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Due March 2013 Lock Rss

Hey girls,

Hope you don't mind if I join too! I'm Tracey from VIC and have 2 boys aged 3 and a half and 15 months so this will be number 3 for us!

At the stage I am due 2nd March but this will be confirmed at the first scan as I can't remember the exact date of my last period.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all. xo
Hi all! Congrats to you all on your BFPs! I got mine Friday just gone took a digi test and I'm 3+ weeks smile going to book in at the docs tomorrow. This will be my first baby so very excited and happy but also feeling a little anxious about the months to come! Any advice would be greatly received thanks xx
Hi Girls,
I got my BFP on Saturday and am very excited! This is number 2 for us and DS is 12months old. It took us 3 cycles to become pregnant so not as long as we were expecting but we're very happy! According to dates I should be due around 3/3/13. Im about to go to the GP to get the ball rolling and for poor DS to have his immunisations (not looking forward to that) sad
Anyway it will be nice to share my journey with you all. I hope everyone's feeling good, I haven't had too many symptoms yet so fingers crossed it stays that way! tongue
hi im jess been ttc #2 for about 5 months... it took us 18 months to fall pregnant with dd1 she is 21 months and amazing
i have done about 10 htp over the last 4 days and got BFP for all but just to make sure had a blood test today lol and if i am pregnant i am exactly 4 weeks today grin
i know i will be due in march but not sure on the day yet :?

congrats to all grin
Hi March mummies
My name is Rena I am 30 from Victoria and I got a BFP yesterday, I will be due on the 4th of March. I have a 5 year old DD and an almost 4 year old DS. We were not planning on TTC until November but it looks like I am going to around 5 month pregnant when we get married lol

Welcome to all the new girls and congratulations. Hoping for a batch of sticky bubbas with no bad news.

Jess. I am 4 weeks today as well and my EDD is 11th march.

So excited to share this journey with you all, Its still sinking in for me and I have about a million things running through my head. We have already got plans for a house extension, and will be getting quotes done next week. When we built our house we had 3 kids and that was all we really accomodated for (and all our budget allowed for at the time). I'm on holidays atm (at my hometown, Cairns) so I am eager to see my doctor next monday and hoping to book a dating scan in the next couple of weeks, hopefully to confirm bub is nice and healthy and is just ONE bubby.

Hope your all doing well, and that the ms is not too bad. None here just yet smile

Hello all!

I'm Tracy, got my BFP on Saturday & confirmed it at he doctors today, looks like I'll be due around 4th March.

This will be baby # 1 for DH & I & I'm so excited!!
thanks becks.

i am so incredibly nervous about getting the blood test results tomorrow, has anyone got any words of encouragement for me?
thanks grin
Congrats to all the ladies:) Just wondering whether you are having any symptoms yet? I've just got tender breasts and really bad heartburn. I don't have any nausea and just wondering what other symptoms everyone might be feeling. I've had a miscarriage before this, so I guess I'm feeling really nervous!

ive had tender breasts and now the nausea has started also minor head aches
Welcome to all the new pregnant mummies!

Symptoms here are sore boobs, complete aversion to sweet foods and sensitive nose. No MS yet.

We're off overseas today so I'm pretty excited and hopefully bubby stays sticky!

Looking forward to catching up on everything when we get back. smile

Hi again all,
Im having my bloods done today as the doctor was running behind and couldn't do them yesterday when my DS had his immunisations. I hate blood tests so want them over with! My symptoms are pretty minimal at the moment, needing to wee more, bit hungrier than usual, a bit of ms yet and hoping I won't! Last time I felt sooo tired and my MS was in the afternoons and evenings. I couldn't stand the smell of meat cooking! I hope to avoid it all this time smile
Have a great day everyone!
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