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Due March 2013 Lock Rss

Oh myrrah I love hearing people have had successful VBAC! The hospital we have booked into actually has a VBAC clinic so looking forward to seeing if we're eligible.

my little circus - what sort of car are you looking at? My DH is also in the market for a new car. He has a 6yo station wagon with nothing wrong with it but you know men! But I'd rather he buy a new car now than while I'm on maternity leave. We're looking at the Ford Territory and hoping to test drive one tomorrow.

My boobies are already massive!! They were so deflated after BF DS and have filled up so quickly already. Love it! Except that I think I'll be pulling my maternity bras out sooner rather than later. :S

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and enjoying starting to tell people the good news. XO

Hello Everyone

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and due mid march, go for my first ultra sound on Thursday! Im so excited...
though i have no symptoms at all! so im getting a little worried.
so.... i just got back to my room ( i work FIFO) and have brown blood about the size of a 50 cent peice in my underwear!!!!! sad i have no cramping and feel ok.. but now im crying my eyes out thinking the worse! and i cant do anything cause im in a remote area with no phone reception sad

Please tell me if this is normal...
Hey Rachy1987. When I miscarried, my midwife said as long as the blood is brown, it means it's old blood and everything could still be ok. I would try go see you GP or midwife so that you could perhaps get more advice or even go for your scan earlier. My friend bled every 6 weeks throughout her whole pregnancy. Once my blood turned red, I knew it wasn't good. It's a horrible thing to go through, but I'll be holding thumbs everything is ok, as it may just be some light bleeding. Let us know what happens!!

Thank you for your comments, a hospital is 1.5 hours away and i know there is no way i would be able to go tonight... i might try and see if i can go tomorrow, just so hard cause i work in the mines.

I dont fly back to Perth till Wednesday night... so this is going to drive me crazy!

im just praying everything is ok and trying not to stress too much..
Rach, that is scary and I can understand why you are stressing, I have been led to believe that, like the others said, brown blood can be normal. I have known many people who have spotted around this time, Its normal to spot when you usually have a period and a bit of an implantation bleed and there can often just be a bit of leftover blood from you last cycle thats getting pushed out.. I have spotted later in pregnancy but dont have much more advise for you there, I'd been getting checked out when you get a chance, hope everything is fine, I know its hard, but try not to stress smile

Thank you, yeah i trying to think positive and tell myself it happens to women all the time.. i just spoke with my mum and she told me she has the same thing when she was pregnant with me, she ever bled with red blood at 11 weeks but i stuck in there! hahaha... also if the worse case does happen i have been told to think that it was a bad egg and my body has let it go as it might not have been a healthy child... so im trying to think positive... will keep you all updated when i have my scan on Thursday xx
My Little Circus - No there is nothing, im out in the bush in the middle of nowhere.... we do have a medic on site but dont think he is much help! haha... i went and saw him today cause i have a cold and he just told me to ring my doctor. hahaha....
I am really hating working away now, i just want to be back in Perth so i have the facilities. grrr...
Hello smile , just found out were due with number 3 around 12th march!
unfortunately also found out my midwife has retired.. Not that it was long ago since we had our last but when should you first see a doctor or midwife?? i cant remember
Everywhere is different. I seen my gp and she gave me referalls for my scans and the nuchal and then I will see my midwife at 12weeks (probably after my scan). So provided everything is fine I only see my doctor once and then midwives as 12,16,20,24,28,32,34,36,38,39,40 wks.

i just found out on wednesday im pregnant with number 3 im so excited, have dr appt on tues then hopefully ultrasound not long after, congrats to everyone and i think im due on the 20th march going by my dates

Hello, mind if I join this group? After 18 months of TTC and a miscarriage last year, have finally hit gold with our first child! I am very anxious and wary this time round and have not done or read anything baby related so as not to jinx myself (silly right?), this is my first step into the baby world. I visited my GP last week (BFP!) and having an ultrasound for dating and to put my mind at ease on Thursday. Am approximately 7 weeks which means bub will be here around the 9th March. I think my hubby is already getting a bit sick of my baby talk (its so hard not being able to share the news just yet!) so this forum is perfect!
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