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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

I belong in here too, did a HPT this morning and it was positive so my due date is 15th September. Just have to keep quiet for 8 weeks as we usually don't tell until 12 wks, this is number 3, we have a boy who is 4 and a girl who is 2! Looking forward to talking more over the coming months.
DUE September 2013

1--Beck #5
5--T&J #2
15-- Cosmo12 # 3

Hello ladies,
My name is Rebecca, I live in WA. I dont have regular periods, but I felt I wanted to test Christmas Eve (to be honest, I wanted to be sure so I could drink and eat), but after a negative I continued my merry way. Then Boxing day, I felt odd. I had another test left and there it was the second line, as bright as day, not faint, but very visable. I went to the Doctor his Urine test showed a negative. I got anxious and even got the pregnancy test from my car to convince him. But after bloods my HCG level was 73, confirmed pregnancy 3 (Izabellah almost 4, Kye 2).
I miscarried in September, so I am too taking it day at a time, I have taken another test since the doctors just to ease myself and Im always checking for blood in the toilet. Just paranoid. But Im letting it just be now, thanks to a supportive hubby who stops me from going crazy.
Dating scan in two weeks, but I suspect Im only 4 -5 weeks. So September baby it is..
Hey Girls, I'm tentatively joining you. Got a faint positive this morning and af not due till tomorrow. Didn't have a positive test with my other two until day after af due, so hopefully means it's a super sticky bub. My due date should be about 14 September, but will prob have a dating scan to make sure.

Need to get my bloods taken to confirm, so may be getting all excited over nothing.

Pretty nervous though as will have 3 very close in age, and DS2 has been very hard work. Feel like we're just getting to a good place where things are getting easier - whoops!

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you smile

Firstly, a very warm congratulations!

Also just wanted to flag our Pregnancy Week By Week Guide which may of our mums-to-be find really helpful.

Best of luck smile
Hey ladies,
I would also like to join this group. Af was due on 27th so tested on x-mas morning (thinking it would be a great pressie), but got a BFN sad tested on 27th and got a faint positive, i tested again today (3rd) on a test that isnt so sentitive and got another faint positive so hopefully im not getting my hopes up too much.
This is baby #3 after Justin-3.5 and Amelia-1, but thinking it may be twins as i was on clomid and had an implantation bleed on 25th then another on 27th, and twins run on both sides of the family. im really hoping for twins but we'll see, i get bloods on tuesday and a dating scan in a weeks time.

If all goes to plan i will be due on the 6th (like a few of you smile )

So excited to be joining you girls here, i got my bfp on the 28th! Since then ive had a fair bit of bleeding but according to blood tests everything is rising so fingers crossed

Had a miscarriage in april 12 so im really glad to be starting 2013 pregnant! Ill never be sick of saying that!!

Congratulations everyone and lets hope the next 8 months are amazing!!!
Welcome ladies, Wow, lots of you are having #3! Also seems a few have been getting BFN's. I was fairly certain that this wasn't our month, I have got early BFP's on all my pregnancies except this one and my daughter. We also totally missed my ovulation day as hubby was out of town and the closest we did it was 4 days before. I also had a fair few drinks after getting my first 3 BFN's, so now I am feeling super guilty, especially since I barely ever drink and only did because of the festive season.

Really looking forward to getting to know all you ladies, and really hoping we all have smooth pregnancies!

There certainly are a few on No.3! Is anyone else freaking out a little bit about how you'll cope? My DS2 was a very difficult baby, would scream in the car/pram for 5 months (until he threw up), wouldn't breastfeed but also hated the bottle (reflux) never slept, had to be in the baby bjorn ALL the time!

I'm just hoping this one is a little easier as trying to deal with 2 toddlers as well is going to be hard work.

I did another test this morning and got a very quick second line - so guess I'd better make an appt with my GP smile roll eyes

congrats to u all im due in march
Ems77- I was scared at the thought of having 5 back in July when I found out I was pregnant, but then when I lost him it kinda made me realise that I didn't care about being scared, I just wanted my baby. I honestly felt like #3 just fitted in so easily. My hardest transition was going from 1-2, as that was where we had to form our routines and learn to juggle but then I found it easier having 2 toddlers home with me when I had my 3rd as now, I have to do school and kindy drop offs and thats a pain in the butt without adding a newborn baby into the mix. I know where your coming from, it is daunting, but dont stress, chances are that this next one will be nothing like your last baby. Every baby really is so so different. I have learnt not to compare or expect any of my pregnancies or babies to be like the others.

Just fell asleep whilst playing mums and dads with my daughter, oops...luckily she woke me up almost straight away..

Im feeling so nervous, had a loss last year(seems funny to say that hehe.. the last year part that is) and i am trying so hard to convince myslef it wont happen this time... Well who knows what the future holds i guess.... But i dont want to waste this amazing feeling of knowing im pregnant by worrying...

Anyone having any symptoms yet???
I'm really nervous about losing this bub too Jammy22. I haven't had a miscarriage before and have two healthy boys, so worried it must be my turn. Spent the first 3 months of both my pregnancies very scared though - so am going to try and enjoy it this time, as what will be will be.

No symptoms apart from feeling really bloated (more than usually with af) and a bit dizzy. I was lucky enough not to get any morning sickness with my first two, so hoping I'm lucky this time around as well.

Im having trouble believing this pregnancy is real as it was pretty unexpected (even though we were sort of trying). Took 8 months of temping, charting etc with my first and 6 months with my second. Keep expecting to see some blood when I go to the bathroom. Am slowly getting my head around it, and starting to get pretty excited. Will feel more real when I have my bloods to confirm. My ob likes to do a dating scan, so am hanging to see that little heartbeat (hopefully there is just one!!!).

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