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Hi everyone, i went for my dating scan just over a week ago,and get this, there were TWO pregnancy sacs. So high chance of twins!! EEEEkkkk!! No twins in either familys aswell! Am going back on friday for another scan as the first was too eraly to see anything. My midwife and also the scan lady told me that its possible that one sac wont contain a baby or its possible for one to be absorbed into the uterus wall or even a high chance of misscarrying one twin. I am SOOO nervous! If there is two babies, i am gunna be soo sooo scared but also excited as i have a 7 month old and im 20 years old lol. Altho its my 21st in 2 weeks so noo partying for me! Boo =( According to my dates, imabout 5-6 weeks buut will confirm next friday! Sooo nervous!
Hey there i only just found out that i am
Due April 10 so very excited
Hey there i only just found out that i am
Due April 10 so very excited
Hi ladies, I think I am due 30 April, having a dating scan on 31 Aug. I have a 3yo and 13mth old. Is there a fb group for April yet? I find that much easier than Huggs.

Ok, what am I doing wrong with the tickers? I used to be able to do it...

i couldnt get them right either when i tried, they came up like urs!
i gave up lol

Great, thanks! smile

Is there a fb group yet? I much prefer that, I find it easier.

Been 16 days since i posted, my first scan put me back 2 weeks and showed no heartbeat i was concerned and then the 2nd scan showed the heartbeat which was fabulous considering my hcg levels only got to 14000. my EDD is now 3/4/13

another scan this week and meeting with the midwife (i have had 7 not stick so am greatful for extra proof everything is going well)

i cant wait to be telling people or to be pregnant enough to be visable.

can any of you recommend any good childrens books about mummys haveing a new baby?
@Mackenziecrystal How long did you have to wait inbetween your scans?? i have had one which put me back quite a bit from what we were expecting having another scan in just over a week so hoping to see something.
Hey girls,

Went to the doctor on Friday afternoon, she sent me for blood tests and gave me a referral for first scan!! She said that we should be able to hear the heartbeat now (going off LMP but have a feeling I O'd a bit later but anyway should be able to hear it very shortly!!) Made an appt for the 4th of Sept but will have to change it cos DH is at work and obviously doesnt wanna miss the opportunity to hear the heartbeat. So hard to do it after work and when he is off but will work something out smile

So should know HCG levels tomorrow, hopefully everything is going along ok in there, so weird to think there is a lil bub in there!!

Super senstive nipples today and still trying to get over a cold (damn immune system!!) but no MS as yet, hope you are all going well smile

I haven't really posted much but im now 8 weeks by my dates still havent been to the Doctors to scared to go my last pregnancy i lost bub at 14 weeks i have 4 other children aged 18 16 13 n 14months. I know i need to go to the doctors but just keep chickening out every time
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