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Due September 2013 Rss

I have found that i feel a bit ''off" occasionally. I just try and keep hydrated. got my drs appt on thursday morning, so im a little nervous but not stressing about it too much. I've also found i need "nanna" naps during the day! Easy to do on days off, but will be a challenge 2moro when i go back to work after my weekend lol. Any ideas on how to keep my energy levels up?

Lol M&Ms, that's really odd. My 1st and 2nd all i could stomach for weeks was marmite toast. and i had to eat it within minutes of waking or ild chuck everywhere. Both time my sickness started at 5 weeks and lasted the whole first tri.

I'm having moments of feeling abit 'off' too. But they are just moments, nothing like I had the first 2 times. So Maybe this one is a boy? Since my other pregnancies were girls.

Off for a breast scan today. I have a huge lump in my left one so off to find out what it is and what will be done about it. Not really looking forward to it (which is prob why i put it off as long as i did)
jacy81 wrote:
I have found that i feel a bit ''off" occasionally. I just try and keep hydrated. got my drs appt on thursday morning, so im a little nervous but not stressing about it too much. I've also found i need "nanna" naps during the day! Easy to do on days off, but will be a challenge 2moro when i go back to work after my weekend lol. Any ideas on how to keep my energy levels up?

Iv had great energy levels this time, No need for a nap yet, barely any tiredness at all, the only thing I am doing that is different is taking a complex b vitimin and zinc. So maybe look into that?
Good luck elements - i hope its nothing serious, let us know the results.

Jacy - i found that when i worked that i didnt get tired until i sat down after work, so hopefully that is the case for you, otherwise keep up your iron levels (either eating meat or taking the supplement), I think its low in iron that makes you tired.

So my dr appointment yesterday - i said i was pregnant, dr goes congrats, go for a dating scan about week 7/8, i asked what about bloods and she goes na, dont need bloods until after you have the scan, and that was it. wierd.

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary smile

Hi Ladies

Hopefully I can continue to join you!

My DH and I have had faint BFP tests this week which would make me about 4weeks pregnant due 14 September? I stopped breast feeding my DD 8th December and we definitely know when we would have conceived but didn't know I was ovulating at the time because I hadn't got my AF back yet so.....we were a little surprised to find out that we are pregnant again with no.2 and have a 6mth old!!!

I'm going to go to my Dr in the next couple of weeks to confirm this pregnancy. Very nervous as I didn't exactly have a wonderful pregnancy experience with my DD, we are most likely having to move house as well due to job change etc, PLUS how do I cope with my babies so close together in age? Any tips ladies??? Luckily my DH is absolutely wonderful and DD is a really good baby but still a bit worried sad

Current symptoms: a litte bit of cramping, feeling very full & heavy, and slight nausea. All very similiar to 1st pregnancy smile Just waiting for the morning sickness to kick in....maybe this pregnancy might different?!! Fingers crossed!

Hope we all have really sticky babies smile

Jacy- I agree with manda about the iron. I generally have low iron and even worse when I'm pregnant, I put myself on Iron tablets a few months ago and even though I'm still noticeably tired since falling preg, it has helped me manage it, except yesterday, I fell asleep twice while watching the hobbit. Lol

Tegs- my first 2 have a 16month age gap. It was hard, just really try not to push your first away when the baby comes (its easier said than done) I also kinda forced him to grow up quicker and he really resented his sister, they still are babies and its hard to look at them like a baby when you have a newborn. They are now 6&7yrs, I'd like to say they get along great but that would be a lie, they get along the worst out of my lot (I always thought they would get along having a close gap). They are only one grade apart in school, which I really like, ella seems to get jaydens teachers each year which always makes it an easy transition for both me and her.

Still no ms, I don't even feel 'off' but that's perfectly fine by me. I do need to pee more, sore boobs (esp when the kids jump on me), tired, and more wind than usual. But other than that I'm good.

Went bra shopping the other day, bought some of the hot milk maternity ones, not sure if you ladies know but you are not suppose to wear an underwire bra as of 12 wks as it can damage your milk ducts. These ones will last me a little while until my boobs go huge.

The only symptoms i have at the moment is feeling tired and bloated. sometimes a little queezy but thats about it so it does not feel that real at the minute either i keep trying to remember when symptoms started with DD but i just cant remember lol how bad am I haha.
Congrats to all the other BFPs and Tegs good luck hope this one is a little easier then the last:)

I'm starting to feel pretty seedy off and on, which is weird as I had no morning sickness with either of my boys. Also got sore/tingly boobs and are very tired! Although am normally tired with working 2 long days and looking after 14 mo and 2.5 yo DS's!

Went to my gp yesterday who has referred me off to my ob and sent me for bloods. Had a missed call from my ob's rooms asking whether my GP has contacted me as my thyroid test came back a little abnormal. I've got no idea what that means and have left a message for them to let me know. Anyone had any problems with their thyroid during pregnancy? Both my previous pregnancies were fairly straight forward, so hoping this one isn't going to be too difficult.

I had low iron with both my boys, despite taking supplements, and even had to get injections into my butt for 6 weeks with DS2. Not fun!

Not sure how I'm going to cope being preggo this time around with 2 very active toddlers (both still in nappies), am about to up my work days to 3 (I'm a lawyer) and trying to run a household with a husband who travels for work regularly. I had a mini meltdown last night as it was all getting too much, and I may be more than a little hormonal smile

Welcome to the new people - wow we are really getting a good number for this month - everyone must have had fun over Xmas/NY smile

hi there can i please join im due 9/9/2013. i have 3 babies the youngest been 8 had a miscarige last yr so feelin really nervious ths time around
Hi can I join in too? I'm almost 5 weeks with my 2nd. I had a mc at 9 weeks the first time around so still very nervous at this stage, its reassuring to read so many of you experiencing all the same doubts (no getting excited just yet). My wee boy is 2, and we've been ttc for over a year. Was actually booked in for a laparoscopy for probable endometriosis before xmas, but cancelled it as we decided to wait until the new medicare year kicked in! And then I got a BFP! Looking forward to hearing all your experiences.
Congrats Bek and Mouse - wow, so many miscarriages - makes me feel even more nervous as I've been so lucky to date (*touch wood*).

I spoke to my GP and he said my thyroid levels are fine and nothing to stress about. My hcg was lowish at 23 (but then I was only just 4 weeks) and my progesterone level was high at 50, so he said all was good. Phew!

I really don't want to find out what sex this bub is (didn't find out with DS1 but did with DS2). My DH really wants to though, and he is dying for a girl. I don't want to find out, as it's our last bub, and I don't want to get disappointed. You're not going to be disapointed either way when you've just been through labour and have your gorgeous bub in front of you. Anyone else finding out or not?

ems - Dh and i have a deal (at the moment), i said with DS that we wouldnt find out because its our first, but he could find out with our 2nd, then when Dd came i said we're not finding out because i dont want to be dissapointed its a girl, but he could find out with the 3rd (and mayb final), so i asked him yesterday, to which re replied ' yea im finding out but your not, if i let it slip and then you know the sex then you get to have the final say on the name, if he doesnt slip up then he gets the final say. so this is the plan, unless it is twins then we either only going to find the sex of 1, or we each know a different bub, and try not to let it slip.

welcome mouse and bek smile i wish you happy and easy pregnancies

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