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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

How is everyone feeling??? This is my first so I am not sure what I should be expecting this early.

I felt a bit sick the other morning but it passed after about an hour. Mostly I have been feeling really tired! More tired than ever before.

Had a blood test by the doc on Thursday and my levels are nice and high this time which is comforting following the miscarriage I had before.

I expect that I am due September 2nd looking at the dates, but I know I ovulated at a weird time so I am not 100% sure.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!!
ems77 - I was the opposite to you, it took 6 months for DS then 8 Months for DD then 5 months for this one smile except i miscarried on month 4.

I found my pregnancy with DS was easy (i had no ms, felt a little tired, I took 20 weeks to start showing) with DD i was tired, severe all day sickness, worried all the time, had sore back and even slipped a disc n pinched a nerve.

So by my experience i am having a boy (or two) wink

Has anyone had a similar experiece between girl n boy pregnancies? my mother was the same, got sick with my sister n I and wasnt sick with any of my 6 brothers.

So sad to see how many of us have has losses lately. Hopefully we will have a bunch of sticky bubs this time. I too am ridiculously scared this time. I've never had a problem or miscarriage until last sept, so losing our little boy was definately a shock and something I'm still trying to get over. I have usually told just about everyone by now but, this time we are waiting until after our 12wk scan before we even tell 1 person. It really effected our kids (ESP our oldest) so I don't want them to know until 3 months.

In terms of symptoms vs the gender. My daughter I had ms until 20wks the. My first 3 boys I ha nothing then our last boy I had very severe all day sickness but I wonder if that's because my body might've been trying to reject him since he had severe chromosome and heart issues from the start.

I do have reason to believe this is a girl. Mainly based on my hormone levels, they were high with all the boys and then real low for my daughter and this one, also based on the ovulation timing (which I believe does work) was times for a girl (although not on purpose as my husband was away). Also i dont really want sweet foods, which i dis while pregnant with my daughter as well, the boys i all forged on sweets. But I, in no way really care what the gender is, I just want this baby to be healthy.

Symptoms so far, which are all normal for me- my hips sore, I'm very gassy, and have gas tummy pains no ms. Thank god.

Sad to hear about ur loss banana overdose sad
I dont care what the sex of bub is since i have one of each. I too believe in timing, and bd was the night before ovulation so i guess thats a boy
My symptoms are back pain, energetic, can be happy then turn to severly peed off in an instant (i made pizza today but got cranky with DH so i started stabbing the pizza - i never get moody or violent) and wen im not extremely peed off with DH i wanna *keep trying for a baby* if u know wat i mean smile crazy hormones.

About not telling the kids, Dh and i were talking about a friend whose pregnant, and ds turns around and goes 'but mum you have a baby in ur belly too hey', when we asked y he said that, he replied no-one i just know. so we told him n now hes super protective of my belly, wont let Dd get close without telling her to be gentle 'cause there is a little boy in mummy's belly'. so now we have to be careful around other people because we have only told 2 close friends and my mother until we have bloods n ultrasound.

Anyway i better get off and check on DH n the kids smile

RCC376 wrote:
manda-n-ross- yes i have experinced the same thing with boy - girl pregenancies. With DS I had no morning sickness, was very hungry, I was tired in the first trimester and went to bed each night at 8.30pm Felt great. With DD I had all day sickness, really tired and was knacked by the end. That must have been awful for you having a slipped disc and pinched nerve while being pregnant - you poor thing

the worst part was i never spent a night away from Ds and was put into hospital for 3 nights until i could walk again. But i didn't mind the horrible pregnancy because i was extremely appreciative to be pregnant after trying so long.

I would love to tell my kids and its killing me having to keep it a secret. Jayden (my oldest) keeps asking us to have another one, he just loves babies (strange, I know) but then I keep thinking about how he dealt with the loss last time and his teacher ended up putting him into the school counsellor. Something that you just never think about, just effects kids more than you realize. Sorry I'm going on about it too much. Please let me know if its too much. It's something I'm still struggling with but totally understand if you want to keep this group positive.

Oh yes I have the sore boobs too, strangely enough, i even got that let down feeling the other day. I did only just stop breastfeeding zack 6 months ago. My hormones are just so out of whack at the moment.

Hi ladies, definitely very sad to hear of your losses, fingers crossed we all have healthy sticky pregnancies.
I am not having many symptoms as yet, just feeling a bit more bloated than what I do with my period.
I got my blood results yesterday and yes I am definitely pregnant!!!! Yippee!!!!
So far we have just told each of our parents. This time we are going to wait till our 12 week to tell our friends, might tell the rest of our families and my best friend at about 8 or 10 weeks.
This time I am actually feeling a bit nervous about baby's personality, DS has been a great baby, very easy going personality, we breastfed till 15 months with out too many issues, good sleeper etc. Not sure how I would cope with a challenging baby, I would be like a first time mum again!! Lol

Hi ladies!

Do you mind if i join you?

I'm Jamie, 25 and Mummy to Ella who is 5.5 and Jacob who turned 2 in November. Hubby and i have been together 8.5 years and seeing that we started young, did everything in reverse! I finally married my high school sweet heart last November and now we are set to welcome our 3rd and final bundle somewhere around 3rd September.

Day 28 of my cycle was christmas day but i held off testing until the morning of the 27th. Hubby's birthday is the 28th so i gave him my test as an early birthday gift before we shot off up the coast for a week. Now my doc's is closed until 29th Jan. I have called the hospital and so long as i book in there by 12 weeks i will be ok to go through the midwife clinic, as i did with my last two. Ill be 9 weeks when my GP is back so an odd feeling to have not started the ball rolling as such.

My boobs are incredibly tender, more so then my past two! Ive had a few cramping sensations when my period was due but nothing unlike with my second. Crossing my fingers and toes that the no morning sickness continues on throughout as i have never experienced this pregnancy "joy" thank the lord! I did have a few queasy days with my son but nothing to stop me carrying on with the day. Only "issue" i'm having is ridiculous tiredness! I thought it was because we were away but i have once again nanna napped today! That said at 10.56pm I;m off to bed!

Look forward to chatting with you ladies and getting to know you all better.

Sticky babies to all x


Just reading through the rest of the posts...

I told miss Ella today. We were going to hold out but didn't lol. I drank over christmas mellow so we had to tell our close friends we were camping with because of new year. My sister, sil and 3 closest friends knew before Daddy hehe. We will share our news with our parents over the weekend..

I said to Ella today "i have a secret do you want to know?" She was immediately intrigued and when i told her to guess she thought my sil who is 6 weeks ahead had had her baby lol. She so badly wants a little sister! smile

Banana overdose - I too have had let down sensations! Only slight but they have been there, more so after getting out of the shower. I didn't dry out from breastfeeding my first until i fell pregnant with my second. This time i suspected i was pregnant because once again that tiny drop i could squeeze was gone. It still is. Crazy hey! Must be preparing to make some fresh liquid gold! grin

Its so great so many has joined the group! Im loking forward to sharing this journey with you all. As far as morning sickness goes with my first dd i was crook from 4 weeks till 16 weeks. Nausea all day and the only think that fixed it was eating carbs. I still cant look at weetbix!! Hehe... But this one nothing!!! We r only 5 1/2 weeks but apart from being tired n a little grumpy i feel great. I love it. I think its because i feel so good that im really worried spmething is wrong! Every night i seem to have nightmares of having a M/C. Its really scary. In terms of how fast we conceived my dd took us 2 months but this one took us 2 weeks. It was such a shock i still cant believe it happened so quick! Sticky baby dust to you all. I have a doc app monday for bloods. Fingers crossed!!! X
banana- i personally dont mind u sharing about ur loss, i see this forum as a supportive community and think people are able to get over something so terrible easier if they talk about it. (i hope u know wat i mean, get over wasnt the word i was looking for though).

rcc - he managed, i cried each night i was away but he seemed fine as my DH went to my mothers so ds could play wif my lil brother who is 3 years older then ds

claire - dont stress too much about going 1 kid to 2. Amelia was a terror but ds always helped out and he was about same age as ur ds will be.

jamie - welcome n congrats smile

i had a boob sensation yesterday, it wasnt let down but i felt this wierd feeling in my boobs smile it happened when a baby was crying on tv smile

So wat do u ladies do at them moment? full time mum? studying? working? ect.
I am a full time mum studying full time. i have almost finished a course to refresh my memory on maths, physics, biology ect and have just been accepted into a batchellor of medical imaging (taking x-rays and cat scans ect). this course starts next month and im so excited as ive wanted to do it for about 13 years. luckily it is external for the first year except i hav to travel to mackay in april and august (3 weeks before bbaby is due) i live near cairns.

i gtg i have visitors grin

#3tobe- you sound a bit like me, i just have a few extra kids in the mix. I'm 25 as well and I married my highschool sweetheart, started dating at 15 (he was 18), but knew him since I was 13. I fell pregnant at 17 except we chose to have a shotgun wedding, which was beautiful, I was 5 months pregnant at the time then my premmie boy came not long after that.

Manda- I'm crazy busy here, I run the admin side of our succesful electrical contracting business, we now have a whole crew of boys that work for us and has really grown from us doing it from home. We built the workshop and office behind our house so I go back and forward from the kids and work most days. My 2 oldest are at school, my 3rd will be kindy this year and I have a babysitter I will put my youngest into 1 day a week (just to catch up on bookwork). I also have a small sewing business (more of a hobby, really), I was selling online but postage got expensive and I found online customers were difficult and more time consuming. I mostly do local markets now. I live in a little town called Roma, its 6hrs west of brisbane, we moved away from our hometown of cairns to start our business, as hubby wanted to crack into the oil and gas here, more oppurtunities. Just sucks as all our family is 15hrs away sad

That's pretty much a rundown on me.

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