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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

Hi ladies, am due somewhere between 17th and 21st was given two different dates but am sticking with first one 21st. How can I be added to Facebook group, I'm a first time mum after plenty of advice smile
you can either give me ur facebook e-mail address or ad me then i will ad u to the group. (its secret)

if u ask, u will get tons of advice, its a very careing and friendly environment smile

Hi ladies, I would live to join your Facebook group! I'm due 27th September with my second bubs! Would love to chat and get some friendly advice! smile
no problems smile If you send me your facebook email address i can add you to the group if you want. Lots of lovely things are happening at the moment with the ladies due at the start of September finding out the sex of there babies! And also belly pictures are starting to roll in!!

Hi all, I would like to join your facebook group as well, am expecting #1 on 6 Sep.. After having a miscarriage last year it's taken me a while to feel secure with this one but am now 21 weeks and would really like to meet some people going through the same things.

Manda, I have seen your email address a few times so have added you on Facebook.. Hope this is ok.
Hi There,
I am 18 weeks (almost 19) with bub no 2. Due 30th Sept. i would love to be added to the FB group if possible. My email is

Still feeling seedy 24/7 but trucking along. smile

Hi Ladies,
Very new to this, would love to join the facebook page too please. I am due 29th Sept with our first bubs smile I have 19 week scan tomorrow so VERY excited !! smile

Hi my name is Ange and am from Christchurch and we are pregnant with our 3rd boy due on 24th of September smile

Welcome and congrats smile
we all communicate on facebook so if u would like to join our secret group of lovely ladies you can either add me via e-mail ( ) or post on here again stating ur e-mail address n i will add u directly to the group.

i have also added the other ladies who have posted on here smile
i get e-mails everytime some one writes in this thread so i will be able to add u normally that day/next day because i check my e-mails very frequently

Hi, I would live to join your FB group! I'm due 27th September with my first baby. My email address is smile Thanks!
Can I please be added to the facebook group. Due 7th September.
added. welcome smile

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