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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

Welcome nay! You can most definately join. Your 3 boys are around the same ages as my 3 boys! #4, how exciting.

Welcome Nay - wow, 3 boys! I've got two little ratbags aged 2.5 and 1 and love having boys. I am assuming this bub is another boy, and that is cool with me. They are so much fun, tiring, but fun smile

I was feeling a bit off today, even though I didn't get ms with my DS's. Also got sore boobs and really emotional. Like a rollercoaster!

I am really struggling to believe that I'm actually pregnant as it happened so quickly, and I thought being older than with my others (I'm 35) it would take longer! Have a really horrible feeling still that I'm going to miscarry. I am super scared of it, and longing to get that first scan to see the little heartbeat. Seeing my gp on Tuesday for a referral to my ob.

Hope everyone is going well smile xxxx

Hi ladies can I join I'm not 100% sure on due date but if I go by last period 7th Sept is the calculations, this is my first and only time I have had a bfp! smile fingers crossed this is a sticky bub , congrats n good luck to everyone else

Off to the docs for a blood test this morning. Kinda nervous even though AF has not arrived and 4 HPT tell me im pregnant im still kinda nervous! X
welcome nay & phoebe, good luck with the rest of your pregnancies smile

T&J - all will be fine, i know what you mean about nervous. I tested on 27/12 and got a week positive, then tested a week later (3 times) and was still only getting weak positives (i got the 2 tests of the internet x-mas day cause i tested then and came back negative, so i brought a ton of ovulation tests n 10 pregnancy tests) i was freaking out because how can i be over 5 weeks and still only get positive tests, so yesterday i went out and brought a test which came back dark positive before the control line could even come up. so now i'm more relaxed. I get to go for bloods tomorrow and hopefully dating scan by the end of the week smile

Ems, I'm looking forward to that scan too. I'm so scared that I will lose this one and haven't gotten as excited as I usually do.
I gotta admit I love my boys, they are so much fun, my daughter is gorgeous but she is more of a sit on the sidelines kinda girl whereas the boys are always up for an adventure, but we got her riding our quad bike the other day so she is getting better. lol. and u have to admit, boys toys are so much more fun than girls!! My daughter would do anything to have a sister and she tells me "there's too many doodles in the house" lol. I'd love to give her a sister (ESP since I grew up with 3 sisters) but personally, gender doesn't bother me.

Welcome phoebe! Congrats on your first! You must be so excited!

It's no secret that I am scared as hell. I too, got a stack of negatives and didn't get a really faint positive until 5 days after af was due, I never got a bfp with my daughter so I'm thinking that maybe hormone levels differ? And possibly even differ depending on the sex? All of my boys I got bfp 4days BEFORE af. So hard trying to work out your body. Dating scans seem pretty routine these days so hopefully we all get that bit of confirmation that we all seem to need.

Hi Ladies

I think i belong here as well:)
I took two tests last Friday and both Positive. I have doc appt this week to find out for sure but going on my latest AF i think we would be due 11 Sept 2013. So i guess that would make me around 4 weeks.

We have a DD- Lanah who is 2.5 years and this is our second pregnancy i look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing things with you all, making some new friends and getting to know everyone.

Looking at all the posts i dont feel as silly being so scared to be having a second child smile

Thanks for the welcoming grin I too love my boys and wouldnt care if this bub is another boy even though this is def the last for us. I dont have any symptoms really just tired and have really sore boobs. Although im lucky enough not to ever get too sick ect. hope your all well. My monkeys are full on today must be cause daddys back at work today lol Jess i am scared having my 4th lol
Wow your a lucky girl Nay When i was Pregnant with DD i had a little bit but it came and went so it wasn't to bad but then some days were horrible hopefully nothing worse this time lol. at this point i am just tired to nothing else. I think that is why it doesn't quite feel real yet:)
Oh Mine is being full on as well must be the same reason Daddy goes so they play up haha

Haha. Mine are the opposite, they play up when daddy is around. I can easily take all 4 shopping, or anywhere really, then the second that my husband chooses to tag along, I'll end up with all 4 running in different directions. Lol

Hi all...Think I belong here I tested on boxing day and got a positive figured out my due date will be the 3rd Sept. This will be number 3 for me I have a 4 year old boy and a 1.5 year old girl. Doesn't really feel real to me to be honest not feeling much in the way of symptoms slight queasiness and slightly sore boobs. Hope all are doing well and have sticky babies xx
Hello everyone smile Took a test yesterday and was positive, yay! Figured that my due date is September 5 (which happens to be my mums birthday). Seems a little surreal atm as this is my 1st. Hope to get confirmation from dr within the next week or so. Feeling a little queasy..all the best to everyone smile

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