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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

Thanks banana-overdose I am excited but nervous we have been trying for so long I'm scared to believe it.. I'm still cramping n getting slight brown discharge which is not helping the nerves! I will need to see my doctor I guess, I have heard of people getting dating scans is that standard? And do I just talk to my doctor , or do I need to find a midwife? (Have a few people that have used midwife in my area so will go with one of them if they can take me on, like to know who I'm getting if that make sense) , argh so many things to think of my poor dp got told over Skype as he is out of the country for at least a week n needed to tell someone, figured he should be first. . (Now I feel more comfortable telling my sister)

Phoebe - you normally dont see a midwife until you are about 12 weeks, in reguards to dating scans, some drs send you for some others dont, i didnt wif my first and requested it with my second and will request again. they dont think there is much point if you know your LMP. Once you are 12 weeks you can ring the hospital (or before your 12 weeks) and tell them that you will be going there and they will ask you a few standard questions eg, when your due, have you had any kids before, have you miscarried before, ect and assess if your in a high risk pregnancy (if you are some small hospitals will refer you onto a bigger hospital) then they will call you at about 12 weeks and give you an appointment and let you meet your midwife (the first appointment takes about 1hr)

How did everyone tell they're parnters? I gave Dh a note that said 'yay! your swimmers FINALLY won the race...P.S - check the oven. in the oven i put a test in a breadroll with a note 'congrats there is a bun in the oven'. I was in the room while he read it, so he came in and asked if i was serious, then he was over the moon smile

i have to go DD is being a little terror and wants attention (just spent 1.5hrs doing an exam online then quickly checked on here so im neglecting her a little :s

Just wondering how some of you told your parents/family? The last 2 times it has been easy as we knew they would be excited; this time round my mother is a little off putting saying we shouldn't have a 3rd?? Any ideas how we break the news? I think she will be ok once we tell her to be honest. The problem is being baby #3 i'm not sure how long I can hide it, as my pants are starting to feel tight and I am only just 4 weeks!! Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I think it depends where you live and your doctor. Here a dating scan is standard but if you want one just say your not sure on your dates and they will give u a referral. Midwives are from 12 weeks, usually they like your 1st appointment to be after your nuchal scan, some hospitals will need a referal (mine doesnt) but everywhere really is different. Just start at your GP and go from there, they will order your first lot of bloods and mine will give me my referral for the 8wk & 12wk scan. You can also do share care (seeing your GP instead of midwives for majority of appointments) I prefer just to do the midwives though. It's great to get to know them.

Manda: haha i got a chuckle out of that. I told my husband i was late and he went straight out to get a test and waited for me when i took it lol he was exited.

Cosmo: I hope your mum will be happy about another grandchild. My mum wasn't happy when we had DD but she came around. I had this awful feeling in my tummy last preganacy which i thought was normal but i don't have it this time and i think it was knots because i was so stressed about my mum and step dad. I just rang them all and said your gonna be a nan, pa, poppy gran etc again. I think my step mum was the most exited but they all seemed happy:)

Manda- I'm boring as soon as I see hubby I usually just say "I'm pregnant" and wake him up. This time though, he had seen my faint tests and we were both uncertain together.

Cosmo. I know what u mean, family and friends roll their eyes at us being #5. I really couldn't give a stuff, we are happy, and that's all I care about. 3 kids (or even 5) really isn't that outrageous compared to past generations. Me and hubby chose to tell one person each, I chose my sis, he chose his mum, my sister was there when I did the positive test, so I handed her the test, after our last loss, I think everyone will be expecting it, but other than mil and my sis no one is going to know until after our 12wk scan. When I know everything is good, I mainly just don't want the kids knowing until we know all is fine.

This morning i was tearing myself apart worrying cos i had no symptoms yet, only just over 5 weeks but i want a sign!!!

Since lunch time, my poor boobs have been positively aching! How can boobs ache!! Its that real let down feeling, feels awful!

Im going to see my ob for the first time on friday, ive already had bloods done twice due to heavy bleeding.. i have a pathology reuqest for another but i dont know whether to go... im worried the numbers wont be right, and if i dont know i can be ignorantly blissful right hahah... stupid i know

manda n ross, love the way you told your OH, that is brilliant... i wanted to tell mine for his bday but because of all the bleeding told him earlier so i wouldnt have to worry alone..

cosmo12, ive already told my mum, her response was underwhelming to say the least,thats just her way i guess very unemotional...polar opposite of me!!! Ive told 2 of my besties also, but ill probaly tell everyone else after our viability scan if all goes well... i cant keep this secret its too exciting!!!@

Hope everyone is feeling well!!!
Take Care
Manda, I decided to go to doctors tonight (they are open late, but not always seen by the same doctor) and the nurses were so lovely! I got tested by them again, and yep def pregnant, I got a info pack, they checked all my normal vitals, and chatted to me about shared care, or just midwife, very informative. I have lots to read up on!!

I told dp by ringing him on skype, as he away for work, but I first said happy birthday, and would he like to see a possible birthday present, and showed him the test! his reaction was, are you pregnant? really? oh wow etc! so think that was a nice bday present lol!

I have already told two of my besties, my boss will find out tomorrow as well (need to do bloods this week) and another one of my besties will find out tomorrow as well, as they have all been with me during my ttc months/year!

Oh the doc is getting me to do three blood tests this week, but nothing said about dating scan though..

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
Phoebe_nz we celebrated with you tonight!!

My Dh got a coke with your name on it and I said to him yay we are celebrating with Phoebe she just announced her BFP on huggies today laugh just a fluke but made me lol

Lol! I had a good laugh smile shame they don't do my real name on them!

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
Phoebe_nz we celebrated with you tonight!!

My Dh got a coke with your name on it and I said to him yay we are celebrating with Phoebe she just announced her BFP on huggies today laugh just a fluke but made me lol

i love it, made me laugh grin

I've actually kept a wrapper that said my Ds's name but thats the only one i've kept, once i had to buy alot of coke and managed to find mine and 4 of my brothers names, so i brought them all. then i went in another day and had my year of birth, Dh's, Ds's and Dd's. didnt need all that coke that time but got them anyway smile

oh and i felt like a complete idiot looking through all the shelves of coke

Haha. Went to woolies once and they only had about 10 bottles of coke on the shelf and they were all 'Freda' I don't drink coke but went and got lunch once with hubby and they had both our names side by side so we did buy them. Pretty common names though, Michael & Rebecca.

Hi ladies, hoping to join you all soon. AF is late, HPT's negative, BT unconfirmed, back in a few days to check again. This will be my 3rd, DF's 2nd. I have Riley, 6 and a half and Indi is 7 months.

Hope to bring positive news back soon smile
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