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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

Thank you for the welcome! smile

Manda and Ross - I'm at home for now.. Hows this for timing... In Sep i applied for a part time temp job back at where i left to have Jacob. I had done a finance traineeship back then. But the new job was in Customer Service. The job went to a lady who had done nothing but Customer Service and in Local Government too. They told me they were happy with the interview and when enough work came up they would like to train me as a casual. Cool, no worries but as DH said i think its a polite way of saying you didnt get the job. Home from holidays to a message on the phone and an email asking i i was interested in a temp part time position. I think i'll hold off telling them until 12 weeks as i would normally anyway. So looks like im heading back to work Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays, just in time for the start of big school :/ So Monday i will know more... Anyways ive been home for 2 years. Jacob is a severe asthmatic and we have had loads of fun with hospital stays over the past 2 years. I'm just getting to a stage where i can actually enjoy him rather than being used as his dummy all night every night.. So work has sort of been impossible until now..

Banana overdose - Yep were crazy too but hey how cares. We bought out first home at 20 and worked our butts off to do it. We just had a little miss to care for while we did it. I'm exactly where i want to be in life, whether we learned we were going to be Mum and Dad at 18 and 19 or not smile

#3tobe. Lol yes at 19yrs old, I was married, 2 kids, and a mortgage. We since sold that house to move and we made enough money off it to start the business and build the big house we knew we would need. So lucky we did things when we did as a lot of things wouldn't have been possible had we waited. Nothing wrong with knowing what u want out of life and jumping the gun. Can't believe we will be 8yrs married this year, and to think, everyone said we were stupid marrying young and that it wouldn't last. although 50yrs ago that was normal. Lol
P.s goodluck with the new job. At least you will have something to distract you whilst the early stages of pregnancy drag on forever. Lol

Manda and Ross, I am the Director of a very busy child care centre in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. I have been working in child care for 14 years. I took 12 months off when DS was born and I have gone back to work 4 days a week which is great. ???? I couldn't possibly think of going back full time and I love the Wednesdays to spend with DS.

I am 35, and my fiancé and I were pregnant with DS after being together for 3 months, yeah huge shock but we couldn't be happier. This time we fell in quick too, first month of trying. My fingers are really crossed for a little girl but if its a boy we will probably just to for number 3 which would be nice too. ????

Banana, I really don't mind you talking about your loss, I'm really enjoying talking to u ladies.
I was quite active on huggies up until DS was about 8 months then got a bit over it. I've just come back on now with this new pregnancy. I really didn't like how judgemental some of the mothers were and comments etc.

Clare, I know what you mean, I used to spend a lot of time in general on huggies and just got sick of all the bitchy and judge mental comments. (kinda don't have the time now too). I just stick to the due in groups now, I have been apart of many due in groups and although I have seen a few go nasty I have also made lifelong friends in others, hopefully ours goes smoothly. As long as we remember we are a support group and that we all parent differently and have different opinions, I'm sure we will be fine.
Great to see it getting busy in here.

Well im another one who married a high school sweet heart. We started dating when i was 15, he was 17, had my son a month after i turned 20, got married 2 months before i turned 21. been together for 8 years now and married 3 years as of 4 days time smile

jamie - good luck with the new job smile

We all seem to have alot in common, which i think is pretty funny, as i imagine a group like this would have many differnt personalities and stories to tell.

I was also an active user but then went quiet except the 'due in' group for my daughter, then i occasionally just looked to see wats happening every now and again.

This must be the group of high school sweethearts. I met my husband while at high school at 18. We got married only 2 years ago. But we have now been together 10 years and we couldn't be happier to be welcoming bub #1.

I am at high school Science teacher. Unortunately I will be due about 6 weeks out from my year 12 students doing HSC exams. But I'm sure they will still be supportive.

Sounds like the beginnings of a supportive group of ladies. I know that I am going to have plenty of questions, being bub #1 and the fact that I don't have any friends or siblings with babies yet.

Anyway, back to sleep.... seems like sleep is all that I have been doing for the past week!!!
Yay I'm due 1st sept 2013 if everything goes to plan I'm as of today 6weeks 0 dys.. Lil anxious about how my 22mth old boy will be when they Lil one arrives but very excited smile
Ive been feeling like such a dill today, have been in tears many times including when watching the news (although to be fair there was lots of sad news tonight), when i burnt some dumplings for dinner and whilst watching my daughter play with some dollys (she is mad on babies!!)


Yay, Brooke we are due the same day (ATM). The age gaps of mine are 16 months, 21 months, 22months, & this one will be 34months. Personally I love the 22 month gap, I hated the 16 months as I felt I forced my oldest to grow up and kinda disconnected from him when he still needed me to baby him. I am very curious to see how the bigger gap will go. I'm kinda used to sleeping full nights again and not taking a pram and baby bag everywhere! And I can't believe I will have a period of no nappies then we will be back to square 1 again. Lol. But yes, I love the 22ish month gap, they still get along so well but they are also that little bit more mature to sorta grasp the concept of what's going on. Not sure if that made sense.

Ds was 2.5 years old wen DD was born the age gap was great, Ds was older enough to look after himself and was fully toilet trained when she was 2 weeks old so that was even better. I would've loved to have the same age gap but due to our lifestyle (choosing to study and not wanting to take time off) we chose to have a 22 month age gap. but im a little nervous about that. so kinda the oppasite to u banana grin

Yeah it did. Connor will be 2and a half when this one arrives. Just gets Lil jealous when I hold his cousin so will have to try to get him outta that before swept. Wish me luck smile
Hi Ladies, May i please join? I found out on new years eve im pregnant with number 4! Im 5 weeks today. I have 3 DS's aged 6,4 and 2! Congrats to you all.
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