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Due August 2013 Lock Rss

Hi ladies

My names Stevie, I am 26 from New Zealand, my husband and I have been ttc for 9 months and I found out this morning I am 4 weeks pregnant!!! so that makes me due 1 August 2013!! very excited, off to the GP this afternoon!!


congratz welcome aboard.
Thanks smile smile I'm so excited I just want to tell everyone haha, only going to tell our parents at this stage and my sister knows as she has been my encyclopedia when it comes to babies etc as she has two gorgeous children

Our warmest congratulations smile

You'll find lots of pregnancy articles on our site. A good starting off point may be our Pregnancy Week By Week Guide.

Welcome to Huggies!

smile smile
Looks like I'm joining you Spepper! Tested yesterday 12dpo and got a faint BFP and tested again today 13dpo and the line is darker. I track my temps and they are staying elevated so great sign!

This will be #2 for us so very excited that my little man will be a big brother. Due date 7 August. Off to the docs later this week for a blood test.

yay! very exciting!

Going by my LMP I should be due 28 July, but my cycle on average is 32 days, thats why Im going with 1 August.

I just cant wait to be 12 weeks and tell everyone! Im so excited

Congrats smile

You'll be 12 weeks before you know it. It goes so fast.

Hey ladies I'm am tentively (sp?) joining I am 4 weeks and 1 day today, roughly due around 4th August with bubby #2 so nervous to get through to the 12 week mark.

Congratulations ladies!!

Congratulations Kirsty smile

I have my doctors appointment tomorrow to get my bloods done and to get a referral to the ob. Trying to decide if I should have a dating scan and if I should use my normal ob who delivered my son or look for another one.

My previous ob (also my gyno) is great and I can't fault her in any way except she is sooo expensive. Her fees for my son were nearly $5000 of which I was over $4000 out of pocket. She didn't have an ultra sound machine or anything fancy in her office so I'm now tossing up whether I should look into someone around the $3500 which from speaking to people is about average. I will go back to the same hospital. What do you ladies think?

Hey! Looks like I will be joining you ladies! Quick intro- Im Carly, 23, from sunshine coast qld. I got a home preg test positive early this week! Cant get into the doctors until monday.This will be bub number 2. DS is 9.5 months, I always wanted my kiddies to be between 18-20months apart so im stoked I managed to fall pregnant so quickly and I have got everything crossed in hope of smooth sailing! Going by LMP my due date is 2nd aug.

Im going to request a dating scan, I ovulate quite late, and last pregnancy they moved my due date from 6th to the 11th and I still went 9 days over!

Daniam, That seems so expensive! For that you would expect all the luxuries! Maybe shop around a little, but if you cant find someone else your comfortable with go back to her. I think I'll be going public again, I had an excellent experience with the midwife program at the public hospital. My other choice would be a home birth, but DP doesnt seem very comfortable with it and I dont want to push him.

Hi Ladies! Looks like August 2013 will be a busy little month.

Quick Intro - Im 27, live in Qld with my husband. This will be our first bub. Feel so lucky and blessed to fall pregnant so quickly because alot of my husband's friends/wives have had fertility problems - i'm talking 5/6. AF was due Tuesday, so I tested Wednesday and this morning with both First Response and Digital HPT's and all were BFP's, and the digital says 2-3. My estimated due date is 8 August 2013.

We have been planning this baby for a little bit - really wanted a winter baby to avoid being heavily pregnant in this Qld summer heat, but of course saying that all we really want is a healthy, happy baby.

My town only has one private OB and the public hospital is a bit of a joke. Thankfully though I just rang and the OB still had openings for new patients in August 2013 so I have my first appointment with him on 19 December, which seems a bit early?? Is this normal?

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