeling all day. Never being too bad as long as i eat as soon as i wake up. Still hasn't 100% sunk in yet, never really does until i have my first scan, so im constantly checking my positive stick to make sure the line is still there. Its a very dark line, so i feel silly for checking that it hasn't dissapeared.

Hope everyone has a great day
Lisa xxx

Hi Shandi and Angel-28 welcome
It's great to have someone to talk to about everything and Sorry to hear about your miscarriges. With my DS I was on here a lot and we now have a facebook goup which we talk every day and share photo's of our babie's growing up and only our group can see it.

For me not much happening kids keeping me busy and have been making time for meself to go for a walk eveyday.
talk soon grin
And Congratulations ladys lol
1244C6C3 - Same here we are on facebook together too, private group no one but us can see or read what is written. Which is great as I have told that group all about my pregnancy smile When we hit the 12 week mark we will most likely start up a group on there as most people are on facebook more than here these days. How have you been today?

Lisa xx

Hello Ladies,

Id also like to join. I POAS wednesday and my hisbd sore the psitive line but i didnt believe it, it was so faint and we didnt see it till after the 10min marks, but I did another one this morning, and yep, got a positive, still weak but before the 10min was up that is for sure. We are excited. It will be bub number 2.

I fell pregnant on our wedding night back in Feb 2009 but I misscarried at 12 weeks. I then fell pregnant Sept 2009 and have a beautiful daughter who is such a hand full (Aiming not to put on to much wait, fingers crossed)Im also planning on being a lot more active. This little peanut will be due a week after their older sister (So weird saying that)

DD threatened to come at 34w (lucky hubby made it back, he is NAVY) but they managed to stop my labour 3 times in 5 days. Also at 33 weeks they found 9ml of her blood in my system, no reason why, and the bleed was evedent until I was induced at 38w due to the bleed. From having my waters broken it was about an 8hr labour with her being born at 245pm. Shw was healthy and weighed 7.5pound. I had no drugs except gas that made me sick so I gave up on that. I would love the same this time around.

I am planning on telling a few people. My family especially, my BFF in Darwin and a few friends here. Hubby is still navy and has a sea posting so if anything happens. Which I so hope it doesnt I can have support.

Morning sickness has started to come but not as bad as last time, but I have a little feeling it might be worse. I almost wanted to throw up the other day.

This bub is due around the 5th June. But they can come when ever they want to except, 2 April my Brother in laws birthday, 19th April my Sisters Birthday, 2 May my mothers birthday, 15 May their big sisters birthday and the 25th May (my DD dues date) is also my hubbys birthday.

I am going to appologise now if I stick my head in at long stints, Im finding my life is very hectic at the moment.

Where does everyone live? Im currently in Cairns
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