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Due April 2013 Lock Rss

how exciting for everyone grin i am still nervous about the whold thing but also extremely excited grin
I'm shitting myself! Seems like after so much waiting and trying it's happened too easy! Scan on the 13th, SO nervous!
wow soo exciting for u, my scan it 10 days after u... i will be 6 weeks grin
It's very exciting eh! But bloody nerve racking! I'll be 6 weeks 5 days when I have the scan, kinda weird because it's my first pregnancy so I have NO idea what to expect!
yeah this is my second pregnancy i never did a dating scan with my first cos i knew the dates and they never did one... i will be about the same... they might do a vaginal scan
Yeah well that's what I was wondering, I don't even need a dating scan since we've been trying and all the blood tests etc, I know exactly when I got pregnant so I think he's doing just to check it has attached etc and to see the heartbeat- because I'm with a private specialist I'm assuming he's just being very careful (so he should, we pay enough) haha
yeah thats fair enough, well i know when my LMP was but i wanted an early scan to see bubs lol... ver impatient. when r u due?
Hi all, thought I would pop in and join the group!

My name is Jess, I am roughly 4+2 weeks pregnant with number two, due around 14th April 2013. My DD is 22 months.

I have PCOS so my cycles are very random... Going off my LMP I would be 9 weeks, but ultrasound revealed that I was not as far along as we thought. Couldn't see the sac yet, therefore couldn't determine how far along I am.

I am taking a wild guess as to when I ovulated/conceived as I have been charting my temps. So I am probably a few days off, will find out at next scan in 2 weeks time (6 weeks).

Last pregnancy I did not find out I was pregnant until 6 weeks, so I am a little nervous knowing very early this time.

I don't really feel pregnant (ie. boobs are not sore, etc), just feeling very tired, lethargic and have been having sometimes painful cramps, and constant headaches!!

Fingers crossed for sticky baby's!!

Jess x
I don't blame you! I was stoked when they said I was getting a 7 week scan! I'm due 3rd April, you musn't be far off that too?
congrats jess. welcome to the group grin
11th april, soo excited i cant wait, i will actually be 7 weeks at the scan i cant wait
Congrats Jess!
It's wicked aye, I kinda wish I didn't find out as early as I did though- I was exactly 4 weeks, it's making the time drag out SO much! It's good you'll be 7 weeks eh, I've heard of people going and not being able to see anything etc, coz it's too early, I'll be pissed if that happens!
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