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Due October 2012 Lock Rss

I couldnt find a October 2012 thread.. so I'm thinking I must be the first one smile
Well got our positive on Australia Day 11 DPO...
Makes us due on the 7th of October.. smile

Look forward to sharing the next 9 months with the rest of the October mums smile

Love my little family xoxo

Congratulations!! I thought it might be too early for a 'due Oct 2012'!! smile I am due 1st October smile looking forward to the end of the first trimester!! smile
hi girls,

I am so hoping to join you guys in 2 weeks so fingers cross .
fingers crossed and good luck to both of you!! smile I know how frustrated I was each month when I wasn't pregnant!! It can be so hard.
hi guys,
just found out i am about 3-4 weeks pregnant with no. 2. i havent been to a dr yet, have just done two tests. so not really sure of a due date just yet, but thinking it would be october sometime.
congrats to everyone else so far.
im happy, but scared at the same time, as the first birth was quite traumatic and long. lets hope this one will be different.
Hi Guys,
Congrats to you all. Not sure if I will be joining this thread yet because not sure how far along I am until I get a dating scan.Late September or early oct! I have a 13month old little boy smile
Wow I havnt been on huggies in ages!

Found out on Australia day that Im pregnant with #4 grin

From my dates EDD 4th October

Have found so many amazing mums on here Im hoping to share my journey with some more.

I found out today i am pregnant with baby no. 2. I think i am due on the 1st October, hopefully get to the Dr tomorrow. Cant' wait. Best of luck to everyone over the next 9 months smile

Congrats to all the October ladies so far .. and good luck for everyone trying too smile
This will be baby No1 for us.. Cant wait to get past the first milestone smile
Going for an ultrasound in week 10. I work away on a 4/1 roster so I will only be able to get scans done when I am home..
How is everyone feeling?
Im so tired.. lol.. but everything else seems fine so far.. Bb's are heavy but not overly sore.. smile and started feeling a little bie nausias today.. only flushes of it though.. nothing bad enough to make me sik yet.. lol

Love my little family xoxo

Hi Guys,

Firstly congratulations!!

Well my Dh Hijacked me under the sheets a few weeks ago leaving me with a very SURPRISING BFP!

This will be No.3 for us.

It's still a bit of a shock..............

My EDD is the 5th October.....

Oh and the SIL is getting married October Long weekend! As well as being maid of Honor for my sister over in WA on the 27th Oct.........OPPSSSSS
Hi everyone,


I found out on Australia Day that I was expecting #4, due 4th October. I already have a DD 6, DS 5, DS 14mths grin Very happy but wasn't TTC so in a bit of shock still, DH is very shocked atm.

So far I've been feeling ok, bit nauseous now and then and tad tired, oh and my boobs are starting to feel heavy again, after 3 kids there's not much left so am looking forward to having something in them again wink I had bleeding the first wk, just thought it was AF early but it was 'different' to usual. So I had bloods done yesterday and have to go back tomorrow for more to make sure the levels are going up.

Look forward to sharing our journey's together.

Cassy n Matty

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to have found a Due in Oct 2012 page!

So I am very early into my 4th pregnancy (3 losses, 1 ovarian ectopic, 1 mc and 1 cp).

So as you can expect I am SO scared right now. I keep thinking why would this time be any different?

My HCG yesterday at 10dpo was 23 and prog was 50.6 - I am due on Oct the 12th and found out at 9dpo (Sunday). (Currently around 3.5 weeks)

What are your symptoms so far? Mine seem to have disappeared today except for the bloating! I cannot do up my work pants!

Good luck to us all!!!
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