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dont know how far Lock Rss

i had my normal period on october 14th i bleed for 6-7 days my next period was due on the 14th of november but instead had a 2 day bleed the 8th of novemeber with slight abdominal pains but not heavy. i always bleed for 6 - 7 days. 2nd of december i found out i was pregnant went to the doctor and they confirmed but couldnt tell me how far i am. hcg testing had me 187 at the time.
so i have no idea how far i am has anyone else found out they were pregnant at 3 weeks?( which is when blood test was done if calculated by november bleed.)
or could have my small bleed been implantation bleeding u/s next thursday to date just wanna know if any experienced this
I would say it was implantation bleed. . If u had normal on 14 and roughly 28 -31 day cycle chances are you ovulated around day 12 to 16 which would have been around end oct or early dec. then implantation usually 10 to 12 later. Hence the bleed on 8th nov. . According to the early response preg test they can read hcg levels from 6 days before period due so those ttc have got positive results in that week which technically not too long after implantation and about 3 weeks from last period. They do recommend waiting til 1day after missed which would be four weeks for those with 28 day cycle. Hope that makes sense. Congratulations !!
Sorry forgot to add so that would make u about 8 weeks which they count from ur first day of last period or 6weeks from conception.
Yes I thought i was 5 1/2 weeks but really i was 3 1/2 weeks i found out when i went for 8 week scan that i was 6 weeks 1 day and apparently i must have ovulated 2 weeks later than normal

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