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Due April 2013 Lock Rss

Vanessa*000 wrote:
No problem, the first test i did was just a normal one chemist warehouse pack of 3 $9.99 on special this week. I have 2 spare now lol I really didn't think it would be positive - plesant surprise.

How exciting!! Congratulations!
Can someone please send me the link for the facebook group please
Can someone please send me the link for the facebook group please
Can someone please send me the link for the facebook group please
[quote post="3234678" name="Mum2812"][b]Mum2812 wrote[/b]:
Ohh very exciting! Congrats
Hows everything going for you so far? feeling good i hope!
I have my blood tests today![/quote]

Everything is going great so far I haven't had any morning sickness like I did with our son. Hopefully I don't get it. I had my blood tests last week going back to see my GP in a few weeks after hubby and I work out if we will go private again or not. Where about's do you live? We live in Ballina. smile[/quote]

Aww ballina is a lovely area. I grew up all around nnsw. Living in Brisbane area now tho! Hope ur ms holds off. I've had a few odd bouts already! Got my next app with gp tomorrow to get bt results!

Well had my blood test done get results tomorrow arvo. Doc will look at HCG levels and work out when to send me for my dating scan. She doesn't want to send me to early as we wont see anything and she thought that would make me anxious if that was to happen which I think is a good idea. Can't wait to get a due date.
Hi everyone, my name is Jem and I am pregnant with my first bubby, due April the 11th (like many of you I see). Cant wait to chat with you all - this has been one wild roller coaster just getting to this point so I can only imagine what it will be like over the next 7/8 months!

Hope everyone who is having scans gets the results they are hoping for!! I have to wait till my first ob appointment at 10 weeks for mine - and time is dddrrrraaaaaaaagggggggiiinnnnnnggggg!!
Hi Jem!
Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Yay!!
I haven't been on here n ages but welcome! I think there is a facebook page that everyone is also joining!
I am off to attempt to join it! smile

bubba2come wrote:
Hi Ladies

Have tried to Join group but wont let me. Will keep trying, as its a great idea. We did this when my daughter was Due in July 2010 and are still very close now, so much easier to access through FB and keep in touch.

I was in that group!! wink Little man just turned 2!

Hummm I seem to have an issue joining the fb page too - but I'm pretty sure it's a lack of skill on my part smile I use fb on my phone mainly and I don't think you get all the options!
Hey all! Im due end of March but am still interested in joining the due in April facebook page. How do I join???
got back from my 2nd GP apppointment today, all my blood tests came back good but my hormone levels put me closer to 7weeks and my last period puts me at only 5 weeks, so i have to go for a dating scan now smile

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