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Due April 2013 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies, Due the 5th of April with baby number one!! Would love to be added to the group my facebook link is ...
Hi Lovely Ladies,
Im all new to this my partner and I are expecting our first bundle of joy in april also my due date is the 18th of April
I would love to be added to the Facebook chat my link is

Hey just sent u a friend request on facebook, just accept and I will add u to the group and we can unfriend each other later.

Hi there, I put a message up a little while ago now. Due the 14th April with bub number 2 - our first girl! I'd love to be added to the facebook group if possible? My link is
Thanks so much smile
Hi GUys,
I posted way back when I first found out I was pregnant Im due 8 April and would also like to join the facebook group could someone please add me
Hope everyone is having a fab pregnancy not long for all us April babies now smile
Just friend requested both of you smile

Accepted the add wheres the group??
I've changed my settings, if someone could add me know it would be great smile
Whats the name of the group I'll search it on fb and try join myself
Friend requested you Mrs CT and have added u to group Renee

I have sent you a friend request, maybe check your friend requests? Any random ones would be me smile

Hello... Due April 12 with first baby. Would like to join FB group please if someone could add me?
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