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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

Hi smile I have just got a BFP on Christmas Morning. I have had a lot of false and faint tests and I have finally got a clear one giving me a due date of September 1st. Which makes me 4wks 4days today.

A bit about me, My name is Beck, I have 4 children already (boy girl boy boy) ranging from 2yrs-7yrs. This is my 6th pregnancy as I lost a little boy at 17wks pregnant back in September. We found out at my 12wk scan that he wouldnt make it so I am struggling to get excited and will secretly be petrified for the next 8 weeks until I know all is good in there. We are in rural qld. Very excited to meet some ladies and make some new friends. I can start a due date list here (as it will be easiest to find on the 1st post) I'll start with mine-

1--Beck #5
Brookecarpenter_123 #1
3--#3tobe #3
woo #3
4--Elements #3
5--T&J #2
Jacy81 #1
6--Clare-Bear77 #2
RCC376 #3
Manda-n-Ross #3
7--Phoebe_nz #1
HayleeJ #3
8--Bijou #1
msloz #2
9--Bek21 #4
Keeki #2
10--Nay <3 #4
[email protected] #2
Luda2 #2
14--Ems77 #3
Tegs83 #2
15--Cosmo12 #3
17--younginnz84 #1
26--Cheekie_chopz #3

Liz1234 #1
Mummy23preciouskiddies #4
BecnIzabellah #3
Jammy22 #1
Mum of 3 cuties
Mouse13 #2
soon2b4 #4

OMG what an awesome Christmas present grin Good luck smile

Hi Beck,
Without getting my hope up i belong in this section two. We are pregnant with our second but only 4+1. i have an appointment booked at 51/2 weeks for bloods but every test that i have taken is telling me im pregnant. Fingers crossed for 51/2 weeks. This will be our second due September 5th 2013. we have an amazing DD who is nearly 2. Secretly im a bit worried about going from one to two but also very excited and ready for the challenge!!!
I stole this from another thread, i hope that's OK smile

DUE September 2013

1--Beck #5
5--T&J #2
Hi guys congrats on the BFPs smile smile
Im hoping I will be able to join this thread, but am waiting until new years eve to test. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Yay, glad I am not all alone. Sounds like you are def pregnant T&J, I had given up hoping this cycle after getting negative tests the day my period was due. Then since it was 4 days late on xmas day thought I would do one more, then the test was sooo faint I could barely see it, but then the next day it was crystal clear. I had the same happen with my daughter, kept getting negative tests until a week after my period was due. Never happened with the 4 boys, so thinking maybe this one is a girl, especially since my husband was away when I actually ovulated and the closest we came was 4 days before my OV day. So it was actually quite a surprise.

Number3forme- hope to see you in here real soon, the suspense would be killing me! lol smile

Hi ladies... Well I got a faint positive last Thurs but as usual I wasn't convinced till I had it confirmed by the dr last Sunday lol... This will be baby #4 for me but my partners first... My other 3 are jayden 8, hunter 4 and Britney 2... Going off my dates I would be 6weeks today which would make it an august bub but because I always get put back a week or 2 I thought I would join you ladies instead... Might see if I can have a dating scan in a couple weeks to see what my due date will be exactly... I look forward to getting to know you all smile

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I think I belong in this group too. I got a faint line on home pregnancy test on Thursday and today it was darker than the control line. I am excited as this is number 1 for me. I had a miscarriage only 2 months ago so I am taking each day as it comes.

I want to go to see me doctor to confirm everything but everyone is away over the holidays and not back until the 14th of Jan. I am a little lost as to what to do. Should I go to a medical centre or wait for my normal doctor?

Anybody know what I should do?
Liz1234- I will see my doctor in about 2 weeks (ill be just over 7wks). There really is no hurry. They will order bloods and maybe a referral for a dating scan at 8 weeks, which is the only reason I will go in 2 weeks, otherwise I would wait. But if you would feel more comfortable going to the medical centre then there is no harm in that, they can probably just transfer and test and scan results to your normal GP. I totally understand how you are feeling, we lost our last baby only 3 months ago. I'm scared to get excited but I'm sure things will be fine for both of us.

Mum23littlekids- I was thinking my dates will end up in August too. My dating scan always pulls them back 2-3 days. Ill probably end up going late like my last birth though. Doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things.

Hi ladies. How are you all? Hope you had a great new years.
Still no morning sickness here but I wish it would hurry up lol. Still only feeling really tired and have sore boobs but I guess thats always a good sign things are happening. Need to go for more bloods this week to check my levels are rising.
Feeling a bit better emotionally now after a couple of days doing nothing but cry due to an outsider trying to push me to terminate sad
Well better get goin as my monkies are fighting a bit this morning.
Hope you all have a great day....

Love Marlene xox

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Hi ladies,

I am so happy to be joining this group, I got a positive test on Sunday and went off to the dr on Monday, have had bloods done and at this stage my due date is 6th September.

This will be baby number 2 for us, our little boy Tatum is 18 months and is an absolute joy. I have to admit I am a bit nervous about the challenges of having another baby but I cant wait. grin

So far I have not had any symptoms except for the missed period, with my first pregnancy i had extremely tender boobs in the first trimester, especially at night so not looking forward to that if it happens again. Oh well it all leads to good things in the end.

Look forward to talking to u all soon. smile

Congratulations Clare!! How exciting. I found the leap from 1-2 kids was interesting! Lol. Definately tests you on your juggling skills but kids always fit in no matter what and its not long before you cant imagine what life was like with only 1! lol.

Marlene, I am sooo NOT looking forward to morning sickness, I only had really bad morning sickness with my last one and that was only a few months ago, so its still fresh in my mind how horrible it is, as it was more like all day sickness. I have tender breasts at the moment and of course the missed period but other than that I am not having any symptons, but that is fine by me!

I've noticed (now that I am on my computer) a few of you are having trouble putting your lillypie tickers on, you need to do it like this-
[img]ticker code that starts with http[img]
Obviously where I wrote ticker code is where you put the code on, not those actual words. Which reminds me that I need to update mine, barely ever get to my computer.

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