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Anyone due in March 2013? Lock Rss


I am due mid march 2013, just wanting to chat to other mums to be that are due around the same month so we can share stories and experiences.

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and dont have any symptoms at all! I know im not to stress but something i get really down about it. I have my first ultra sound on Thursday. Cant wait!
hopefully... smile positive tests, but not seeing the Dr til Thursday.

possibly 5 weeks, so pretty close to you...I will keep you posted.

first baby?
Oh Great!!! Fingers crossed for you! def keep me updated smile

Yes, this will be my first, will this be your first?
will do smile

oooo, all excited now! partner and I have agreed not to tell anyone, so it is really nice talking / typing to people about it! although, I did tell a colleague when I asked her for some business advice, but fortunately she will keep it confidential due to how our work relationship works.

yes, first pregnancy. bit shocked when I got the positives, as we thought it would take at least 6 months, but as we laugh about it, 'he got me' first go - extremely lucky.

I can't wait to have an scan, even if it is just to know that it really is in there!

Fantastic that you have no symptoms!!! I don't think I do, unless I over think things smile
How exciting!!! Congrats!

I told my boss as i work FIFO in the mines, even though im just in the office they know now that i cannot carry heavy things ect..

I was in a bit of shock too as we just started trying and i thought it would take a while to get pregnant as we both work away and only get to see each other once every 5 weeks sad but nope, happened straight away hehe.. i guess everything happens for a reason smile

Yeah, i know its good having no symptoms but it makes me wonder if its still there... 5 more sleeps till i get to see it smile

Where abouts in NZ are you from? My partner is kiwi and from Blenheim.
yip, just what we are saying too...! pretty much used to it now, and getting excited. trying to not think too far ahead, but be excited at the same time smile

hahaha same again - doesn't quite feel real. so cool you will see it. will have to update on that! we go away soon for a holiday, so really want to see it nestled up in there before we go. we are away a few weeks and might be close to 12 when we get home.

I am from Hamilton smile
Oh nice! will be good to relax on holidays then come back when its at the "safe" stage and be able to tell family and friends smile

Yeah...will keep you informed smile will have to change my profile pic to my ultra sound pic on Thursday smile hehe...

Have fun on you holiday! smile
yay sounds great. all the best and really enjoy it! smile
I found out i was pregnant on wednesday i think im about 5-6weeks but have dr appt tues to get bloods and papers for ultrasound hopefully smile im very excited

Ok cool, i will have to find that group...

Thank you smile

Congrats! im so excited smile
which group?

I'm due around mid march confirming date next Tuesday, finding nausea a problem but not throwing up yay! Gained a couple of cm's already

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