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Due June 2013 Lock Rss

Hi Folks,

golly its been a while since I've posted/been active on here!!
I did look briefly for a June 13 thread and couldn't find one so here we are smile
I'm due around the 10th of June with baby number two. I'll have 2 under 2 (eeek).
having a planned home birth with this squish!

I'm a relatively crunchy mum - co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding (looks like a tandem situation here!), babywearing and of course attempting a more natural approach to parenting. I suppose some might say I am an attachment parent.

Hope to get to know some other June mummies soon!

Much love and fluffiness
Sarah <3
Hi I'm also due in June 21st according to the ultrasound but if I go of my lmp I'm due June 11 but not fussed bub will come when their happy to I will have 3 kids ranging from 3yrs and under so I'm expecting chaos but I'm very laid back in nature so i will roll with it smile

I'm actually excited to meet my new bundle but have to wait so long June seems so far away smile
Wooo! I have been looking for a June 13 thread.
I am due on the 21st too according to my ultrasound. I had a mc in late August and was waiting for my period when I started getting morning sickness signs. LOL. Did a test but refused to get my hopes up until the dr sent me got a dating scan (about 5 weeks after morning sickness started) that was last week and it showed a healthy 11w6d Bub and NT tests all came back good so yeah, here we are!!! But of a surprise.
I have a 4.5 year old boy, so a bit if a gap compared to u guys LOL. Looking forward to sharing the experience with you!!
So glad I'm not the only one smile
Ultrasound said we were due the 15th but midwife has suggested we go by LMP for dates since I refused an ultrasound until last week.
But yes, baby will certainly come when they are ready. I have been telling family and friends we are due sometime in late June. That way I won't get anyone asking anything until well after babe is here.

Where abouts do you ladies hail from?
I'm a born and bred Melbourne girl currently living in the Northern Suburbs with my partner, toddler and cats smile Im also a psych nurse when im not a mum.

Stay well mummas, Hope your nausea is easing now x
There was a june 2013 thread but dunno what happened too it. grin anyway im due june 25th with my first bubba, Had my first scan today it was so awesome. Hope you ladies are well and not suffering from nausea too much

I'm from Sydney also born and breed in Sydney currently living in western Sydney withy hubby and my two very roudy toddlers smile
I'm a stay at home mum have been since I had my first

Yes I'm so grateful that morning sickness is starting to ease
Hope every 1 else's is also and energy levels are returning also

I'm curious as I did not have a Nt scan with this bub if any 1 else did not have 1
I made my own decision this time instead of just giong yeah I'll get that scan like I did with my other 2
As the reaction I have gotten for not doing it was almost like they were pregnant and not me and a whole list why I should
Doctor and midwife both agreed I did not to have it if I chose not to

I have been looking for the June thread too! I am also due June 21st by ultrasound and LMP! This will be baby number 3! Def not planned but so happy smile I will also have 3 ranging from 3 years and under so will be interesting to see how this will go!
Im living in South East Suburbs Melbourne, but both myself and DP are from NZ.

Congrats to all the expecting mammas! Hope everyone is feeling good! smile

Oh actually by the time bubs is born DD will be 4! SO I will have a newborn, 2 year old DS and a 4 year old DD.

Hi I went looking for the thread 2 could not find it I am Nicole pregnant with 3rd super surprise I just moved to jervis bay nsw hubby is navy i will have ds who is 4 to dd who will be 15 months once bubba jug is born

Also due on the 20th June

I am about 40km out of Tamworth NSW. So nice being close to the hospital this time! I was 4 hours away last time! lol
TracyanneG wrote:
I am about 40km out of Tamworth NSW. So nice being close to the hospital this time! I was 4 hours away last time! lol

Wow how did you go with your last pregnancy being so far and all the travel time

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