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Due March 2013 Lock Rss

My name is Beck and I have just received a BFP this morning, which will be #5 for us. I am 24, married and live in SW QLD. Our 4 kids are Jayden- 6 (boy), Ella- 5 (girl), Brody-3 (boy) and Zack-20months (boy).
This was an unexpected surprise but we are all very excited here.

Hope to have lots of chats and meet more lovely ladies due in March smile


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Hi Beck and GK.

I too am due in March. Got my BFP on Friday. This will be bub number 2 and very much planned but we were lucky to conceive in just the 2nd month of TTC. EDD is 5th March. I went and got it confirmed at my GP today.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

Congrats beck and GK smile
Very exciting times ahead!
Hope to join you soon.
Welcome ladies,

Georgie- So excited to be sharing this journey with you again.

ballbaby- Congratulations, and welcome smile Number 2 how exciting smile

Lilsunflower- Really hope to see you in here soon with your BFP news, sticky dust to you smile

Wow seems pretty quiet in here, I thought there might have been more people in here by now. Hopefully they're on their way.

Are you having any symptoms yet? Not much here just sensitive nose and I've gone completely off sweet food (and I'm a super sweet tooth).

Id love to join in and make it less quiet!! Just have to wait n see...

Congrats girls and all the best smile

Hrmm symptoms- Ive eaten about 7 cheesecakes in the last week. I get wind pain in the morning which i only get when pregnant, im peeing very frequently, Ive had a fair bit of discharge and my husband recons my boobs are firmer. I did have my suspicions before i did my test. Guess i finallt know the signs.

Congrats to all on their good news!! I got some good news myself today i have another one (hopefully just one- lol) on the way- yay!!! I already have adorable 16 month old twin girls who are my world. I can't wait to share this great news with family and friends but I'll have to confirm it with my GP on Monday hopefully. Pretty much the only signs for me so far is i've consumed a whole loaf of bread in vegemite on toast alone and i cant seem to keep my hands out of the cookie jar. Glad i now have an explantion for my sudden lack of self control lol. Look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you all:)
Oh and this might be a silly question with an obvious answer but what does BFP stand for?
Congratulations sammie, wow twins, you must be busy. I too am hoping for only one bub in there. How exciting!

Bfp stands for big fat positive smile

I confirmed my BFP last week, so excited to join this group too:) I should be due in March too! It'll be our first bundle of joy. We had a miscarriage in February, so I'm so excited to get pregnant first month of TTC!! Looking forward to hopefully sharing this journey with all of you!!

Thanks:) BFP hehehe love it!! Yeah I'm pretty busy with the girls but they're my first children so I don't know any different. Looking forward to all the fun stuff that comes along with a new pregnancy and baby but not so much looking forward to all the yuck stuff. Like my puke and theirs lol. Hopefully my morning sickness won't be as bad this time 'round with only half of the hormones (hopefully).
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