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Due March 2013 Lock Rss

Peppermint87 - Im having my first ultra sound on Thursday which will make me 7 weeks if the doctor was right haha..This ultra sound is to see actually how far i am and you can have them starting at 6 weeks.
thanks Rachy - looking forward to hearing how you go!

just wondering if it is different in NZ though?? anyone know??
yes, will post on thursday afternoon about my ultra sound smile

um... im not too sure about NZ, but ask your doctor, just say you want a ultra sound to see how far you are and you have heard that in Aussie they do that and also mention how you are going away so want to know its all good and safe.
Hey peppermint87, Welcome!! When you go for your doctor's appointment on Thursday, they'll confirm the pregnancy by doing a urine sample and give you forms to go for blood tests and an ultrasound. You'll also get a package about loads of pregnancy info including info about choosing a midwife. As soon as you get that ultrasound form from you dr, you can make an appointment anytime for a dating scan, it doesn't matter how far along you are. That's how it happened with me:)

thanks so much for clarifying that for me Zohudson. we could see something in just a weeks time maybe - that is pretty fricking cool!!

fingers crossed until Thursday then. I am actually counting the sleeps smile
im due march 18 im 22 and df is 26
and i live in taranaki where are all the ppl from nz on here from
Scans normally start around 6 weeks on unless you suspect ectopic or previously had ectopic and lost a tube kinda thing. My scans have all been 6 weeks + but SIL who has previously had ectopic has scans earlier to make sure it is in a safe spot but they don't see much before 6 weeks.[/quote]

ok good to know. no reason we would get an early scan, apart from dating, and just knowing it is there before holiday. depending on what Dr says, I will try book for 8 weeks or so smile
So sorry to hear that my little circus. I couldnt even imagine how that must feel to be told that. Fingers crossed that there is another little one in there for you.

Welcome to all the newbies, Melanie, I am the same as you, expecting number 5 and I already have 3 boys and 1 girl. I'm still trying to get my head around that number- 5!! Seems like so many!!!

Symptoms have hit me like a brick wall. I vomited my lunch onto my bedroom carpet today and have vomited most days, mornings I get that hangover headachy, tummy cramps, wind pains, nausea, then it usually dies down to nausea then it all comes back of a night. Looking at it positively though and figure that while this is all happening I know that little bubba is all good in there.

I'll add the new ladies to the due date list on the first page, please let me know if you want any details added or if I have made a mistake with dates. Thanks

My little circus I'm so sorry they couldn't find a heartbeat, its still early so hopefully there a heartbeat or heartbeats at the next one.

Ive had bad sickness all day today aswell and the tiredness seems to be getting worse. Its so hard when nobody knows that your pregnant, my inlaws live next door so we see them a lot and they keep asking whats wrong with me because I'm sleeping so much and haven't been eating big meals (we had dinner with them on the weekend). But my MIL is a pain in the butt and will constantly nag me about everything i eat if i tell her I'm pregnant so i would rather wait until 12 weeks when the sickness hopefully dies down. Atm i can only stomach certain foods and i don't want to be made to feel bad because I'm not eating salad and veggies all day everyday lol.

Welcome sarahandsteve smile I'm in Lower Hutt

I went for another scan today and saw a heatbeat, everything is looking good. Bringing my EDD to 14th March.
After the bleed I had last Sunday I am so releaved!

Sorry to hear my little circus. Could it be because it is so early and may not be able to be detected? Too small? Not sure if that happens.

Had my first day back at work after holidays (I am a school teacher), and when announcing another friend's pregnancy, my boss says, "Oh! Thank God! I thought you were going to say you were! I've got goosebumps, don't do that to me!". Hmm, little does she know ....! I kinda like having this little secret for the time being. DH and I give each other little knowing looks whenever we have to tell a big fib or talk turns to babies. He was a bugger the other night. I put apple juice and water in a wine bottle (I'm a bit of a wino and would be a big giveaway if I had nothing in my hand!) and he was doing a big song and dance all night about how was my wine, don't forget I have to drive, has anyone else tried this wine before etc!
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