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Due March 2013 Lock Rss

Queenbutterfly_16 wrote:
im new to this forum.. congrats by the way smile

just wondering can anyone help me?

whats all the codes mean?
dh, dd, bfp? what is everyone trying to say lol.. theres more too..thats all i can think of at the moment thank u

DH - darling husband
DD - darling daughter
DS - darling son
BFP - big fat positive (preg test)
BFN - big fat negative

My Little Circus - I know what you mean, I'm finding it sooo hard to not tell EVERYBODY, already told so many people at this stage, Mum, Dad, brother, a couple of friends, finding it hard not to shout it from the rooftops, but need to use some restraint as I don't want to tell work until at least 12 weeks. 6 weeks tomorrow, so far to go tongue lol
Hey everyone! Just checking in from hot and sunny Borneo...couldn't help myself tongue

Feeling pretty good, been napping with my 2yo DS everyday so I think that helps. Bit jealous of my DH and family being able to drink but oh we'll, it'll be worth it!

We haven't told many people just BFF, FIL and my Dad since we're on holidays with him. His reaction was lukewarm but oh we'll. I ended up telling DH by making my DS a t-shirt saying 'I'm going to be a big brother'. He loved it. We are telling the rest of our immediate family when we return from holidays.

No bloods or US here yet. I have an appointment in a week and a half to get bloods done and referral for hospital, us etc. We're not planning on doing the early dating scan, just the 12 week one.

Hope everyone is well!

I'm on Blackmores, finished the box of pre-conception ones last night & started the proper pregnancy ones tonight, taste much better, vanilla flavoured.

Dad spilled the beans to one of my Aunts last night, wonder how long it'll take to get around my whole family, ah well.
Hi all hows it going, I'm due around the 16th I think, this will be my third. My DS is 3yrs and DD is 16months. looking forward to getting to know you all.
Hi Ladies. I have been super busy lately. On top of my 4 kids I also run the office of my husbands growing electrical company and I have a small sewing business, so my spare time is limited. Back from holidays now and we just gutted our bedroom and upgraded to a king size bed (yay)

You may notice that on my original first post I have started a due date list. Thought it might be easy as a quick reference there instead of me doing one here and having to hunt through posts, I added as much info as I could, had to calculate a few due dates from the tickers so please let me know if you want me to add/change anything or if I have missed anyone.

Welcome to the newbies, so great to see the group growing.

my little circus - Yay another lady expecting number 5!!
Since we were visiting all our family we decided to tell them a few days after I tested. I most likely wont see my parents or my in laws until christmas and its the sort of news I like to tell in person. Everyone thinks we are crazy. Feel like we got a few eye rolls, I really do hate how the reaction of people change the more kids you have even though I am just as excited as #1.

I think I will probably slowely tell the majority of friends now that my family know, and announce it in a few weeks time. I'll just wait and see I guess.

Have my first doctors appointment booked in for today, did another digi test and has increased the number of weeks so I am confident all is going well.

Hope your all travelling well smile

Hi I would like to jump in here and join if I can. I am a friend of Beck's and am due around the 6th March. This is baby number 4 for us. This was a surprise baby and my hubby is not coping with the news well at all but I am excited. Anxiously waiting for my dating scan now. My previous c-sections put me at a higher risk for ectopic pregnancy so I am always fairly anxious until I get that dating scan to check all is ok. But they wouldn't book me in for the dating scan until 8 weeks so a little while to wait yet. I am no good at waiting.

DS1 4 yrs
DS2 2yrs
DD 1yr


Hi COURT AND MUCHKINS, we were trying for number 3 but my hubby didn't think we would and was apparently starting to change his mind so he's not taking it well either lol. but He'll be fine in the end im sure.

I haven't told anyone yet, as my hubby is still uncovinced MEN. I'll go see the gp next week for my referral for ob I'll be 5wks which is fine for him. has anyone else booked in with there ob or hospital yet?

anyone else from sydney?

last group I was in everyone seemed to be from qld.

Hi beck just checked the due date thing, very smart to put on page one lol, but mine's number 3 thanks.
Hi All,
I received my blood test results this morning and according to the levels I am 5.3 weeks however I am certain about my dates which means I think Im 6.3 weeks! I have a referral for a dating scan which I will have next week so hopefully that will show everything is fine! I still haven't had many symptoms just tired easily. In fact Ive done a couple of HPT's in the last week just to be sure Im still pregnant! smile Hoping everything will be fine with this little one, though I have no reason to think it won't be! As much as I hate morning sickness at least if I had it I would know everything was ok!!!

Hope you are all getting plenty of rest, take care!!

Hi everyone and congrats on your pregnancies. Im pregnant with my second due around the 6th (according to my calculations). I had a miscarriage in Feb when i was 13 weeks and had to have a d&c so we are hoping that this pregnancy sticks and all goes well. My husband and I already have a 3.5 year old girl and she desperately wants a sibling!

Looking forward to meeting everyone and good luck with all your pregnancies

Hi ladies. I am due 21 March with #2. DD is 18 months. Got engaged, resigned from my job to be a SAHM and found out I was preg within a couple of weeks so is all very exciting! Hope everyone is feeling well, no MS yet but the heartburn has started so its only a matter of time... I hope it holds off until I have left work!
Hi all, Welcome to all the new members smile I will update your information onto our due date list on the original thread post.

my little circus- Funny you talk of weird dreams, I had a dream last night that my sister used her iphone ultrasound to see that I was having twins but one was a demon and we had to go into the basement to kill it (not that we have a basement). Strange.

I had my doctor appointment, bloods are done and I have booked in for my dating scan on the 30th july so that is very exciting. My doctor said that given my track record of healthy pregnancies and never miscarriaging that she would find it highly unlikely for me to mc. (although I understand that its always a possibility)

My ms is very mild but I have been waking up with night sweats lately, which I have never experienced during pregnancy, any one else having this??

I have been having crazy, vivid dreams for the past week. I usually never remember my dreams but have been remembering 3 or so dreams a night! All made sense when I got the BFP! I too have been sweaty in bed, and now that I think of it, it is strange to be hot in bed when it's this cold!
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