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Due April 2013 Lock Rss

Hey girls would add you to the group but not really sure how....?? hopefully one of the others will see and add you smile

Thanks for letting us know finger crossed xxx
Hi ladies, I'm on the group I can add you all.
Just need to know which ones haven't been added yet. I'm going to add everyone that has posted since Rachel Rutter.
I'll send you a friend request on fb, add you, and then if you'd like we can unfriend each other smile

I tried contacting Sarah and Rachael, but because of their high privacy settings, I am not able to send them a friend request nor a message sad Sorry! Maybe try lowering those settings so we can add you to the group and then put them back to normal? x

Dropped settings if you can do quickly I would appreciate it I have someone who has given me grieve in the past so my settings are set on high I forgot about that... Sorry... Let me know on here if you can request now...
Sarah, sorry! I hadn't seen your post.
Maybe you can contact me and then we can go from there

Hi there!
Just found this forum. I am due 1st April, yes april fools day which is also easter monday.
Hope all the april mums to be are doing well!
Hi! I am also due in April, not til the 30th though. Would like to join the FB group, I think this is my facebook link?!/jess.earnshaw.94

Thanks smile
Due on the 22nd April
Hi all,

We are due April 27th but booked in for a c-section on the 10th. I would love to join the facebook group if someone could add me.
Hi all,

Unfortunately I am not able to add to the facebook group, but hopefully someone else will see your messages and get in contact with you all very soon. To Melissa, I'm also from the UK been in Australia 2 and half years still finding it hard settling and having a baby does make the distance from family feel even worse. I hope you are fairing well, feel free to contact me direct on here and I will be happy to connect with you on facebook, sadly I just don't have the ability to add anyone to the group., so sorry xxx
Hi girls

Have just sent through a friend request Jess, if you accept I can add you.

Mrs CT it won't let me request you as a friend, so not sure if you have to change your privacy settings?

To the other girls if you put your facebook link on I will friend request you as well and will add you to the group.

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