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Due March 2013 Lock Rss

Hey! We just got back from our holidays this morning, so nice to be home!

MS kicked in for me on the way to the Singapore Zoo due to the heat, smelly taxi driver and crazy driving! No vomiting though, just nauseous. I've already put on 1kg but I'm thinking this is from totally over indulging on our holiday.

We are telling our families this weekend. I'm nervous about telling my sister as she has been TTC for longer than us. Also my mum and step dad live interstate so we will have to tell them over the phone, but I'd much rather do it in person.

No vivid dreams here yet although I got them really bad last time so I'm sure they're on their way. Hope everyone is feeling alright!

I have been getting the strange dreams too! Ive had nausea for a few weeks but this morning the vomiting started *sigh* was hoping to get lucky this pregnancy and miss out but nope.

We aren't getting a dating ultrasound, we will just wait for the NT scan. We have also decided not to tell a single person until at least 14 weeks because our last pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 13 weeks, so its going to be a really long first trimester.

I have been having crazy vivid dreams too. Whilst most of them are leaning toward the ridiculous side some of them have been disturbing.

ms has kicked in for me too and I'm feeling nauseous all day long. No vomiting though which is a plus in my pregnancies. Had my first bleeding nose the other day too which unfortunately seems to be a common occurrence when I am pregnant. And I am exhausted. I don't remember ever being this tired in any previous pregnancy.

We're heading off to Townsville for a few days this week and I am not looking forward to flying whilst feeling ill.

I have told my parents but my husband has yet to tell his. Won't be telling anyone else till I am closer to 12 weeks.

DS1 4 yrs
DS2 2yrs
DD 1yr


We have only told our parents and siblings, will wait until after 12 weeks to tell the world. I was only 20 when I fell pregnant with DD so DFs folks didn't take it well AT ALL, so nice to have everyone really excited and happy this time round! Anyone else have any experience with BF while pregnant? I am planning to wean DD when I stop work in a month but wondering how long my nips will be sensitive for because I may have to wean earlier... So sore!
Had a dating scan today, I'm only 6 weeks, not 7 like I thought, bugger. Due date has now been pushed back to 10th of March. Ah well, explains why we got a negative 1st preg test & super faint positive the next time.

My Little Circus - YES, have been super moody at work especially, seems like any little thing puts me in a crappy mood, so far it's just work right now which is generally irritating anyway, just don't seem to be handling it like I usually can. Though, on the way home one afternoon last week did start bawling my eyes out listening to a sappy song, usually not such a sook either tongue
Hi ladies,

Got my BFP on Friday. According to my LMP Im only about 4 +1 wks. I have no children so far. I suffered an ectopic pregnancy about a year and a half ago and had my left tube removed. Only took us two months to concieve this time so happy about that. I just have to pray this one is in my uterus. Going for a dating and 'location' scan a bit closer to 8 weeks. Long wait!!!

My due date would be about 27th March or there abouts smile
Hi Guys smile
Got my bfp yesterday, think I am due 11th March smile
A little unexpected but only because we had kind of stopped trying! We have been ttc for around 2 years, We had an early miscarriage last May and this is only our 2nd bfp in that two years so am a little nervous!

LOTS of symptoms, I've been feeling sick all day, especially in the morning and evenings, REALLY tired, needing to pee ALL the time, some pangs and twangs going on, CRAZY sense of smell and lots of food aversions!

Really hoping this wee bean sticks and looking forward to getting to know you all better!

Went and saw my GP today, 2nd appt since we got BFP. Got referrals for 12 week bloods and scan as well as faxed off hospital referral. He never sent me for bloods to confirm my pregnancy though, is that normal? I know with DS, my DH insisted on bloods to confirm but this time I didn't really think about it until after I'd left this appt.

Hi all,
12 days until my first scan we are very much looking forward to it. I have been feeling extremely nauseus lately. Pretty much 24/7, even in the middle of the night. I haven't vomited yet. Its so different from my last pregnancies. My daughter I vomited most mornings until 20wks but would feel fine afterwards and I never had much nausea with the boys. Anyone have a gut instinct of what they are having? I really think this one is a girl and I cannot wait to find out in 14ish weeks time.

Half the town here know I'm pregnant. lol. Ive even had strangers mentioning it as I have passed them on the street. I made the mistake of telling a few people that are incapable of keeping secrets also my oldest boy is so excited that he told his entire class then was singing really loudly 'MY MUMS HAVING A BABY' in woolworths Just as we turned the corner to a group of ladies that I know. Will have this scan then I will officially announce it.

Welcome to the newbies, hope to get to know you smile

Ballbaby, did they do a urine pregnancy test while you were there? My first pregnancy they did a blood test, but my last pregnancy which was at the start of the yr (miscarriage) they only did a urine test. Seems a bit odd if they haven't done any kind of test. Most the time they order bloods to check that everything is good anyway and ensure your iron etc is where it should be. I suppose the 12 weeks bloods will tell you that anyway?!

Im abit uncertain about what i think I'm having. I started thinking a girl and now my cravings are kicking in I'm starting to think maybe a boy. With my DD I craved fruit etc and could not stand meat, but with this pregnancy I've been craving meat, fatty foods and salt and vinegar chips. I have been having all day nausea though and some say thats more common with a girl so who knows! With DD i always thought girl so maybe when I'm a bit further along ill have a better idea.

Good luck with all your ultrasounds coming up, I'm a bit jealous but i want to wait until 12 weeks because it costs as almost 200 every time we have one done so i figure I'm better off just having the 1 at 12 weeks.

Hi all,

I got a poitive test 2 weeks ago, bloods the next day were 439.
Had a bleed on sunday, mondays scan showed no sign of miscarriage but baby to small to see.
Got another scan this monday, fingers crossed there is one there!
Be number 2 for us, DS is 4.5yrs.

Hi ladies, Got my first bloods back. HCG was 90.5 and Im 3-4 weeks which is correct. just wondering if any others had lots of small AF type feeling cramps with no bleeding during these early weeks? Im having more bloods taken on Monday.

Bit worried because I've had a few small twinges on my right side which is my side with my one and only fallopian tube and dont think I could handle another ectopic and losing my other tube. They did a dye test after the ectopic and said my remaining tube was clear. Sorry for the downer! Just a bit paranoid this time round.
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