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Due March 2013 Lock Rss

Gosh i forgot how crazy i become when I'm pregnant, I seriously do not know how poor DH puts up with my mood swings!

Is it just me or does the first trimester seem to be going really slow? I can't wait till week 12 when i can finally see this bub!

Nausea is still sticking around but thankfully hasn't gotten much worse so hopefully it stays that way. Good luck to all those awaiting results and sticky dust to you all.

my little circus wrote:
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without the spaces i added to show you what the code should look like

Thanks!!!! smile

Dylemma wrote:
Hello, mind if I join this group? After 18 months of TTC and a miscarriage last year, have finally hit gold with our first child! I am very anxious and wary this time round and have not done or read anything baby related so as not to jinx myself (silly right?), this is my first step into the baby world. I visited my GP last week (BFP!) and having an ultrasound for dating and to put my mind at ease on Thursday. Am approximately 7 weeks which means bub will be here around the 9th March. I think my hubby is already getting a bit sick of my baby talk (its so hard not being able to share the news just yet!) so this forum is perfect!

I was in the November 2007 club on huggies with DS. I have many Facebook friends and several really good friends in NZ and OZ which I meet regularly in the outside world still!
In fact my Christchurch Huggies Nov 2007 friend is bringing her son up to stay for the weekend in September!
Looking forward to making new friends smile

Hows everyone feeling? What symptoms does everyone have so far?

Im only 4 1/2 weeks (I think) I have constant nausea (didnt get that til 9 weeks with my other 2)

My bowel function is already decreasing!!!

I have cramps in my legs alot! Which I got last 2 pregnancies, but only in the later weeks.

my muscles around the top of my tummy & over my ribs hurt all the time! Abit like the pain you get when you've been sitting in one spot for too long, but when I stretch out it doesnt make it any better & I wake up with it in the morning.

My sense of smell is driving me crazy! I can smell everything. Its like a new superpower lol

& I swear I need to put a protective barrier around my boobs so nothing accidentally bumps them! I would complain to DP about this, but he has no clue!! hahaha. I had no symptoms at this point of both pregnancies before except for sore boobs. Thought I'd be so lucky again lol.

I have my GP appointment tomorrow afternoon. Abit excited about that grin
Im 6 weeks pregnant and dont have any symptoms at all sad kinda makes me worry a little...
I think having symptoms is good so you know its there...
Hi, my name is melanie. im 27 and found out yesterday, we r expecting our 5th child. my hubby and i have been married 9yrs this month. Our 4 other darlings are. Lucas, 8yrs (boy). Alex 7yrs (boy). Isaac, 3yrs (boy). And Emmie is 19months (girl). This new addition is still a big shock but we r happy to be welcoming a new addition in march. Due 28th march 13. Sounds like ages away. Look forward to talking to all u ladies over the next few months grin xox
Rachy, dont stress. Its not always a bad sign. I didnt have alot of symptoms early on last 2 times, & I went on to have 2 healthy pregnancies smile Right now, I envy you wink has your bleeding stopped?

Welcome melj smile we have the same due date! Although my GP might think differently about due dates lol. We'll see tomorrow.
Hey, yeah i think i have come to the point where im not stressing... i have heard so many stories in the last couple of days about women losing their first baby then falling pregnant again a month or so later and having a healthy child... I have been told its for a reason ie may not be healthy... so if i do go through a M/C then im trying to think positive (as much as i can and as hard as it would be) but i im not bleeding as much as yesterday but have noticed when i have wiped there has been brown discharge on the paper... (though i have worn black underwear today so wouldnt be able to see) I guess its just a waiting game... and hope for the best.
Bring on Thursday when i have my ultra sound.
I have very minimal symptoms. Really only the fact I haven't got a period and tender boobs (and they haven't even got that big yet, disappointed!). Had some period like cramps this evening, possibly gas. Is that normal?

Rachy, I've read brown discharge is fine. It means it's old blood. But you'll have an answer on Thursday. It's such an anxious time these weeks a real mind test. I have a moment of anxiety every time I go to the toilet and read into every twinge my body makes. I gotta chill more!
Its a good mindset to have Rachy. Things do happen for a reason sometimes. Even if we dont know the reason. Thats what I believe anyway.

Lucky you Dylemma. How many kids have you had? Period cramps are very normal in early pregnancy. Doesnt make you worry any less though wink I had them quite bad for a few days, so much that I was at the toilet every half hour to make sure there was no blood. There wasnt. And the cramps havent been back for a day or 2 now so I hope that parts over. I had them for most of my first trimester with my second pregnancy, and I dont remember having them at all with my first.
I wake up every morning feeling hung over! I only had a brief 2 weeks of feeling sick with DS and it wasn't until 9wks ish.

Had no further bleeding which is great - I am constantly checking!
Got my scan at 3.15pm today, figures crossed it is all good!

so...I might be in on here too smile 4-5 weeks currently.

Dr's appt Thursday for confirmation and planning from there.

are we able to request a scan earlier (6-7-8-9 weeks type timing)?

I just REALLY want to know if it safely tucked away there, particularly before we head overseas for 3 weeks.
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