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Due September 2013 Lock Rss

TTC - I wish you the best of luck smile And i love the name Riley, except Dh will only let me use it as a middle name. sad

Dr's appointment today!!!!! I'm so excited, finally get to go for bloods and book an ultrasound. I cant wait. mainly because i have a feeling there are 2 lil bubs in there. I would love twins, but would be just as happy with one. Once we have the scan to check on bub and to see how many, we are then going to tell everyone (so far only my mother, and 3 close friends know) Hopefully we get an ultrasound appointment within the next few days so we can tell Dh's parents before they go back home to NSW (they're up here in FNQ for holidays)

When is everyone else going to tell they're family?

Manda, whereabouts in fnq are you? We are in cairns ATM. Heading home probably early next week.

Ttc- good luck, hope to see you inhere soon.

This is the first time I'm waiting to tell. Ill be announcing it after our nuchal scan comes back all good.

I'm pretty sure there is only one in there, I've never had twins before and my hormone levels seem low and I don't have much in terms of symptoms, but you never know, they do say you have a higher chance of twins after 4 pregnancies and after a loss, it will be the shock of my life if there is, but I don't think so.

We live in a tiny place called dimbulah. Its 1.5hrs west of cairns but we go to cairns almost on a weekly basis smile

The only reason i think there might be twins is that i had what i think was an implantation bleed on x-mas day then another on 27th. both only a tiny bit of pink blood when i wiped, and only one wipe. Im also never very hormonal, but cant control them at the moment, im laughing one second then litterly the niext im ready to kill someone (im also never a violent person, but wanted to hit my sil over the head with an alcohol bottle and then stab her with it on x-mas because shes 19, cried when we didnt originally get a present for her, then when we did she snatched it and didnt even say thank-you. I cant beleive i even thought of being so violent (would never act on it though). I was also on clomid which gives higher rates of twins n there are twins on both sides of the family, so my chances are high.

For those who have had a few pregnancies, i am already feeling something just to the right of my belly button, like its the baby (i know thats imposible as im only 6 weeks and the baby should still be very low) i feel it when i lay on my right side and also if i stretch my belly. is it possible to feel something like the placenta ect? i have no idea what it is.

Good luck to all those with doc appts and scans.

Manda: I not sure what that would be lol
We have told our parents but that it for now. Not sure how we will break the news to everyone. But would be interesting hearing how everyone did it:)
Hope every ones day is ok and all safe from any fires those in the hot hot areas

Good luck to all those with doc appts and scans.

Manda: I not sure what that would be lol
We have told our parents but that it for now. Not sure how we will break the news to everyone. But would be interesting hearing how everyone did it:)
Hope every ones day is ok and all safe from any fires those in the hot hot areas

Manda- I had 2 small bleeds as well (about 2 days apart and just a swipe). Both times I thought it was my period about to begin, didn't really think anything of it.
Ok running the risk of tmi, but is it possible that the lump is poo or wind? I find that in the early stages wind gets caught up in my tummy. Everything really is to small to feel just yet, and next to the belly button is way to high as everything is still behind the pubic bone area. I can usually feel the uterus a bit earlier with each pregnancy, it really does depend on your build, I'm quite small and my 5th one I could feel at 11 weeks, only in the morning, before I pee'd, and it was just a tiny bump just above my pubic bone.

Can i Join? Due with no.3 Sept.4
I have a few questions, when did it feel real to you? I keep checking for blood each time I go toilet as I still can't believe it!!!
And did you feel like your breasts got bigger this soon? (5weeks?) One of mine feels bigger than other never noticed that before! My breasts r still tender as well..

Welcome elements smile congrats, you are definately welcome to join us.

Phoebe, my boobs do swell a bit, fairly early and they have already, they have gone from being droopy (from b/feeding 4 kids) to well rounded. It usually doesn't feel real until the first scan for me. I'm just trying not to think about it to much so I don't stress or get paranoid. Ill be more at ease after 12wks.

Thanks smile

Doesn't normally feel real to me untill i can feel some growth in my tummy. But it does feel real to me early cos i have constant stretching and cramping pains happening.
My boobs dont seem much different, heavier but thats all.
Ive had so many people ask me in the last few days if we want more kids and i am a terrible lyer and sorta suffle my feet and mumble "yea, one day "
Hi ladies, and welcome to all the new ladies. Look forward to chatting to you and getting to know you.
Manda- love the way you told your DH, very creative. I would never of thought of anything like that. DF and I just bought a test with the groceries and took it straight away. I came out of the toilet and said so u want the news, told him and we had a big hug.
So far we have only told both our parents and my work. Our parents were both very excited for us. grin We are going to wait a few more weeks to tell anyone else. First pregnancy I couldn't keep quiet and had told so many people by now.
I'm still not really having many symptoms but I am very bloated and very gassy. I have been having some gas that almost feels like a baby moving. My boobs feel a bit bigger but no pain yet thank goodness. I think from memory morning sickness started at about 7 weeks with my last pregnancy.
It's still not feeling real to me yet, I can't wait for my tummy to start growing!!!! tongue

It never started feeling real for me until i can feel the movements. luckily for me Ds was at 17 weeks and DD was at 15 weeks, except Dd tended to move around rather then kick so i was always worried with her. The scans would only make it feel real just for that day for me.

I have been so moody and easy to pee off, my boobs are a little tender and every now and again i feel off, not sick but not completely healthy. I am so happy this pregnancy as Dd I had all day sickness from 4 weeks and couldnt eat anything except m&m's which was wierd considering im lactose intolerant but could suddenly eat chocolate.

Welcome to all the new people, im sure everyone is going to fit in here really well, because everyone so far seems helpful, supportive (which will come in handy towards the end when we're all uncomfortable) and very kind smile

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