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Hello mummies,
I havent replied for a while. I am not on Facebook at the moment, I have banned myself, as its addictive and Im busy enough with two kids 4 and 2 and a 11 week gestation belly.

I have definatly popped, but sick again with a vengance..

How are you all feeling..BTW Ill read and catch up on posts. Do many people still use this forum or mainly on facebook.


Bec x
I think most people use Facebook cause its easier. I too go through sick days n then great days. I haven't been eating at all lately because the thought of food makes me close to vomiting. So now I hav to deal with extreme fatigue n exhaustion. Not very fun but will all b a good cause in the end. I ate a couple of broccoli this arvo to try to increase iron levels n it did for about an hour but now back to tiredness. I think it doesn't help that I can't eat oil n very little dairy so wen dh cooks he doesn't no wat to cook n I don't hav the energy to make something so I just don't eat. Hopefully the food intolerances don't last much longer

Hi everyone,

I am new here.. we received our BFP on the 20th of Jan. The day after we returned home from a wonderful holiday in Europe.

It was very hard to get excited this time as we fell pregnant back in August 12 but a dating scan discovered the pregnancy wasn't viable in September and was booked in the following day for a D&C.

We had a scan on the 5th of Feb which showed about 7 weeks, seeing the little heart fluttering away was a huge relief smile Going back on Tues 19th for another scan which OB feels will be more accurate in dating the pregnancy. According to my dates I am 8w 3d pregnant today.
Hello to all those ladies that dont use fb, i thought i would post on here to see how you are all travaling.
I am going well my MS only lasted a week and havnt had it for about 5 days now.. Frigging sweet!!
Other then that i get pretty bad bloating which really hurts alot. Other then that much is happening with me. I have my next ultrasound and bloods for the 20th of next month so i of course cant wait for that smile

Most of the woman hang around on the FB group.

Slbeardmore83 welcome to the group and i am glad every thing worked out well.
How is everyone else going????

Phoebe_nz wrote:
hi blueberry baby I'm in Auckland smile

Just saw this smile Phoebe are you in the facebook group? i find facebook much easier as i dont have to do anything and i get updated with whats going on and can post when something catches my eye.
Can someone please add me to group.. My address is
Facebook I mean x
hey bec, i think i added u, let me no if u weren't

hi i was wondering if i could be added to the fb site is it a closed group i am due 5th sept with my 5th baby i have 4 boys
Hi manda can i plz be added to facebook page.
Thanks!!! smile
sharon - it is a secret group and ur more then welcome, u can either give me ur e-mail address or ad me then i will ad u to it.

T&J - i will ad u now smile

thankyou my email is i am glad it is secret i have not told friends on fb site yet only in my other twin to twin closed groups so it will be so nice to talk to mums that are pregnant this is my 5th baby but very differant to my other boys
Do you live in Melbourne? Are you between 12-34 weeks pregnant? Would you like extra support during your pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey?
My name is Erin and I am a student midwife. I am looking for willing women to take part in a continuity of care program (CCE). Through the CCE program I can provide you with support during your antenatal period, labour and postnatal period. If you have questions you want answered, someone you know and trust to accompany you and support you through this journey or even just someone to listen to you when you think you have had enough, this may be a great opportunity for you.
As a student I am supported and mentored by a registered midwife. If this sounds like something you would like to take advantage of (or you've been through it all before and you would just like to help a future midwife out) then please contact me, Thanks for reading - Erin
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